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Regarding The Holocaust...
From Jeff Rense
We certainly know a holocaust of some sort occurred. We also believe the 'Holocaust' demands formal, forensic, academic, scientific HONEST evaluation. Unlike the Warren Commission or the 911 'Report', the people who lost everything and were sent to camps...and the MANY who perished there deserve such an investigation and more. The BIG issues are the number (6 is errant...and cut down to 3 by the progression of the Auschwitz plaques which were reduced from 4 to 1. That's three from three....and that is something that MUST be resolved. BTW...the same '6' was also used by the Zionists after World War One in a major media campaign of the time.
Another key issue is the admission by the Auschwitz Director of Archives (for 17 years) that the 'gas chamber' there was, as others have said, a construct of Stalin/Soviet Russia after the war. And the forensics examinations of the walls by Leuchter proved that building...THAT particular building...was not used as such.
The taking of ONE soul...of ANY political or religious persuasion...and putting him or her in a camp and left to die or to be killed is not human. Stalin killed 50-60 million human beings...yet we never hear about it and there is no US taxpayer-built memorial to them in DC. Nor is there a memorial to the 2-3 million Iraqis WE have slaughtered since Bush 41. Nor the 2-3 million Afghans WE have slaughtered in that 'war'. Or the 5-8 million German civilians killed off from 1945-53. It's all a complex issue of death and horror., Wiesenthal is a proven liar and fraud and there is something seriously wrong with Weisel. All we have ever done is call for an honest, thorough investigation of this whole controversy to discern, establish and HONOR the TRUTH. We'll NEVER see that happen... because world Zionism won't allow it. There is apparently too much to hide.
We, like most Americans and people on the planet, for better or worse, are 'equal opportunity' mourners of all sacrificed human life. We don't believe in a 'God's Chosen' claim by any group over another. Here's one brave and heroic rabbi who KNEW a great deal about how Zionist Jews played a KEY role in the suffering of Europe's Jews in the war. Impossible, you say? Read carefully...
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