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Silverstein Incriminates 9-11 WTC Lies
How incriminating of Silverstein if 44,100 demolition devices
really would have been needed to bring down WTC towers -- how impossible
then for a crashing jetliner to do the job
By Dick Eastman
We have gotten to the point where the disinformation teams Israel is fielding to heckle 9-11 and Kleptastrophe investigators are becoming, to an awakening public, yet more proof of Zionist Jew involvement in both covert-war sabotage atrocities.
So let us swat this fly -- at the same time nailing once again the conspiracy that sends him to us.
Jack Stone is the typical Israel-can't-be-involved heckler and chutzpadik fabulator dedicated to full-time service in tossing verbal stink bombs at galen, Larry Lawson, Peter Wakefield Sault and other intelligent and informed citizens honestly investigating the 9-11 crime. Stone writes:
Demolishing the WTC twin towers -- even if it could be done at all -- would require 44,100 demolition devices all working perfectly and detonating to split-second perfection without any mis-fires or mistakes. (The reasons why it could be no less require explanation, but we have already discussed it previous months.)
Dick Eastman reply
(Replies of Mark S. Bilk and Kevin Barret and John Machado follow -- but here, first, is mine which includes some quotes from Alex James (not Jones):
And who is the physicsit or engineer who determined that 44,100 devices could be necessary, but 43,900 would not? How is this precision so credible? How is it his assumptions are accepted without being known? His assumptions about the strenghts and weaknesses of the building? Of what various types of thermite might be used and what types of devices and where applied? And of course there is always the college sophomore way of doing a job and the most-efficient best way?
How could an airplanes each carrying only a back-yard 9' diameter above-ground swimming pool equivalent quantity of jet kerosene bring down the two tallest skyscrpaers in New York City and a third building as well -- if 44,000 termite devices were required to do the job? (What would 44,000 thermite devices look like in a 9' diameter 3 ft deep pool?) 
The videos show that once the building began to pancake the collapsing floors got ahead (downward) of the core, the collapsing  mass pulling the core after it. We note that molten steel poured from the floor where the pancaking collapse moments later initiated.
Never trust a man who says couldn't. The thermite charges were placed -- only thermite could produce the flow of molten metal we saw -- plus all of the chemical residue and transformation into tiny beads of metal as reported independently by Dr. Jones and the European physicists. How many thermite devices were planted. Only one answer can be given at scientific levels of confidence. That answer is: "Enough."
All of the investigators I endorse, Jones, Bollyn, Honegger, Valentine, Dewdney, Gage to name a few, present hard evidence and reach conclusion which taken together tell a consistent story. There are still matters that I have not looked into -- where charges built into the WTC also employed or where all devices set later? (see Bilk letter below). But the picture of the 9-11 conspiracy has been reconstructed -- like a broken teacup being glued together -- and the pieces fit. The failure of the "boxcutter" theory that has jet kerosene bringing down all three New York skyscrapers is also glaringly obvious. The theory of space based energy beams bringing down each skyscraper has aboslutely no basis of support and is a transparent disinformation "red herring" designed to take attention away from Larry Silverstein and the Bush brother Marvin and his cousin Wirt Walker the 3rd.
You've seen these links from Bollyn already:
Israel's Super-Thermite Lab <http://www.bollyn.com/index.php#article_11310
Bollyn's Solving 9-11 Book - 9 Chapters Now Online http://www.bollyn.com/index.php#article_11157
Recipe for Making Super-Thermite
Who Put Super Thermite in the Towers?
But perhaps you haven't  read this from Alex James -- a perfect example demonstrating the kind of comprehensive "global consistency" I am talking about:
New evidence, collected by engineer Kevin Ryan, indicates "fireproofing"  installed in the structural core of the World Trade Center in 1999 was  actually a nanothermate spray, which is a dangerous explosive. See:  http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/january2008/070108coincidence.htm 
Mr. Silverstein's first order of business as the new owner was to change the company responsible for the security of the complex. The new security company he hired was Securacom (now Stratasec). George W. Bush's brother, Marvin Bush, was on its board of directors, and Marvin's cousin, Wirt Walker III, was its CEO. According to public records, not only did Securacom provide electronic security for the World Trade Center, it also covered Dulles International Airport and United Airlines - two key players in the 9/11 attacks.
Lewis Eisenberg, chairman of the New York and New Jersey Port Authority and  head of its security from 1995 to December 2001, was keen to sell 99 year  leases on WTC1, 2, 4, and 5. Larry Silverstein had already bought the lease  on WTC3 (The Marriott Hotel) WTC6 (U.S. Customs Building) and WTC7 (Solomon  Brothers' Building). As the WTC landlord, the Port Authority wanted to be  rid of responsibility for the building but faced a dilemma: 
*  The WTC couldn't be demolished because that would release asbestos  fireproofing into the air and create a major health hazard; 
*  The cost for removing the asbestos was prohibitive; and 
*  Few people wanted to move into a toxic building. 
Selling leases was the only way it could off load responsibility to someone  else. In early 2001, Vornado Realty Trust of Paramus, N.J., was named the  winning holder. On February 21, it entered into exclusive negotiations with  the authority, but by March 26 it could not finalize its bid. Eisenberg then  approached a group led by Silverstein (Silverstein Properties) and Frank  Lowy, the Israeli founder of the Australian-based Westfield Holdings. 
 On July 23, 2001, Eisenberg personally finalized the deal.  Silverstein got his deal and Lowy, through his subsidiary Westfield America,  got 425,000 square feet of retail space for $400 million, of which Westfield  paid $133 million up front. Overall, the deal cost $3.2 billion, even though  the value of the WTC site was estimated at $8.2 billion, far below the $5.1  billion estimated for replacement and maintenance of lost revenue. 36 
Why the commission didn't question this fire-sale price and Silverstein's  low coverage is a mystery, especially since the attack was extremely  beneficial to him. 
 Soon after the towers fell, Silverstein filed lawsuits with his  insurers contending that he was entitled to two payments of $3.5 billion  because each plane constituted a separate attack. For its part, Swiss  Reinsurance, which represents a consortium of 20 insurers, agued that  Silverstein was only entitled to a payout of $3.5 billion. 
 A partial jury verdict handed down on April 28, 2004, sided with  the companies. For all except Swiss Re, which itself held a majority of 22  percent share of the coverage, the jury decided that the companies were  bound by a form from Silverstein's own insurance broker, that stipulated  that Silverstein could never recover more than $3.5 billion. That decision  was partly overturned on December 6, 2004, when a federal jury ruled the  nine insurers who wrote the policy for US $1.1 billion of the total $3.5  billion, had to pay double. The companies are appealing.37 Even with the  single claim though, plus an $861 million payout for WTC7, Silverstein has  already made a profit. 
 Now, with insurance money and funds raised through taxpayer liberty  bonds, Silverstein could start over.  According to New York City historian,  Mike Wallace, Silverstein is eager to provide even more office space even  though the supply in New York City far exceeds demand. Already, a 1,776-ft.  "Freedom Tower" is being built on the WTC site -- "All the designers for the  site were required to include in their plan millions of square feet of  office space, to accommodate him and millions more of shopping space, to  accommodate Westfield America, who had the rights to the old WTC underground  mall and wanted to restore the old status quo as much as possible."38
 "Why would terrorists take straight-down collapses of WTC7 and the  Towers, when "toppling-over" falls would require much less work and would do  much more damage in downtown Manhattan? And where would they obtain the  necessary skills and access to the buildings for a symmetrical implosion  anyway? The "symmetry data" emphasized here [in my paper], along with other  data, provide strong evidence for an inside job."40 
Since Silverstein and Eisenberg were the only two people to benefit directly  from "straight-down collapses of WTC7 and the Towers," could the attack have  been, at least in part, something as mundane as real-estate insurance  swindle? 
Silverstein and Eisenberg should have also been investigated because of  their political connections. Eisenberg headed Bush's New Jersey fundraising  committee; was recently elected Finance Chairman of the Republican National  Committee; is a director of the Republican Jewish Coalition; and is a former  vice-president of AIPAC. 
Silverstein, like Eisenberg, held a top position in the billion-dollar  Zionist charity, the United Jewish Appeal, and each has strong ties to  Israel's leadership, a fact that was demonstrated shortly after the attack:  Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called Larry Silverstein.a close friend, to ask  how he was. Since then, they have spoken a few more times. 
Two former Prime Ministers - Benjamin Netanyahu who this week called  Silverstein a "friend," and Ehud Barak, whom Silverstein in the past offered  a job as his representative in Israel - also called soon after the  disaster.41  
In truth I find the critics of solvers of the 9-11 crimes to be the ones lacking cogent argument or anything else except profanity, misrepresentation andchutzpah (a Yiddish euphemism for brazen sociopathic effrontery in the face of totally exposed wrongness-- viewed as an admirable business and social  trait when practiced with success by any Jew against any gentile.)
Richard "Dick" Eastman M.S., M.A. Yakima, Washington
P.S. My investigation of the Pentagon photo evidence and witness statements offers similarly global consistency in establishing that Flight 77 was not the cause of the explosions and deaths at the Pentagon.
http://www.rense.com/general86/hight1.htm Highest Treason Substantiated
independent corroboration -- by credible witnesses, found and interviewed by indpendent investigators Aldo Marquis and Craig Ranke, saying exactly what my thesis would predict they would say given their location -- sustaining the flyover thesis and putting fresh nails of refutation into the coffin of the "boxcutter" black-op deception.
The "Citizens Investigation Team" findings of Ranke and Marquis can be viewed here.
The proof of the validity of Ranke-Marquis-Eastman flyover thesis is that no mainstream or Fetzer-Group critic dares attack it by baldly stating its unanswerable findings, or addressing its multiple lines of conclusive evidence all poining to the same conclusion -- whereas the claims of the critics, when not attacking straw men, are disproven at every turn.
The 9-11 conspiracy is proven, Zionist Jews with connections to Israel and City of London merchant banking are inescapably implicated.
On Sat, Sep 05, 2009 at 01:03:19PM -0400,
Jack Stone wrote:
No, no, it was MAGIC FAIRY DUST acquired from Leprechauns in exchange for a tanker truck of beer. The Leprechauns got the magic  fairy dust from THE GOMBARS, how are interdimensional beings from another galaxy. (Sorry, I did promise not to tell).
THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH CONSPIRACY NUTS.... When their theories are exposed as bullshit, they simply CHANGE their story. They go through a never-ending cycle of different variations on the theme.
But how can there be EVIDENCE "proving" something THAT KEEPS CHANGING all the time?
If there was any evidence proving theory X, then there can't be proof of theory Y after the nuts change their story.
The conspiracy theory depends on NEVER being specific, so that the crazy theory cannot be logically examined.
On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 11:00 AM,
Kevin Barrett kbarrett@merr.com wrote:
It looks like it was done with superthermitic nanocomposites, which are the most highly explosive substances yet developed, and can be painted on surfaces and detonated with high-heat charges. Just paint it on -- looks like any other paint or sealant. Or it could be shaped like plastique and disguised. Unmistakable traces of the huge amounts of this stuff have been found in the dust, as Neils Harrit's paper demonstrates.
Anything applied or attached to the core columns would be invisible to WTC workers, and could have easily been placed by the ongoing and heavily-guarded "elevator repair" operations in 2001. The elevator shafts gave access to the core columns.
For one hypothesis about how they might have been applied and who did it, check out Chris Bollyn's brand new free book at http://www.bollyn.com Or start with my interview with him:  http://noliesradio.org/archives/category/shows/fair-balanced For a different take on who did it, check out my interview tonight with Richard Curtis: 5 - 7 pm Central, http://www.americanfreedomradio.com
The demolition above ground of the WTC was accomplished with  conventional explosives. Dr. Steven Jones agreed with me on this point on a radio show we were on a couple of months ago.
The explosives were built into the towers when they were  constructed:
Please read the material at all of the four links in that section before raising objections.
Note particularly the section of 
beginning about half-way down with the paragraph beginning "The last image is WTC 2" just above this picture that has  a red and a yellow vertical stripe:
Presumably the explosive mixture employed additives to keep  it potent for many decades, and had been given thermal  accelerated life testing to assure this.
I have been told about another large building in the U.S.  that has built-in demolition explosives, but have been asked by the informant not to name it to avoid putting them in  danger.
The WTC towers were so strong that demolishing them at the end of their useful life would have been extremely difficult and expensive without the built-in explosives, which for legitimate demolition would presumably have been detonated during a rainstorm to prevent the dust cloud that occurred on 9/11.
The detonators were installed shortly before 9/11. If coded  radio detonation commands were used, they could have been  issued from a repeater on each floor that had an unobtrusive thin wire antenna in a window for unobstructed reception. Upon receipt of its coded command its microprocessor would  have issued the individual coded commands by radio to the  detonators on that floor. Custom LSI chips could have made both types of unit much smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
Alternatively, the detonators could have used very accurate crystal-clock timers. For safety, there could have been  three timers in each detonator, with majority logic (2 of 3) needed to fire.
Nanothermite is powerful, but not powerful enough for a  painted-on layer to cut through thick steel.
A PBS video shown in 1990, stated that the welders doing the butt-welds of the high-tensile 3-inch rebars in the concrete core had to have a security clearance. The documentary  showed that the resulting slowdown of the work increased the cost to the public. 
The existence of the built-in explosives was discovered by  Chris Brown from the clues in that video and his research  into the design of the towers. Chris, please make any  additions or corrections that you wish.
Mark S Bilk
On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 1:07 AM, John Machado
mach499@yahoo.com wrote:
As usual, the Stone premise is not correct
with military grade thermate 4,800 locations in each tower, most of it paint-on or strap-on in less than a minute ... most of it done in the elevator shafts ... the deed is done ..
controls would be by floor ... and set for successive floors at less than 1/10 th second intervals .. once the key floor is determined ... by the beacon to which the plane is headed and then the actual strike point ...
plane strikes would have induced toppling in the real world if anything ... but, the buildings withstood the impact and the fires ...... if not for the demoliton charges .. pre-rigged ... all the WTC would still be standing .. which was not the desired end...
24 men in each tower .. get the job done in 30 hours ... and... lo ... didn't the WTC have a 30 hour shut-down shortly after Silverstein took over..

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