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CNN's Jeanne Moos Has Taken the Blue Pill

By Mary Sparrowdancer
CNN's big mouthpiece, Jeanne Moos, has a long history of bullying and swinging her massive club around, as well as openly distorting facts without fear of consequences. She gets away with it because her misleading "reporting" and hatchet jobs are loosely disguised as "humor." This has been going on for years.  In a Moos 1996 "clip," she moved to completely destroy the successful new business of Sean Dix, a NYC inventor of dental products.  After 12 years, he remains in a state of financial ruin because of her clip, in which she also resorted to her faked "pseudo-journalist's trick" of interviewing "common" people - at that time it was dentists. It was later discovered that one of those dentists was her personal dentist, and the men were given misleading information about the Dix products.
Through Moos, CNN unfairly trashed the Dix flossing products repeatedly on national TV. One dentist later recanted in writing, stating he endorsed the superior Dix products. CNN, however, refused to air this.
Very few know that the Dix products were proven to remove 31% more plaque than Johnson & Johnson's, and were poisedto take the flossing industry away from J&J, a long-time sponsor of CNN.  An impressed former J&J director stated the Dix products had an estimated sales value of at least $100 million annually.
To date, CNN has refused to issue a correction. The Dix products remain honored in the Smithsonian's National Museum of Dentistry but were "pulled" from national store shelves following the Moos piece.  25 Of the largest law firms in the US have refused to help Dix because they are all on retainer to CNN or J&J or both.
The superior Dix products remain forgotten and just out of our easy reach.
CNN: "The Most Trusted Name in News," plus J&J: "The Most Trusted Name in . . . " (fill in the blank). The questions to be asked are how many truths have they twisted, how many lies have they told, how many lives have they destroyed, how much news have they kept from us, how many decent new products have they kept from the marketplace, how long has the so-called "news" been used as a tool to steer viewers toward a corporate giant's inferior products - and why?  Along with being a sponsor, J&J has (coincidentally?) stated more than once it is a partner to CNN.
For more, do a google search of:
"CNN Johnson&Johnson"
to read the article about Sean Dix, which is the top link,
or go to: http://www.flossrings.com/
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