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Killing The Nightmare
Jim Kirwan
'While it is true that most of us make our own history, that history is seldom just what we might want it to be.' And when we fail to deal with situations, then 'that dead past will continue to lie like a nightmare, upon the minds of the living.' The key in all of this is of course the individual mind and in just how much of our selective memory we retain; when it comes to getting to the truth that is usually hiding in plain sight. One of the major weapons in the human-arsenal that we tend to ignore are the advantages that are made possible by learning to Speak and to Listen.
We must not overlook how much of all of this can be seen, whenever we find ourselves trying to find the truth, without consulting the mirrors of our self-responsibility, in whatever has come to pass. If this nightmare is to have an end, then only we, acting as fully responsible individuals, can bring that about.
Much has been made of this arrangement between what we still call the government and those of us that live here. In theory we are involved in a kind of partnership that has grown more one-sided with every minute that passes. But in any business or governmental relationship there must be a balance because in 'life' arrangements of this kind that become totally one-sided can only come to equal death for the side that is not calling the shots!
Let us look for a moment at the real-life actions versus the responsibilities beneath this 'partnership.' Government's first responsibility is to keep people safe from events such as 911. This continuing form of the Cheney-Bush administration has not only continued from where Cheney-Bush left off, but Obamanation has continued to expand upon the mistakes made by the dictatorship that preceded this one. These events that were "mistakes" for us have been goals for them; and it is this criminal-deceit that has made this nightmare so long-lasting and so deadly for the future of us all.
Nine-Eleven involved a massive and prolonged attack upon this country in which those who were supposed to protect us from it; massively FAILED to that-yet no one was fired for their part in this international crime-in fact no one that was actually involved has even been charged as yet, as we approach the eight year anniversary of that black day. Worse; several were promoted based on their non-actions of that day, such as the Commander of North American Air Defense Command who became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shortly after the attacks. There have been numerous other promotions throughout the so called protective intelligence services; and especially the security services that also totally FAILED to protect the public on that day!
Instead of prosecuting those that failed us, this government, using those that were involved throughout the attacks, has chosen to blame ordinary Americans for the attacks and have labeled those of us who are still demanding a real investigation as terrorists and traitors, while they continue to profit and to prosper directly because they FAILED US ALL in their sworn duty to protect us from exactly this kind of an attack, on 911. (1)
Of course they also failed us in everything else that has to do with having a viable country to live in now. In the matter of measuring the balance between this government which we have allowed to continue as an absolute dictatorial power over all out lives: We need to be reminded of exactly how well they have carried out their sworn duties; according to their oaths of office to protect and defend the Constitution and the people of this country; from people exactly like them.
Since Cheney-Bush took office the American public has been under constant attack from every quarter, relentlessly. Our jobs, our health, our savings and retirement, along with our way of life has been the target of their wrath, and in this massive undertaking wherein they have been so successful, far beyond what any overtly foreign enemy could ever have done to this nation. Our freedom to travel, our freedom to express ourselves, or even to communicate with others has been criminally assaulted on every level; yet we have not formally spoken out against these treachery's, these treasons against the Constitution and against us as the citizens that must pay for these Outlaws that have become our jailers.
The Internet has been enormously helpful in assisting those that seek the truth behind those that have done these things and more, to us. And over the last eight years the dedicated public now knows far more than they have ever known before; about the puppets that rule over us and those that pull their strings. But 'just knowing' is not only not enough; it requires us to act.
Ordinary people must demand that these traitors inside government, at all levels, be permanently removed from this government-before they can do even more damage to what remains of the United States. Here's the background for the whole nightmare; for those that still want to know. (2)
Every single thing in this nation has been radically changed since the end of the Twentieth Century and the arrival of the New World Order; yet people still refuse to act upon the fact that there is now a fully functional and totally 'CRIMINAL-justice system' in place, that has officially thrown out all the laws that they continue to vigorously use against all the rest of us. Our National Guards' have been federalized and sent to fight in foreign wars, while our people suffer overlong with every new disaster here at home from Hurricanes to Wild Fires, not to mention the Camps that these same forces have constructed to hold those that might resist their final push to silence all their opposition.
Even health has been converted from keeping people healthy to injecting the public with untested vaccines that are certain to bring death or major illnesses to many in the population; especially if this pending action is to become something that people cannot freely refuse, just because it is unsafe and possibly poses a much greater danger to our lives than would be the existence of yet another flu attack. Everywhere you look in this nation we are at war with something 'other.' Instead of choice or solutions the government only offers more of the same or fines and imprisonment for refusal.
Our cities have always been at the CROSSROADS of so much in American life, but they too are being targeted now, by isolating them from their suburbs and from the surrounding countryside. The air we breathe the poisoned water that we try to use, and the contaminated soil in which our crops are grown are all weapons now that are viciously being used against us to cut ties between us and a better life; even further every day. If we had a representative government then why is it that so many of the votes in congress are now so lopsided ­ voting time and again for these government betrayals with numbers that would be laughable if these issues were not so deadly to our collective future; in far too many cases only 4 to 6 people voted against these treasons; while all the rest approved-and many of these votes were taken even before the legislation was finished, or in the middle of the night. Government says that these actions are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY; yet this same government began spying on the US public fully seven months prior to 911-Why? Probably it's because there is now only one official party in the USA; the sold-out traitors that are "in-power."
We have over 1.1 million people listed as terrorist sympathizers on SECRET NO-FLY Lists; with no oversight, no appeal and no way to challenge the validity of such a black-op-classification of the individuals involved. Why are the same people that FAILED on 911 allowed to carry out these obscenities against the public that was both the target then and the major victim now as well as on that day? And since TSA has been so successful in screwing up air travel, they're now planning to do the same thing to buses and train-travel throughout the nation.
We have a newly appointed puppet in the White House and his antics have nothing short of abysmal. Today he's giving a speech to students in the public schools that is meant to rouse them 'to do it for the system, do it for the country, to become an example for the rest of us.' Right; and this from a man who refuses to release the details of his own supposedly successful life, along with his personal refusal to clearly end the debate about his own birth certificate? Obama wants kids to excel; but he refuses to furnish them with examples of what he's actually done besides run for office? Barack Obama's "word" so far has consisted of nothing but complex lies heaped atop one another to create a giant sludge heap where there was supposed to be real leadership. He's expanded our wars upon others, while refusing to clearly define our purposes in grinding up so many people within and without our massive war-machine and the privatized weapons industries-on top of intensifying all the government's ever-more-invasive restrictions upon travel, conversation and political life in this bankrupt nation. In fact there is no case to be made for allowing him to continue-much less to serve our youth as any kind of an example of anything but a very inept con that simply fails to honor 98% of his so-called promises. (3)
If we ever expect to regain the SANCTUARY that is shown as being disconnected to our cities (above), then we need to begin to use our minds by speaking when we must and by listening to everything that's going on despite the ever-growing threat that continues to target us from Washington and London and Tel Aviv, through the New World Order and all their very special assistants.
The Eighth Anniversary of the Greatest Crime committed on American soil, will be here in three days. This crime has gone unpunished and remains in that limbo that we call "the past." Unless and until we can force ourselves to face this nightmare and punish the still-snarling and obvious criminals behind it all; then we cannot call ourselves a nation in any sense of that word.
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