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Netanyahu Shoots Himself In Both Feet At UN
From Ian V.Macdonald
Letter the Editor, National Post
Dear Sir,
Netanyahu's Six Million Ploy
Even his most deluded followers must have rolled their eyes at Benjamin Netanyahu's jingoistic diatribe at the UN, which was little more than a caricature of long-discredited Zionist propaganda mythology.
He begins by condemning the "systematic assault on the truth" then, with stunning chutzpah, plunges into a farrago of lies and deceptions that would have made even Golda Meir blush. He begins with the "Wannsee Conference" canard where Nazi officials "decided how to exterminate the Jewish people". There is no evidence to support this lurid story, least of all the "precise instructions". He then ludicrously implies that the existence of construction plans for the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was evidence that "one million Jews" were murdered, although it is self-evident that the facilities were intended to house workers, not to kill them. Netanyahu shoots himself in the foot again by citing tattooed numbers on survivors' arms, which would make no sense had the prisoners been destined for "extermination".
He states that "one third of all Jews perished", then ups the ante to "six million" a few sentences later. Holocaust "historians" however can produce no evidence that more than a few hundred thousand died, nor a shred of forensic evidence of the use of gas chambers, the alleged main engine of destruction and (collapsed) pillar of the Holocaust legend. With mind-boggling hypocrisy Netanyahu concludes his histrionics with a charge against Iran of combining fanaticism with nuclear capability - a charge of which Israel herself is egregiously and exclusively guilty. Small wonder that Israel's credibility, and by extension, her survivability, are crumbling.
As ever,
Ian V. Macdonald M.A.
Ottawa ON
Ex-RCAF, Cdn. Foreign Service
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