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The Burning Flag Of All Nations
By Jim Kirwan
In 1974 I created this image of the Burning Flag of All Nations, (C)1974, as a warning to the world of exactly what is happening to us now. The flag is being carried in a volcanic glove that conceals the hidden-hand of Global-Empire which in this case is also the right hand of Conquest. In the background is War with the three closed-fists of hate & greed & power as the solitary plume upon his helmet. But it is that solitary star composed of the colors of all the people's of the earth, that is threatened by everything that we have allowed to happen to us-to this point. And unless we answer that threat we shall all vanish one by one into the corporate facelessness that waits for each of us. (1)
All of us are subject to the accident of birth. Anyone could have been born in a slum in Calcutta, or as the prized-child of one of the mega-rich controlling families on this planet; and if that had been the case, it is unlikely that they'd be reading this. This fact ought to put the so-called privilege-of-place to rest, once and for all. All of us are born special, with talents and potential unlimited; but some have decided that they have been somehow 'chosen' by history by fate or by religion to rule over all the rest of those they share this planet with. Yet we all have far more in-common with each other then these 'very-special criminals' would ever like to have any of us discover for ourselves. Remember just like us, they are only human and no one leaves this world alive!
The United States created a myth for itself that is called American-Exceptionalism; and it is one of the most heinous lies of all. By the two-hundredth year of this country, in 1976, that lie had been exposed for all the world to see-yet few noticed what we had become. Three decades ago the world was already in ruins; but most people didn't know it yet.
Los Angeles, July 4, 1976
With modifications from the agenda of the NWO & the NAU
"The Stars and Stripes have changed their spots;
Now pentagrams and bars enshrine a mockery of tongues,
And courage shares the darkness,
With the corpse of private conscience.
Where dialogue and discourse thundered
Cowardice now crawls across an overcrowded floor.
Doorway's once flung so wide in confidence,
Are now shuttered, bugged and barred, in terror:
Of the hunger in the world outside. (2)
Yesterday there was also a screed from the same political hacks that got us into this, but part of what they had to say in trolling for continued-support, actually clearly outlines some of the thorny facts about our current state of being.
"SOS from the midst of the mind-control Matrix commonly called "America."
"America", identified over the past 200 years by "Nativist" European settlers and imperial European rulers as a "conquered area" become a sprawling Empire of its own. The former "United Colonies" now ruled by a militarized regime of secret agencies and the largest complex of warring technologies and institutions to ever arise on Earth.
One can argue that the mythical "Matrix" is an actual industrialization of extruded Roman ideals and "pseudoethics" which has now degenerated into psychopathic corruption, in which nearly clueless citizens are indoctrinated into paying for vast weapons technologies and secret surveillance systems morphed into mind-control video killprograms with "Predator" and "Hellfire" technology blasting tribal village people half a world away.
In America, the mediascape has been honed into a sophisticated hypno-hype hate machinery glossed over with air-brushed advertising, masquerading as "entertainment." The killprogramming has become so graphically obnoxious and intentionally obscene that we now chuckle along to "antiheroes" smashing heads with baseball bats, in completely simulated histories and pseudorealities, while we allow battalions to actually drop hundreds of tons of bombs on underdeveloped cultures we barely understand.
Millions of innocent people have been blown to bits, maimed, driven mad by this corrupted old evil machinery. While the "Dick Army" and their Kowboy Klique chuckle, rolling in their vast hidden hordes of WTC gold. They f*cked the whole world, not a little, but the whole shebang this time. And the headless spectacle of the corporate machinery continues to spew out its mindless control programs and diversions, refusing to address these greatest crimes against humanity, the oily realization of ancient Roman power-madness and Reaganite fascism--
The "Bushwacking" of a once proud culture, now having been reduced to shame and denial by these criminals through the historic arc of: the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations, which have yet to be fully resolved, the expansion of the NSA and CIA under Bush, the theft of the 2000 election in Florida by the Bushes, the engineering of the 9-11 attacks on NYC, yet to be addressed on a basic scientific level, the subsequent shredding of the US Constitution, the Geneva Conventions and International Criminal treaties, the illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq and subsequent criminal profiteering and embezzlement of billions which have yet to be accounted for, the death of 100's of thousands of innocent people, false imprisonment and torture for a contrived "Terror war"-- the list of crimes is almost beyond the comprehension of the human mind, let alone the broken hearts of widows and orphans." (3)
This problem is proudly described by Brzezinski, one of its principal architects, as "a global-political chessboard." But he's very wrong. He'd be just as wrong if he said that this was similar to three-dimensional chess, because the number of dimensions is almost limitless, and the chess analogy does not include the jigsaw puzzle nature of this problem. The theory-oriented community would call this a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, but they would see their model as a cube, when in fact this is a global nightmare, so it must be spherical, and it could easily look like this comparison between Balance & Chaos-which is what we must now chose between!
What all of this comes down to, on this day before the Eighth Anniversary of the first Mega-Crime of the Twenty-First Century, is which of our very many human traits the world will choose to follow now. Will it be that path that was beginning to grow before we let-in the Whirlwinds of Hate and Greed, to empty out the core of who so many once claimed to be? Or will it be the rebirth of sanity and the recognition that if we truly care about those we love, then we must destroy this doctrine of greed and the mass-murder of millions by dealing with the past and by finally bringing the guilty to stand before the world to answer for what we have allowed them to do to us; thus far? Hate and anger are as much a part of life as are beauty, or love, or the inherent promise in 'tomorrow.' But until we actively get involved in choosing what we want for ourselves-nothing good can ever come our way. Balance in everything from nature to business, from life to politics is the only way that people can ever live long enough to have their own lives, as they want them to be.
Three generations back, in theory 'we only cared about the ones we loved.' But thanks to this constant and ancient global nightmare, we have allowed ourselves to be caught-up, once more, in this seemingly all-consuming preoccupation with illicit-profits and unlimited-greed: To the point where nothing else seems to matter now. This, as is illustrated above, can only result in the chaos that Global-Conquest, Global-War, Global-Famine and Global-Death will eventually bring to all of us; because creativity, imagination and the true depth of being-human cannot grow inside this down-bound spiral which will only end in self-annihilation.
The Flags of all nations are nothing now but faded-symbols of a past that is as distant as our long dead crimes; their once promised virtues have been stained and torn almost beyond recognition; because around the world we have allowed these global-outlaws to use our national symbols to mask the unimaginable crimes that have become the norm today, in almost every place on earth. This is our crisis, and we must face it and solve it now.
There is however one other thing that remains a constant amid all the conflicted hate and the false-flags of unthinking fear-and that something is the people that will end up paying and dying and maybe one day being forced to live with the results of all of this. Yet all people are equal in their right to live free from this tyranny of global-corporate-fascism that is consuming the world, at a rate never seen before. This is nothing more than the ultimate struggle to the death, between the forces of life over slavery and premature death.
No race, nor any special group of elites are any more important than the others; and we're all in this together-just as it takes all of us to make that five-pointed star. There are five points because there are five basic colors of the human race, and each brings with it special talents, as well as problems; but together we could crush these ghosts of that 'ancient-privileged-class' and begin again to live-if we could only start again to think critically for ourselves, instead of blindly following where those "self-appointer haters" are demanding that we go.
If this is our world then we need to be involved in it. But if we continue to treat this place and our part in it, as just another way to amass some monetary wealth and maybe a bit of that false-power that so many still covet: Then we might as well drop the pretense and just surrender now-and make the best deal we can with our new masters, before they kill us one by one! Choose wisely, but choose now!
Many believe that this cause is already lost. That's not true. When Bush stole the presidency in 2000, the same thing was said. After 911 when people began to demand answers instead of standard government lies; those people demanding investigations were considered nuts, conspiracy theorists and traitors. But we have kept at it and there are now hundreds of thousands more of us each year. If we had listened to the fearful, most people would already be living in an outright police-state, instead of this almost-but not quite-yet version-of the New World Order's version of a fascist empire.
Many still say that they 'haven't time to read or even to consider what has or might be about to happened to them now. Yet they cannot explain just how it is that so many have been right so often about all that has already come to pass? Nothing is set in stone about this nightmare that we're living. The "FEAR" they generated to keep us muzzled and terrified is not working; just as their supposedly all-powerful takeovers in so many areas have not gone as they had planned-because a few have become very vocal and demanded that the problems be rethought.
The ignorant and the worshipful of bogus political figures will always be with us ­ but there is a new and growing group that has seen the lies and that hate the course which this nation is pursing now: What remains to be seen is whether or not there are enough people with real values to hold off the takeover until the herd finally does wake up. Yet nothing is certain ­ including the completion of their plans for every last one of us; and we still outnumber them by over 5,000 to one!
2) Where Freedom Once Thrived
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