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34 Million People Have Been Harvested
By Jim Kirwan
"By 2005, the Pentagon had already amassed 34 million names and information, on young people, creating the largest repository of information on 16 to 25 year old youth, in the country" says the US military.
By 2005, the Pentagon and the SECRET government programs that had begun spying on the American public seven full months before 911; had already been at this task for four long and very secret years. About four months into Obama's 'term' as dictator, the White House introduced a program of voluntary service to the country that was to involve American youth in a compulsory but non-military capacity that would be fully twice the size of the US military-that would be a force of 5 million volunteers. This awakened grim memories among many, of Hitler's Youth Corp that was created by the Nazi's at the end of the Third Reich.
The very recent Obama plan, was seen to be largely wishful thinking and too ridiculously large to ever be workable. But now thanks to some hard working journalists, it appears that this program has been in the works since the very beginning of the New Millennium & the Cheney-Bush dictatorship. However here is the latest video created by the White House to market volunteerism, not to the country but to Obama himself as a person. Beyond the stock lines and rather heavy PR, the beginnings of a Fourth Reich Youth Corp seem to be taking shape: With the added benefit of a massive new gene pool for 'voluntary military service' that has actually been created by stealth, using tax-payer's money to steal the lives of the youth of this country. Please watch this video and decide for yourself what this is actually intended to create. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqcPA1ysSbw (1)
"Using data mining, stealth web sites, career testing and sophisticated marketing software, the Pentagon is harvesting and analyzing information [they have gathered] on everything from Highschool student's GPA's and SAT scores to which video games they play. Before an army recruiter even picks up the phone to call a prospect, the soldier may know more about the kid's habits than do his parents" From "A Few Good Kids" by David Goodman in Mother Jones Magazine
David continues: 'All highschools are required by law to furnish directory and contact information [email and cell phone, as well as home phone numbers] on all highschool juniors and seniors to military recruiters-unless their parent choose to 'opt out', which can only be done by contacting the Pentagon. This invasion of privacy was formalized by Cheney-Bush and is buried in the No Child Left Behind legislation. This transformed the Education Act into the most powerful military recruitment tool that the armed services have had-to date.
In something called the JAMRS Data Base, that's the Joint Advertisers Market-Research and Studies Program of the Defense Department. This is where all information has been centralized from Selective Service to No Child Left Behind directories and info: But also it's from Commercial Data Base brokers. These include groups such as standard marketing groups and student lists. The Pentagon is currently spending about $600,000 a year on these data brokers. The brokers are getting info from when you buy a yearbook or a student ring and any number of commercial purchases [to assist in creating a profile]. The two largest data brokers have been accused of using deceptive practices to gather information
"March to Success" www.marchtosuccess.com is a website that the army spent $1.2 million on. The site provides tips to young people on standardized test taking and only at the very bottom is it mentioned, that it is sponsored by the US military.
Teachers from all around the country send students to this website ostensibly to provide them [the students] with a free standardized test taking pitch, which was designed by the top testing-firms ~ and yet this is a website run by the US army. You wouldn't know that unless you noticed the little tag line in the lower right hand corner that links to www.goarmy.com , which is the Army's recruiting website; and in the army's own words "is one of the Army's most effecting recruiting tools".
The Army says that they are providing a great service to schools that this would normally cost them ­ but what the Army fails to mention is that they are currently registering 17,000 new users each month: And that you can elect to have a recruiter monitor your test progress. This is not a teacher, this is an Army recruiter who can coach you along; and that can personally help you when it comes time to make decisions that the recruiter obviously hopes will lead you into the armed forces.'(2)
The additional benefit to the government of their now very specific tracking of the youth of this nation could, and probably is, being used to target those young people that Obama wants to enlist in his volunteer army of the young, that are to watch their fellow citizens and report anything that their young minds find to be potentially dangerous, or a threat to the national security of the United States. So whether the young end up in the military itself, or in something as odious as the Obama Youth Corp-it is clear that this government has all but imprisoned far too many in their secretly collected files, coupled with their mandated records of the habits and thoughts of the young, so that the chances of individuals being able to have a life outside this government service sector would seem to be all but impossible, "going forward," as Obama himself might say.
It would seem very late in the proverbial 'day' to try and end these practices-yet the way this series of programs came into being might just anger a huge number of ordinary people-once they discover that Cheney-Bush-Obama have been trying to steal their kids for cannon-fodder or for clandestine operations against them as parents, in their own homes. Has it really gone this far; that our youth can be stolen from us - right in front of our faces - and yet so few have noticed that this can be packaged as part of the "Promise of Tomorrow"?
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2) Military Recruiters Increasingly Targeting Highschool Teens - video
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