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Government Riots Against The Public
By Jim Kirwan
The totalitarian and privatized forces of this illegal government occupation are rising, in attacks against and upon the public, using the excuse of public demonstrations by the people to attack and crush any form of protest by people against the oppression and dictatorship that 'The State' has now become during this first decade of the New Millennium.
In this process all trust in anything to do with government, at all levels in this country, has been shattered almost beyond repair. The excuse for these attacks have become directly linked to every attempt by citizens to protest policies and practices that are constantly increasing the gap between the haves and the have-nots; while terminating any shred of what might still remain of any of our rights under the Constitution; to anything like ordinary life. The pathetic excuse for all of this stems directly from the contrived and criminally-deceptive excuse for their "attack" of 911, which was in reality their opening assault upon the public and the Republic that is entering its final phase.
On the front line of these attacks are the privatized armies of Blackwater and their associated mercenary groups (over fifty of them) in tandem with the now militarized-police forces that were supposed to exist to stop the very thing they are now bringing to American streets and cities nationwide! This is not only true "during" the very public "crack-downs" (that are actually the real crack-ups of settled law and any hint of justice)-but it is far too clear in the thousands of police and security attacks that happen every day throughout the nation, against unarmed and harmless people of all ages, for no other reason than to practice intimidation, torture and the occasional murder of civilians. This to prepare "the illegal forces" for their coming duties when the nation finally resorts to the last step of the totalitarian-failure to persuade the public of their absolute need to dominate every aspect of life in these formerly 'United' states.
"Apathy" has been the general response, by the general population, to these blatant and malevolent attacks upon not just individuals but upon the very structure of this society itself. As the illustration indicates, Apathy is just one of the missing pieces in this shadowy jigsaw-puzzle of criminal-repression and openly violent tyranny.
The people of this nation have had many opportunities to correct this situation long before it became what it is now. Perhaps a short version of that history might be of use, to those that didn't have to live through the final chapters of this total-take-down of this Republic.
My own experience began with the crude and violent administration of LBJ - the Lying Bastard Johnson. This was the man that played a role in the death of JFK, as well as being 'the president' that sought to sink a US ship for Israel, while denying US forces on that ship the rescue they were due by US fighter-aircraft after the attack had already begun. That was TREASON, as was his transparent lie about the events that never did take place in the Gulf-of-Tonkin, which blew the Vietnam War into the major American debacle that ended in our loss, to the forces, that we then opposed in that 17-year long War. Johnson should have been impeached, tried and shot for Treason ­ had there been any shred of governmental responsibility, ethics or morality left within what then passed for the US government at that time. (1)
But that was not to be, because already by that then distant time, there was simply too much corruption within the congress and the government to charge LBJ with anything. This was followed by Tricky-Dick and his Treason against the people over his lies in Vietnam and over everything he did regarding the Watergate Affair, as this became known. thanks to the release of the classified Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg, that blew the lid off all the farce and criminally-liable government actions by the War Department and the president in Viet Nam. Again, Nixon, as president should have been impeached tried and shot for Treason in a time of war. But by that time the corruptions within the government had deepened even more, to the point that Nixon could promise the congress that 'if they dared to do this he would take them all down with him'. So it was decided between the criminally liable congressional elites to suspend the impeachment hearings and allow Nixon to resign instead. Gerald Ford was the fall-guy that was appointed, because he was the only candidate for this piece of treason that would agree in advance to grant the necessary presidential-pardon to the Nixon-the-Traitor.
Then came Ronnie-the great-communicator-Regan, to open the floodgates of tyranny and treason from within the government, in direct opposition to the people and the Republic, in which he too played his part in the desecration of what was already beginning to be the collapse of the United States. Ronnie brought us the broken borders to the south, the Death Squads inCentral America, Iran-Contra and the drugs for arms scandals throughout his administration. Ronnie also elevated GWH Bush to do his treachery behind the scenes even before he was elected ­ Poppy negotiated for the release of the Hostages in the American Embassy in Iran ­ which is something that is just now reaching its final chapter, with the pending new attacks upon Iran. And then through Poppy's pivotal six month stint at CIA where he oversaw the destruction of massive amounts of government documents and the US secrets that could have brought everything down on the heads of all of those that had been making all these treasons possible.
Ronnie melted away into Alzheimer's just as his administration was about to be considered for impeachment. The public has apparently forgotten that Reagan brought us 'DEBT Financing.' This was his gift to a nation, that when he was selected, was the world's leading creditor nation. But by the time his eight years ended, we had become the world's leading debtor nation; and we were oh-so-proud of that fact! What we have now is and was directly due to the ground-breaking precedents that were set during the Reagan years, like a time-bomb at the financial heart of this nation from which as we can clearly see now-there would be no real escape!
Then came Slick-Willy the one president that was to experience an attempted impeachment for a private misstep in the very public life of a supposed-president. That got the undivided-attention of the slothful public, while his inactions cost the lives of millions in Africa and elsewhere when he failed to act: However in Bosnia and the surrounding nation-states where he chose to act, with nuclear weapons, as well as conventional warfare. Clinton thus created the climate that would enable Poppy, when he finally became Number One, to do Panama and Iraq-the-first-time. Both these 'actions' were required to end Poppy's exposure by his partners-in-drugs-guns-and-oppression; by killing or silencing both Noriega and Saddam-under color of the "need" demanded by the growing threat of 'international terror.'But in that pre 911 world, the idea of international terror was not taken seriously by anyone with a brain, at least not then. But it did make clear to PNAC, that "a new Pearl Harbor would be necessary, to bring the public on-board, for the changes that were needed to take the New World Order to the next step that was needed to finish 'conquering the world.'
At this point George W. Bush and his alter-ego, sneering Dick Cheney, ascended-by-appointment to the top job of Dictator of the United States & the world-despite that fact that they were only the latest puppets in this very long line of stand-in's for the real powers that be-the criminal bankers, the corporations and the Illuminati with all their various shadow-hands and secret-government mandates that have brought us to this point.
The Cheney-Bush administration is and was protected from Impeachment by the so-called opposition party that was nothing of the kind; along with their leadership under Nancy Pelosi, another massive Traitor to the public and the country, who is still third-in-line for the supra-tarnished office of the now defunct-presidency.
This is where we are today, in debt beyond all possibility of ever being able to pay-off or escape that secret-burden that Ronnie and his gang of thugs created for us, which is still being administered by some of those who began with him, to insure that this would become the inescapable path on which we find ourselves today-and the only thing which this brain-dead public can muster in response to this litany of criminally-conspiratorial-treachery is to shrink from taking any part, in reversing the course these traitors set, to destroyed us almost totally, from within! If any other nation had tried to do to us what these traitors have already accomplished we would have fought them to the death rather than allow them on the streets of America-yet because we were very carefully led down this path by the duplicity and the lies of deceptive figureheads that were always who and what they are: We failed to even notice that this country and her people were, and are, being taken over from the inside and the outside by Traitors and by foreign-Outlaws that must be defeated and deported, or charged, tried and shot for their crimes against this country. (2)
Given our 'history' this nation cannot continue to tolerate foreign troops on our city streets and highways; nor can we tolerate the removal of the Posse Comitatus Act. US troops must never be used against American citizens inside the United States or against US citizens to defend this criminal government in any or all of their attempts to subjugate and or arrest ordinary people for voicing their opposition to the Tyranny & Lies which is all that this government has been about, since the long-dead days of LBJ!
PS: If this nation had a conscience we would dig-up LBJ, Nixon & Reagan and publicly burn whatever remains of their bodies; close their so-called libraries and combine all the lies in a single national-archive - to document for history - what really happened - maybe then we might have a chance to take back what remains of this nation.
1) The State of the Nation ­ 1966
2) Pittsburg Police Challenged over the use of Sound Canons during G-20
and for wrongfully arresting dozens of University of Pittsburg Students ­ video
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