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Dangers In The Shots - Components
Of H1N1 Vaccines - Pt 2

Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
© 2009 All rights reserved
"Immunizations, including those practiced on babies, not only did not prevent any infectious diseases; they caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention. It will be decades before the mopping-up after the disasters caused by childhood vaccination will be completed. All vaccinations should cease forthwith and all victims of their side effects should be appropriately compensated." --Dr. Viera Scheibinger, author of "Vaccination: The Medical Assault on the Immune System."
The new website, www.pandemicfluonline.com, an international resource for updated influenza-related news, has announce that August 16-23 is "Pandemic Flu Awareness Week." It is of the utmost urgency that parents are informed ­and EVERYONE ELSE-- of the real dangers posed by these vaccines with schools being prepared as medical clinics to give millions of children possibly up to four different shots of these dangerous vaccines.
This news-awareness week comes at a very appropriate time, as London's Daily Mail reported on August 16 about another "warning that the new swine(sic) flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease."(1) On July 26, the UK's Health Protection Agency sent a secret letter to 600 senior neurologists to be alert "for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) which could be triggered by the vaccine."(2) The vaccine may increase the risk of getting GBS by eightfold. This inflammatory illness has already been linked to the swine flu vaccine used in 1976. People stricken with GBS have tremendous difficulty breathing; and it causes paralysis by attacking the lining of the nerves. It can be fatal. In 1976, just a few days after Americans were given the deadly flu vaccine, 25 people died of respiratory failure. More than 80,000 people were affected by this condition that, in essence, could be called "flu vaccine syndrome." Since people continue to be expendable for corporate greed, tragically, this may prove to be the latest up-dated version.
On August 10, very short-term US clinical trials for several H1N1 flu vaccines began at eight medical university centers. As my previous articles have noted, there are five different pharmaceutical companies that will supply the US with various vaccine formulas. While there are major concerns about the high-level of toxic ingredients in these vaccines, the ones being used for these trials do not contain the toxic squalene adjuvant. How can there be any real test of any vaccine being planned or forced on Americans this Fall, if it does not contain squalene? Can this be considered another way that the trials are being rigged? Data cannot be compared or equated, if the vaccine ingredients are different. The real issue, however, is that there are toxic ingredients in all the vaccines: formaldehyde (carcinogenic and an embalming fluid); thimerosol (ethylmercury that is 50 times more dangerous; there is no safe level of mercury); pesticides, detergents, and squalene (the toxic ingredient and cause of Gulf War Syndrome).
Why are these ingredients in vaccines? There is a long history of how grave this harm is; with our children now getting 40 vaccines as they are growing up. American children have very seriously compromised immune systems. How much of this is due to the heavy overload of dangerous vaccines?
The following two vaccine companies (Sanofi-Pasteur and CSL Limited) are involved in the US clinical trials this month.
Sanofi-Pasteur [vaccines business of Sanofi-Aventis Group] Based in Lyons, France
Called "Inflexal®" or its common name: pandemic influenza vaccine. Licensed March 29, 2005.
NOTE: Adverse reactions include: headache, sweating, fever, malaise, fatigue, redness and pain at injection site. Antibiotic ingredients can cause itching, pain, skin rash, redness, and rare: hearing loss.
Lecithin: a natural component of all living cells. It is essential for fat metabolism and dissolving cholesterol. It can be found naturally in egg yolks, legumes, grains, peanuts, fish, and yeast. It is used as an emulsifier and preservative in chocolate, mayonnaise, baked goods, and margarine. Most lecithin manufactured today [and not from organic natural sources] is from soy lecithin, genetically engineered soy beans (grown to be resistant to insects and herbicides).
Potassium dehydrogenate phosphate: The EPA lists this toxic soluble crystalline powder as a fungicide with "low acute mammalian toxicity."(3) It has the ability to stress the body's immune system.
Other vaccine ingredients include [already covered in Part 1]: sodium chloride (refined salt), egg protein, and Virus: influenza. Also residues of: eggs, chicken protein, polymyxin B and neomycin (both antibiotics).
CSL Limited Based in: Victoria, Australia
Called "Fluvax" its common name is influenza virus vaccine.
NOTE: Adverse reactions include: redness, pain, fever, malaise, swelling of face, lips, or tongue; Allergic reactions: hives, asthma, anaphylaxis, convulsions, seizures (listed in the package enclosure). Children more prone to side effects than are adults. Contraindicated with other drugs, such as for epilepsy, convulsions, asthma, anxiety, insomnia.
Potassium chloride: A chemical compound that contains potassium and chlorine. (in tablet form, it is used for potassium deficiencies ­potassium is needed for normal body functions). It is used in water softeners and as a chemical fertilizer. Sometimes, it is used as a salt substitute in foods. It is one of the three drugs the US uses for lethal injection. PANNA lists it as toxic to humans, including carcinogenicity, a reproductive and developmental toxin.
Sodium phosphate dibase: PANNA lists this as toxic to humans, including carcinogenicity, reproductive, developmental, and neurotoxicity. Part of the toxicity of phosphates is the ability to appropriate calcium.
Potassium phosphate monobasic: A soluble salt that is used as a fertilizer, fungicide, in cosmetics, and as a food additive. It's one of the ingredients in Gatorade. It's a source also of phosphorus and potassium. It can sequester calcium and affect blood chemistry.
Sodium Taurodeoxycholate: This is a detergent and, as such, is toxic to cells. Detergents are unregulated and "used during the manufacture of flu vaccines."(4) It can cause cells to leak or explode (causing cell death). By making cells more permeable, drug uptake increases and "exposed cells can become vulnerable to toxic assault."[See: sailhome.org] There are reports of people who have received influenza vaccines who have numerous ophthalmic problems, including blurred vision, ocular pain and itching, red eyes, and conjunctival secretions.(5)
Other vaccine ingredients: purified, inactive strains of influenza H1N1, H3N2, and B. Sodium chloride (refined salt); sucrose (sugar); neomycin and polymyxin B (antibiotics); and egg protein.
UPDATE 1: The International Swine Flu Conference, in Washington, D.C., will be held Aug. 19-20. Further information is at: www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/159085.php and http://www.New-Fields.com/isfc. Lew Rockwell reports that the conference's second session (Psychological Issues) is called: "Unwillingness to follow government orders."(6)
UPDATE 2: In a July 23 report, the National Vaccine information Center (NVIC) is calling on all public officials "to provide evidence that it is necessary to given experimental swine flu vaccines to children in schools and that strong mechanisms [there are none] for vaccine safety screening, recording, monitoring reporting, and vaccine injury compensation are in place." At present none of these are. NVIC, founded in 1982, has been committed to being a vaccine watchdog, and questions the need to turn schools into medical clinic this fall." Further information is at: www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/158586.php and www.nvic.org//NVIC-Vaccine-News/July-2009/Swine-
The deliberate fast-track to get these untested vaccines ready in millions of doses, precludes any real sense of precaution, care, and safety by WHO, governmental officials and agencies, and the pharmaceutical companies. There is no concern about how much very real permanent damage, and death will be caused by them. Since WHO raised its pandemic level to 6 [its highest level], on June 11, there has been the most frantic pace by all the pharmaceutical companies to get millions of untested and unsafe vaccines to market. After all, they will be making enormous amounts of money. Even a brief look at the above list of ingredients should give everyone enormous concerns. Are these ingredients that you would knowingly want injected into your body or into your children? Why are known poisons in these vaccines?
Then, just recently, Dr. Keijo Fukuda, WHO's flu chief, warned about the potential dangers of these different kinds of vaccines, saying: "There are certain areas where you simply do not try to make any economies. One of the things which cannot be compromised is the safety of the vaccines."(7) This statement is a bit tardy in coming. Why was this not the very first thing WHO addressed in May and June, before they rushed to declare a Level 6 "pandemic" (without supporting medical proof)?
In another unconscionable rush, on July 23, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was reported "likely to approve 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) vaccines before trial data can prove their safety and effectiveness against the virus."(8) There is no pretense that safety is any concern. Again, where are any ethics, caution, or precautionary principle in place? It appears that there is continuing evidence from numerous sources (not just these in this article) repeatedly showing evidences of planned harm to all of us.
In a Global Research radio interview on August 12 with Jane Burgermeister, there was a discussion about a scientist [name withheld, for personal safety] who said that a vaccine precursor has already been aerosolized and released into our air. It is conceivable that these drugs/chemicals have been added through the ubiquitous but illegal Chemtrail aerosol activity. This then would further damage the immune systems of millions (possibly billions) of people when they are given or are forced to take perhaps as many as four separate vaccine injections. These series of vaccine shots are designed to disable our immune systems (already possibly "primed" through the air we are breathing), and then fill them with toxins and adjuvants into an immune system that is already highly compromised. If this can be independently verified, then Jane Burgermeister's filing (with the FBI in Austria) of criminal charges against WHO/UN officials, US government agencies and political leaders, and the pharmaceutical companies, becomes a pivotal event. Now, it is even more important than ever for us to be well informed.
These next few paragraphs are a necessary tangent, and need to be included, as they are relevant to a larger environmental picture.
Invisible Environmental Poisons
Professor James Petras's August 12 Global Research insightful article commented on Americans' "relative and absolute passivity of the working and middle class in the face of massive job lossesand housing foreclosures."(9) I do not believe that this is real "passivity." I believe there is another invisible, but absolutely vital, component that is taken for passivity. I believe this so-called "apathetic" or passive behavior can be now linked with the aerosols that may have been released recently to "prime" us for more deadly vaccine poisons this Fall. However, the picture is even bigger.
Over the past nine years, the US Department of Defense [DOD], using military and commercial planes (around the world), have been releasing billions of tons of aerosolized deadly poisons into the air we are breathing --quite literally with each and every breath we take. There are now more than 60 different Clandestine Weather Modification Programs. These toxic Chemtrail aerosols are, for the most part, invisible. People can go to the movies and see the latest high-tech film about some sci-fi release of pathogens; but when it comes to the reality of what is actually happening, it's off the proverbial radar. Global Research has also published numerous articles on the militarization of health and our planet, the proliferation of extremely hazardous bioweapons labs (with frequent breaches of security), and the toxins that have been deliberately but secretly released.
There have been no public discussions, or any official, or Congressional hearings about these illegal Weather Modification Programs. For the most part, the media is silent. Again, there is no accountability as to the pervasive damage these toxins cause to our health or to the planet. Thousands of private citizens have written and called various officials, only to be ignored. Denial is their modus operandi.
Yet, there is ground-breaking and vital research being done by Clifford Carnicom, Dr. Gwen Scott, and Dr. R. Michael Castle, among many others. They have demonstrated that these planes are releasing toxins into the air we breathe. Numerous chemical analyses and lab tests confirm findings of a brew of poisonous chemicals, weaponized viruses, polymers, and other pathogens that are deadly to all mammals and are destroying our entire web of life. [See: www.carnicominstitute.org] For the most part, these are invisible --except when we look up at the sky overhead and see countless planes spraying miles and miles of aerosolized poisons. Nine years of this daily toxic assault does have its toll on our immune systems: upper respiratory (including epidemic rates of children's asthma), cardiac, and auto-immune diseases are now at record numbers. Our immune systems are already compromised by the deliberate and illegal use of all of us as experimental subjects without our permission.
There are national and international laws that forbid the use of humans as uninformed tests subjects. That is precisely why the Nuremberg Codes were established: to make sure another genocide [what Dr. Leonard Horowitz calls "Iatrocide"] could never happen again. Nonetheless, we all have been experimental guinea pigs for nine or more years. The corporate-controlled media is complicit in this massive cover-up. In my book, I write that "invisible does not mean safe." Just because we cannot see some poison, or it is off our radar, it does not mean that we are not being harmed. This is precisely why the enormous poisonous assault on our environment poses such a vast threat to our already damaged DNA and the very future of our planet. It is often invisible, but it is not safe.
One of these Chemtrails is the chemical aluminum. It is aerosolized as nano-fiber-coated aluminum. The Air Force already has acknowledged using it. Aluminum is known to cause cognitive dysfunction and brain damage. It is a "danger to human physiology" as it "can interfere with the formation and development of virtually any human nerve tissue."(10) Early symptoms of aluminum (or mercury) poisoning include: not thinking clearly, being forgetful, and being more passive, as the toxins affect proper function as the brain deteriorates. If we all have been breathing these poisons, day in and day out for nine years, what has that done to our individual (and collective) thinking ability? Even for those millions who think they are okay, no one is. Not with the air we are breathing.
The global assault of more than 100,000 highly dangerous chemicals, that surround our every move, leaves no one safe. Most of these chemicals have never been tested for human safety. Further, there is no research on how the thousands of chemicals interact with each other in the human body. The infinite mathematical combinations make this impossible. What is known, however, is that even very small amounts of toxins (carcinogens, heavy metals, and hormone disruptors) add up synergistically: sometimes, 1+1 does not equal 2, but can equal 1,500 times the original exposure dose. In the ground-breaking book, "Our Stolen Future," Dr. Theo Colburn et al., warned us in 1996 about the DNA devastation wrought by hormone disruption caused by chemicals. As With Rachel Carson's pivotal writings in the 1950s and early 1960s, all these warnings go unheeded, as we continue to face one epidemic after another, due to these highly toxic chemicals.
Further, standard blood tests do not include a diagnosis for heavy metal poisoning ­a prevalent result of all of us breathing billions of tons of toxic metals released into our air. Yet, the possibility that the overwhelming majority of Americans or Canadians have heavy metal poisoning is very probable. [FYI: Testing to find heavy metal poisoning can be done through laboratory hair analysis.]
If we ignore or are not informed about available testing procedures, or do not know what to look for, then we cannot find the right answers. Most physicians and veterinarians are not trained in environmental causes of disease. When someone is sick, they prescribe drugs. Rarely, do they even consider the possibility that someone's symptoms are the result of being assaulted by some potent environmental toxin. Much of their training is drug relief of symptoms. I urge everyone reading this to think of the enormous ramifications of possible global military plans to deliberately disable our immune systems through these years of invisible poisonous assaults, so that our bodies cannot function properly. Then, add to it, more recently, other poisons, and the plan to force us to have vaccine injections that are dangerous, in the extreme. In sum, we have massive immuno-supression.
Dr. R. Michael Castle has written recently and very persuasively about the extreme dangers that a highly toxic assortment of chemicals pose to our entire web of life ­a web that is unraveling faster and faster. In fact, our climate change may be caused, significantly exacerbated, and destabilized by the billions of tons of aerosolized chemicals that we breathe. We do not know enough about the intricate workings of our planet's systems for the military to be tampering with them (unsupervised by the public) on such a massive scale.
Our most basic human rights --including not being deliberately poisoned by the very air we are breathing- continue to be repeatedly violated, and without our informed consent. We share the air in common. It is a basic human right not to be deliberately poisoned by Clandestine Weather Modification Programs. In a recent conversation, Dr. Castle told me "these aerosol operations have significantly changed our weather; and now we don't have real seasons." Dr. Castle writes about "The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth" and the critical need for us to demand that "The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2008" he authored must be passed by Congress and signed into law.(11) Our very lives and the survival of our planet rest on all of us becoming informed about these deadly programs and the urgent passage of this act, so this can be stopped.
Summer Trial vaccines: US trials of flu vaccines began on August 10 at eight university medical centers. The Advisory Panel on Immunization Practices, recommended that the highest priority for vaccinations be given to the following groups: Young children [who have immature and vulnerable immune systems] between six months to four years old; pregnant women; workers in contact with infants under six months (infants cannot be vaccinated); adults under the age of 65 with underlying medical conditions; and emergency medical workers.
On August 10, Dr. Sharon Fey, an infectious disease expert from St. Louis University, was quoted saying: "What we are looking at is both the safety[sic] and effectiveness of the vaccine. We measure antibody responses by taking pre-vaccination blood and posts-vaccination blood, and comparing the change in antibody to the vaccine." Dr. Frey also said: "Typically, it takes a year to do this. I can tell you we're working at breakneck speed."(12)
David Bernstein, Director of Infectious Diseases at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (another one of the sites chosen for these trials), was quoted as saying: "We've already been working for about a month to get the protocols set up." He also said: "We're moving at a pace that's pretty much unheard of. We're doing this extremely rapidly."
There are urgent questions that continue to go unanswered: Why are these medical centers using vaccines without adjuvants that will be part of the Fall flu vaccines? How much real "care" can really be taken when everyone is rushing? How can these rushed vaccine results be compared with different Fall vaccines that will be given to millions people? Realistically, can any public official be believed? Remember the rush that also preceded the polio vaccines and the 1976 swine flu? Has the system improved since then? Look at all the medical warnings (not reported in mainstream media) over just the last two weeks. What is different or safer today with dangerous ingredients that do not always manifest serious problems in a few days or weeks of these very rushed experimental trials? There was a tremendous rush 54 years ago with the polio vaccine, for the financial benefit of the drug companies. It is the same scenario today. Greed continues to trump precaution.
The United States can no longer be considered a "democratic" society, otherwise it would not force dangerous drugs/vaccines on its mostly uninformed citizens, bring extreme medical harm to its very youngest, threaten people with abduction to FEMA prison camps, and keep military on its soil in preparation for Martial Law. This is what Professor Michel Chossudovsky calls the "militarization of health."(13)
LATE BREAKING NEWS: August 14. Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a German pulmonary and environmental specialist, has just given warnings about the many risks in taking the H1N1 vaccine. He notes that Novartis is developing and testing their flu vaccine in Germany. The vaccine injection is done "with a very hot needle," with a solution of cancerous cells from animals; and he states: "we do not know if there could be an allergic reaction." Dr. Wodarg also reminded readers of the proverbial bottom line: "It is great business for the pharmaceutical industry." This news report also quotes Johannes Löwer, president of the Paul Erlich Institute, who "has pointed out" that the [influenza] vaccine "can cause worse side effects than the actual swine(sic) flu virus."(14)
This is again another historical reminder about the deadly polio vaccine that contained African green monkey virus. In the rush, short-sightedness, and pharmaceutical greed 54 years ago, the long-term cancer link did not show up right away. But the millions of people who received the Salk polio vaccine have an increased risk of developing cancer later in life. Do we want a whole new generation of children and adults infected with carcinogenic monkey virus?
In another polio-related news item also on August 14, Nigeria is reporting an outbreak of polio. To date, there are 124 cases (almost double the cases of 2008) reported of children who are paralyzed. It is spreading due to a mutation in the live polio vaccine used. In an August 14 News Hour report, PBS notes "polio is endemic in Nigeria."(15) WHO has linked these polio cases to the polio vaccine dating back to 2005. Has anything changed, since 1956 (or actually way before that)?
We, the people, continue to be expendable not just for corporate profits but also for a political agenda created behind the scenes to harm us. The invisible damage that pervasive environmental toxins and drugs do to us and the extreme and illegal manipulation of laws and finances do not mean we are safe. The day-to-day Orwellian façade does not protect us from harm. It is doing just the opposite. Do we want permanent disability or death by injection for our children and grandchildren? Chief Seattle can still remind us "what we do to ourselves, we do to the web of life." Or, as Dr. Tim O'Shea has written "vaccines ­[are] a threat to national security."(16)
Environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed "The Uterine Crisis."
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