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History Is Repeating Itself
By Jim Kirwan
There is a series of videos, based on the work of Jared Diamond called Guns Germs and Steel. It is a work that covers decades of research for the tangible roots of inequality in the ancient world, and how this has been translated into the continuing inequalities between people all over the planet; today. (1)
At the core of Diamond's studies is the role of 'human-greed' as the engine that drove some to develop specialized uses for Guns, Germs and Steel, into changing the relationships between the world's haves and have-nots. One of the primary causes for this pursuit seems to hinge upon that time when the demands of greed became a 'lust' so great that it absorbed and overrode all other considerations. Is this not exactly what we continue to see today throughout every facet of the complexities that we tend to think of as the modern world?
Of course Diamond's work contains much more than just this simple basic fact and it is fascinating in and of itself, as Diamond probes all the various basics for any society to survive. This he discovered was rooted in natural climates, and in domesticated animals, combined with the various ways that different peoples were able to keep themselves alive. This had nothing to do with race and very little to do with religion; but everything to do with cultivating and maintaining any people's ability to produce more than just a subsistence living from the land. With that excess certain people could maintain specialists that could concentrate on advancing many aspects of the world as it existed then. Creating, refining and advancing the use of tools and the understandings that the use of these tools made, to insure that one people could dominate other groups and nations: It was as simple and as complex as that. What is continually lost in contemporary comment is that 'history' matters!
Today's followers of Zion, of all religious and or political affiliations, have begun to use these ancient divisions between people to dominate us all. 'Guns Germs and Steel' has undergone a whole new revitalization because that unchained-lust can now be advanced by controlling the weather, by poisoning the earth the water and the air and thereby those in-charge have directly shaped which power-centers can actually still control their own destinies. (2)
In addition the New Zionists have been behind the destruction of language, and the manipulation of film and culture, in order to capture people, worldwide, through the ignorance and delusions that the creation of writing itself once first helped to conquer. This series of National Geographic films is fascinating, but they should be seen through the lenses of today's real problems; in order to see exactly how "History Is Repeating Itself" in so many places today. (3)
Finally it comes down to the indoctrination of our youth in the schools that is accelerating the deconstruction of this society from the inside; by using the INNOCENCE of youth, to implement the EVIL that is crushing us from all quadrants today. This is not new it was most used by the Nazi's in their Hitler Youth Corp and again by the Stasi in the East Germany from the old Soviet Empire to spy upon parents and others that might pose problems for the 'all-powerful-fascist-state. To this end beginning with Cheney-Bush and continuing through Obama; the state here is building a data base to coerce millions of our youth and to join together to crush what's left of freedom of expression along with those shreds of the Constitution that once had real standing in this self-wounded place we call the USA. (4)
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