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Unemployment Just Before World War 2
As today's economic crisis continues, it would be useful to look at just how well, or badly, Hitler and Nazi Germany handled the world depression in the 1930's. The following chart appears in Burton Folsom's excellent new book: Raw Deal or New Deal? on page 243.
The chart speaks for itself. One can see that in 1932, the year before Hitler and Roosevelt came to power, Germany's unemployment rate was at 30.1% and America's was at only 24.9%. But within just five years, Germany's unemployment rate was reduced to only 4.6% (1937) and dropped even further to only 2.1% a year later.
By contrast, FDR in 1937 still had an unemployment rate of 13.2% in 1937 which actually rose to 19.8% a year later. Hitler was the clear, unmatched winner in terms of economic management.
No doubt, the fiendish Nazis must have been in league with the devil himself to pull off this economic miracle which is unmatched in all of human history.
America was and still is a vast country with vast resources whereas Germany was a small country with coal as its only resource.
Germany had been defeated in a terrible war which America won and to whom the world was deeply in debt financially. Germany was the target of a worldwide Jewish economic boycott with no gold reserves whereas America had plenty of everything.
Can America bring itself to ever admit that it might learn something, anything at all, from the Nazis to deal with the mess America is in in today? Of course, not!
The "holocaust" will continue to blind America to real economic solutions and so, indirectly, it will continue to pay a monumental price for the holocaust mytho-mania which it has embraced. The Jews will run America--and they will run the country even deeper into the ground than they already have.
There is some real poetic justice there.
Friedrich Paul Berg
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