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Another Rabid Cat Put Down In Maine  
From Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD
Hello Jeff - The cases that we see in Promed and elsewhere in the media are only a fraction of the total infections. Some suspected cases don't get reported because people bury, burn or put the animal carcass in the trash. Wildlife which dies in the forests isn't, obviously, reported either.
Rabies in the US and around the globe is a growing problem of great concern.
Rabid Cat Put Down In Maine
WGME 13 News
Associated Press report (edited)
State health officials say members of a western Maine family who were bitten by a rabid kitten are being treated. The family dog, which was also bitten, is getting a rabies booster.
Officials say a stray kitten that was taken in by the Oxford County family in late August [2009] was found to be rabid earlier this month after testing at the state's health laboratory. The kitten had bitten 3 family members and their dog. The kitten has been euthanized.
The 3 individuals bitten by the cat will receive treatment over the next 28 days. The dog was current on its rabies vaccination, and will be placed in a 45-day quarantine.
So far this year, a total of 42 rabid animals have been identified in Maine. That includes 22 raccoons, 10 skunks, six foxes, 3 bats and one cat.
Communicated by
ProMED-mail Rapporteur Mary Marshall
A map of the state of Maine showing the location of Oxford County
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