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Questions About The SU 27
Crash At Polish Air Show

By Marek Glogoczowski
On September 1st major Polish websites revealed the practically one way 'exchange of information' between the Bielorussian instructor, which was positioned at the Control Tower of Radom airport, and pilots of the feral SU 27 which crushed near the airport during the Air Show on August 30th. This was possible thanks to the recording done by one of Radom's radio amateurs, who intercepted the radio contacts between the control tower and airplanes participating in the Show. The Belorussian instructor, seeing that the plane, which at the height of about 150 meters above the earth, was supposed to re-start its engines in order to get out from the loop it just completed, failed to do it, started to yell to pilots of SU 27 "Get out! get out! Catapult yourself! Catapult yourself!"
Using a stopwatch, one is able to find that it took roughly 10 seconds for powerless SU 27 to glide from the height of 150 meters to the earth. So pilots, who unsuccessfully tried to reignite the engines (onlookers saw only a thin "poof" of smoke, and than nothing coming out from two reactors of the plane) had not only the time to re-direct the aircraft towards an empty field in vicinity of Radom's Airport, but they had also few seconds left to catapult themselves, urged to do it by their instructor. Why didn't they do this simple maneuver, demanding only the pulling of a handle next to their seats?
If we disgard the hypothesis that both of them wanted to commit a suicide, it remains the conclusion that not only the fuel supply to both engines became somehow interrupted, but also handles of TWO catapults were blocked, too. (In case of entry of a bird ­ or even birds ­ simultaneously to both air aspiring tubes, losing their engine nevertheless would emit some smoke.)
For me, this very recent military plane accident in Poland recalls the crush of Polish military, propeller powdered cargo plane CASA of Spanish production in January 2008. During its attempt to land, during the night at military airport near Szczecin, while making a maneuver of a narrow u-turn at the height of 200 meters, suddenly it "glided" on its wing falling sideways to the earth ­ probably its engines at the moment of u-turn suddenly lost their power. In this accident 20 higher officers of Polish military aviation perished, among the responsible for the security of Polish air space general Andrzejewski, who already two years earlier narrowly escaped the death when his fighter was hit by a "lost" missile during maneuvers over the Baltic Sea.
In respect to both these "bizarre" accidents, we shall not forget that in Poland today are stationnig foreign troops, in particular a detachment of US Air Force has its base in Krzesiny near Poznan ­ it is from this military airport 1,5 years ago departed the Polish CASA for its feral flight. And we shall not forget that our present "Allies" have an 'inborn' habit of experimenting with "invisible", stealth elimination not only of alien to their global interests planes, but also of persons
Of interest is the final of the story of public revelation of messages intercepted by Radom's radio amateur from the Control Tower of local airport. Namely the Polish Prosecutor menaced this radio amateur with the punishment of two years of imprisonment. So we can see what does it mean "the freedom of expression" in countries under the Yankee occupation
Ostatnia rozmowa pilotów Su-27: Katapultujcie si´!
mm, Gazeta.pl, PAP
2009-09-01, ostatnia aktualizacja 2009-09-01 23:43
Katastrofa w Radomiu
- Katapultujcie si´! Katapultujcie si´! - usyszeli biaoruscy piloci Su-27 tu" przed katastrofà. Do zapisu rozmowy pilotów z wie"à kontrolnà dotara telewizja TVN24.
Su-27 tu" przed uderzeniem w ziemi´
Su-27 przed startem
wi´cej zdj´ç
Biaorusini przeprowadzà Êledztwo w sprawie Su-27 (31-08-09, 12:53)
Wst´pna przyczyna katastrofy: ptak wpad do silnika Su-27 (30-08-09, 21:51)
List. Wàskie garda na Air Show (31-08-09, 19:00)
Katastrofa Su-27 na Air Show w Radomiu
Biaoruscy piloci zgin´li w katastrofie podczas pokazu akrobacji na Air Show w Radomiu.
"Katapultujcie si´!"
- Po skoczeniu figury dostaniecie wiatr w plecy, dlatego leçcie precyzyjniej - mówi w nagraniu biaoruski instruktor. - Schodêcie na 150 metrów. Ostro"nie. - 1... 2... 3...Wychodê! Wychodê! Katapultujcie si´! Katapultujcie si´! - krzycza.
Kilka sekund póêniej samolot uderzy o ziemi´. Piloci najprawdopodobniej nie mieli czasu na wykonanie polecenia.
Nagrania mo"na posuchaç na portalu tvn24.pl>>
----- Original Message -----
From: Israel Shamir
To: readers
Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 7:18 AM
Subject: [shamireaders] The catastrophe of Bielorussian Su 27 yesterday in Poland
From Marek Glogoczowski
The catastrophe of Belorussian Su 27 during the Radom Air Show on August 30, 2009 in Poland, and the catastrophe of Soviet TU 144 during the Le Bourget Air Salon on June 3, 1973 in France
Dear Correspondents,
Israel Adam Shamir asked me to translate to English a short message about the Bielorussian fighter SU 27 catastrophe in Radom, which I dispatched in Polish yesterday. So I am fulfilling his request and send it to all my, understanding English, correspondents, for it is of a general interest.
At about 3PM yesterday, August 30th, after returning from two weeks long trip to Italian Dolomites mountains, I was sitting in front of my computer watching recently received emails. Suddenly I thought that this weekend media in Poland were too enthusiastic abut the arrival of Bielorussian military air jets to give more lustre to the annual Air Show at the Radom airfield. And that the presence here ofBelarus air masters is a real provocation against NATO claims of its global military supremacy. And I began to worry whether Bielorussians guarded well their aircrafts during the night preceding the Air Show. I associated these my worries with a remembered by me information, which I received few years ago from France, that the French government finally admitted that during le Bourget gigantic Air Salon roughly 30 years ago, the exposed there, as the "hit" of Air Salon, Soviet supersonic passenger jet TU 144 was shot down by French military Mirage.
Full of bad presentiments I went to the second room, I switched on a TV, and on its screen I saw the Belorussian SU 27 fighter gliding powerlessly to the earth, and than a huge cloud of smoke in the place of his fall. It was, the repeated over and over at TV, scene of air accident which happened 2 hours earlier, in which catastrophe lost their lives two top pilots of Belarusian Air Force, both of them in the grade of colonel. The quoted by TV eye witnesses, which saw this, silent and devoid of power of its both engines, plane gliding just over their heads, were telling that pilots maneuvered it in such a manner it flew into a narrow stretch of empty field between densely saturated, with small dwellings and hundreds of spectators of Air Show, Radom's suburb. Both pilots died in this accident, probably due to their efforts to save life of people they saw on their trajectory they had not enough time to catapult and to save themselves.
I admit that I become scared of myself thinking up to which point I showed up to be "clairvoyant" as it concerns matters linked with "show" aviation at the "hot line" NATO-Russia (& Belarus). Below I send what I found in the Internet, concerning the "analogous" catastrophe of TU 144 during the air salon in Le Bourget in 1973. I haven't found in internet a confirmation of the recent disclosure of French authorities, but from the message in Wikipedia one can easily infer it. As the crush, near Orly airport few years ago, of a French-British copy of TU 144, supersonic "Concorde", my French friends are convinced that it was also a sabotage, made by American aviation companies this time.
Wikipedia :
The causes of this incident remain controversial to this day. A popular theory was that the Tu-144 was forced to avoid a French Mirage chase plane which was attempting to photograph its canards, which were very advanced for the time, and that the French and Soviet governments colluded with each other to cover up such details. The flight of the Mirage was denied in the original French report of the incident, perhaps because it was engaged in industrial espionage. More recent reports have admitted the existence of the Mirage, though not its role in the crash.
At the video below it is clearly visible that the TU 144 explodes in the air surely not due to any surcharging its structure, "avoiding" another plane, maneuver:
And at present, when it becomes ever more evident that both engines of SU 27 were cut off from work at the same moment (which practically eliminates the possibility that they stopped to work due to a bird intake, or low quality of Polish fuel), I am afraid that once again I will turn into a "clair ­ it means dark ­ voyant" predicting that the joint Polish-Bielorussian commission will come to similar lack of reasonable conclusion, concerning the recent crush of SU 27, as 30+ years ago the joint Soviet-French commission has come investigating the crush of TU 144.
The same in Polish yesterday:
Katastrofa SU 27 w Radomiu 30 sierpnia 2009 i katastrofa TU-144 na Le Bourget w 1973 roku
Szanowni korespondenci,
Okoo godz. 3 po poudniu dzisiaj, w niedziel´ 30 sierpnia, siedzàc przed komputerem pomyÊlaem sobie, "e obecnoÊç samolotów biaoruskich na aktualnie trwajàcym pokazie lotniczym w Radomiu to jest jawna prowokacja w stosunku do supremacji wojskowej NATO. I "e mam nadziej´, "e biaoruskie samoloty byy pilnie w nocy chronione przed jakimÊ sabota"em. Pami´taem bowiem, "e lat temu ponad 30 w trakcie pokazów samolotów komercyjnych na lotnisku Le Bourget pod Pary"em, b´dàcy atrakcjà tego salonu radziecki pasa"erski samolot naddêwi´kowy TU 144 po prostu zosta zestrzelony przez wojskowy francuski myÊliwiec. (To podano oficjalnie do wiadomoÊci we Francji kilka lat temu, oczywiÊcie po upadku ZSRR; przez google.pl potwierdzenia tej informacji ju" nie znalazem.)
Zaniepokojony myÊlà, która si´ u mnie pojawia koo godz. 15, przeszedem do sàsiedniego pokoju i wàczyem telewizor. I zobaczyem na ekranie jak biaoruski Su 27, ewidentnie pozbawiony ciàgu silników, spada "pasko" na ziemi´. Cytowani przez TVP Êwiadkowie, którzy widzieli jak ten, pozbawiony ciàgu silników samolot przelatuje kilkadziesiàt metrów nad ich domostwami, twierdzili i" piloci do ostatniej chwili tak kierowali spadaniem samolotu aby nie uderzy on w liczne w tym miejscu zabudowania.
Przyznaj´, i" wr´cz przestraszyem si´ samego siebie do jakiego stopnia okazaem si´ byç "jasnowidzem" jeÊli chodzi o sprawy zwiàzane z lotnictwem "pokazowym" na "goràcej linii" NATO-Rosja (i BiaoruÊ).
Poni"ej przesyam to, co znalazem w internecie na temat "analogicznej" katastrofy TU 144 na pokazie w Le Bourget w 1973 roku. JeÊli chodzi o katastrof´ "Concorde" w okolicach lotniska Orly pod Pary"em, która kilka lat temu zakoczya eksploatacj´ tych naddêwi´kowych francusko-brytyjskich kopii TU 144, znajomi francuscy twierdzà, i" to te" by sabota" konkurencji "komercyjnej" z USA
A oto co mo"na wyczytaç (i zobaczyç) w Internecie:
(Wikipedia): "Prototypowy egzemplarz pasa"erskiego samolotu nadêwi´kowego TU 144 uleg katastrofie podczas salonu lotniczego w Pary"u 3 czerwca 1973 r. W wypadku tym zgin´a caa zaoga i kilku mieszkaców miasteczka, na które run´a maszyna.
Przyczyn katastrofy nie ujawniono do dziÊ. Nieoficjalnie mówi si´, "e francuski samolot wojskowy, który filmowa lot Tu­144, przypadkowo wszed na kurs kolizyjny, zmuszajàc pilota Tu­144 do wykonania manewru powodujàcego przekroczenie dopuszczalnych obcià"e konstrukcyjnych samolotu. Francuzi wprawdzie zaprzeczali takiej wersji wydarze, jednak ze êróde nieoficjalnych wiadomo, "e zaogi innych samolotów uczestniczàcych w pokazach zgaszay obecnoÊç francuskiej maszyny w rejonie lotniska Le Burget."
Na poni"szym video widaç, jak pod koniec pokazu TU-144 eksploduje w trakcie lotu, nie wykonawszy "adnego "przecià"ajàcego" manewru:
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