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Fired From $105,000 Job For
Emailing A Rense.com Story

From Rense.com
Dear Jeff, 
I hereby grant my permission for you to share this story with your audience if you so wish.  
In a Democratic Republic, no voice should be hushed.  (But to Corporate America, decimating a life and destroying a career; all in a day's work.)
Jeff, I have such a treasured appreciation for you and for the real, investigative journalism and interviews you conduct.  I live in Minneapolis.  I was let go from my job (of TEN years) at Target Corp, Marketing over an article from rense.com which I e-mailed to a subordinate at work.  This happened one year ago, and I'm just now starting to recover from the shock of it.  
As much as I regret e-mailing the link to that article - about the conflict in Georgia, authored by Karl Schwarz - within the work place, in the final analysis once you know the truth about the powerful, demonic forces at work in this world - well, you know the truth. And there's no going back.  And I would think that the normal reaction of most decent people, after learning of these truths, is to want to spread the word, alert their friends and family and yes, work colleagues - and try to wake folks up, save the Republic! etc.
Sadly, in my case, my subordinate passed that e-mail on to Human Resources claiming she was deeply offended - and so I was "investigated" by Target HR.  And once they dug into my work e-mail files and found some 9/11 Truth related e-mails I had sent over recent years, my career at Target was over.  
After ten years of absolutely exemplary service, glowing twice annual reviews, and three promotions (I was a Marketing Manager earning $105K/year when I was terminated), I was told that "people no longer felt safe around me in the work place" and that "people say all you talk about is conspiracy theories."  
God help me.  I never dreamed I would live in times like these.  I have four children and I am still, through all of this, married.  Thankfully, I have been actively re-employed in Marketing at another firm for the past 6 months.  
Jeff, I wanted to share this story with you because you have had an impact on my life for which I remain grateful.  I thank you for your courage and honor.  I thank you for you decency and for your love of humanity.  I am a better man for having discovered your show, regardless of where I work!  I would tremendously enjoy the opportunity to speak with you some day.
Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, who have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.
Ezekiel 12:2
(name on file for his protection and security)
Heroic American Pays Price For Freedom Of Speech
From Jeff -
This is a grim testimony to the effectiveness of the fascist efforts to program and divide and conquer the American people.  We still have a Constitution and a First Amendment the last time I checked.  Beyond that, we have a God-given right to express our thoughts and knowledge to others we think might find them of value.  The email which follows demonstrates how one American stood proudly...bravely...upon those sacred principles and more.  This gentleman represents what America used to be and perhaps, one day, might become again.
As for his 'fearful' co-workers and the Target 'Human' Resources department...they are an integral part of the evil, and sheer mindlessness, that is consuming so much of this foundering, forlorn society.
To be told that "people no longer felt safe around me in the work place"  is beyond despicable...not to mention beneath cowardice.  When thoughts and ideas expressed in a news story or commentary on this site engender 'fear' and suspicion among co-workers, we are all in big trouble.  As for 'conspiracy theories'...anyone using such a stupid, misdirected cliche is the one with the problem.
Rense.com and many of the countless thousands of journalists and writers whose works appear here are investigators and conspiracy researchers not 'theorists'.  The world has always been run via conspiracy - now more than ever - and any efforts to reveal and expose these dark machinations are among the highest forms of patriotism one can reach for.
I salute and honor this American patriot, his family and all others who are striving to research and reveal the controllers and their many-headed agenda, and thereby attempting to inform their fellow Americans of the bigger picture.  Shame on his former employer and shame on those who live in fear of any 'new' ideas or concepts that are presented to them.  Sheep are bonded by fear...that is why they remain in a herd, heads down, chewing...chewing...and chewing...
From Karl Schwarz -
Amazing.  Little did I know someone was fired from their job at Target for simply sharing my Georgia-Russia articles with a colleague. Incredible.
The co-worker must have been offended to read that Georgia attacked innocent Russian citizens...while they slept.  Which was, of course, the truth.
The US and its allies immediately pointed the finger at Russia and cried foul for 'Russian aggression'. That was a lie, as are most statements that originate from Washington, DC and are then blasted out over the zionist mainstream media.
"In a land that's known as freedom, how can such a thing be true?''
-- Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 'Chicago'
Because in the land of 'freedom'...Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Thought are dying or already dead.
Karl W. B. Schwarz
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