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Morgellons Fibers, Etc Found In
Homes, Coast-To-Coast
From Larry Meyer
Hello Jeff - My research looking within the "match-box" at specimens provided by self-diagnosed Morgellons patients indicate widespread infection by the organism clearly shown in this photomicrograph.
I suspect there are professionals, probably mold specialists, who visit rense.com who can view this photo and make a probable identification.
Suggestions and opinions will be greatly appreciated.
Larry V. Meyer
The following photo is representative of airborne pollution on the Oregon Coast by as yet unidentified fusarium-like artifacts. Similar samples have been harvested from homes and examined from locations all across the Country. I suggest house-dust be examined with at least a 10x hand lens/loupe.
 This material was trapped by the HEPA prefilter of a Surround-Aire XJ-3000F air purifier used indoors over a period of a few months. Much of the red, blue and black coloration of the "fibrils" has faded, probable due to exposure to ozone produced by the sanitation stage of these excellent air purifiers
Better resolution at 45x
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