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Who Rules The World? - Part 3
The Origin Of Evil - Ancient Mythology Or Occult Reality?
By Philip Jones
"It is almost a joke now in the Western world, in the 20th century, to use words like 'good and 'evil'. They have become almost old fashioned concepts, but they are very real and genuine concepts. These are concepts from a sphere which is higher than us. And instead of getting involved in base, petty, short-sighted political calculations and games. we have to recognize that the concentration of world Evil and the tremendous force of hatred is
there and it's flowing from there throughout the world. And we have to stand up against it and not hasten to give to it, give to it, give to it, every-thing that it wants to swallow."
-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
Having provided the reader in Parts One and Two with evidence, albeit of a somewhat gnostic[13] and mythical, that the `seed` of the Fallen Angels and that of the Satanic line of Cain survived the `Great Flood,` I will in this the concluding `episode` attempt to `connect the dots` and bring us up to the present day, and answer the question which is the very subject base of this article; namely; Who Rules The World?
Please be aware that this series of articles is pure hypothesis. I was not there, and did not perceive any of the events and circumstances depicted with one or another of my five senses. On the other hand, I hope the reader agrees that what I have written in some way helps to explain the dire circumstances we find ourselves in in this first decade of the twenty first century.
For the purposes of this article, the terms `Fallen Angels` is a general term used to describe both the Nephilim, who fell from pride with Lucifer, and also those `Son's Of God,` known as `The Watchers,` who led by Samyaza `fell` through lusting after the `daughters of men.`[10]
The Origin Of Evil:
Jesus Christ spoke of one He called "a murderer from the beginning" and "a liar and the father of lies" (John 8:44, NRSV). Here Jesus identifies the origin of evil and suffering, a being who initiated lying, deceit, hatred and murder-the enemy, the adversary of mankind, Lucifer the devil (1 Peter 5:8).
We wonder, and rightly so, what happens in the mind of a Criminal, President or a Dictator, that transforms him into a sadist, mass murderer, a savage beast with no compassion. What causes a human being to act in such a way? Such a change took place in the mind of the being who became Satan and through his seed, evil entered the world and through his seed, it is still here with us.
Scripture tells us he was once a glorious super angel whose name, Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12), meant "light-bringer." God says of this being: "You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering: You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; You were on the holy mountain of God; you walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones. You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, till iniquity was found in you" (Ezekiel 28:12-15).
Lucifer was a special kind of spirit, "the anointed cherub who covers"-an angel whose wings covered the very throne of God himself (compare Exodus 25:17-20; Hebrews 9:1-9, 23).
But something changed in Lucifer. God tells him: "How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, 'I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High'" (Isaiah 14:12-14, NIV).
Lucifer convinced himself he was as good as or even better than his Maker. He rebelled against God, determining to exalt himself above "the stars" of God; the other angels (Revelation 1:20). "You were filled with violence, and you sinned. So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and I expelled you ... Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendour ..." (Ezekiel 28:16-17, NIV).
Although the Bible introduces Lucifer as Satan when he seduces Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), he has been around far longer. He was in effect the first criminal, a divine being whose mind and thinking grew corrupt, twisted and perverse. He introduced evil into the world, by inseminating Adam's wife, thereby be-getting Cain, and introducing the Satanic Bloodline into mankind. Then this greatest of sins was was compounded further by the two hundred `Watcher's` of Samyaza, who `fell` through lusting after the daughters of men, and copulated with them producing a race of Giants known as the Gibborim or Anakim. This is the source of the evil with which humanity has struggled against ever since.
Ye Offspring Of Vipers:
That Jesus spoke of two distinct seeds, one that came from God through Adam, and another originating from Satan and the Fallen Angels, is a part of the Biblical record (which we shall examine in greater detail below). In Chapter Eight of the Gospel Of John, Christ states unequivocally when addressing the Pharisees, that they, the High Priests of Judaism, were the seed of the Satan.
Jesus makes reference in a number of places to Satan's children. In the parable of the `Tares and the Wheat,` he spoke of the farmer who sowed good seed in his field and his enemy came along during the night-time and sowed poisonous weeds, the tares among the wheat. When the farmer's servants saw the tares growing among the wheat they asked him if they should go and pull them. The farmer said: "No, you might pull up some of the wheat with them. Let them grow together until the time of the harvest, and then the reapers will first gather the tares into bundles to be burned, and then put the wheat in my barn."
In Matthew 13:38-39 Jesus explains, that the field is the world; the `Wheat,` the good seed are the children of Adam but the Tares are the children of Lucifer. One time, when addressing the Pharisees, Jesus says in Matthew 12:34: "O generation of vipers, how can ye being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." Since the very beginning, they had borne the characteristics of their `father` Satan, and Jesus knew who they were!
In Matthew 23:29-35 it is recorded: "Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, and say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye genema (ye offspring, children) of vipers. How can ye escape the damnation of hell? That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, son of Barachias, whom you slew between the temple and the altar."
It is my contention that Jesus was identifying the Pharisees and their kind as an evolution entirely apart from the children of God through Adam and Seth. One which through intermarriage had eventually embodied in any or all races, retaining the characteristics of the proud and lustful, murderous and slanderous Fallen Angels from which they descended.
The established Christian Churches have refused to acknowledge what Jesus taught outright; that the `Tares,` the sons of Satan have been genetically sown among the good seed of the son's of Adam through Seth, and that they even today walk among us as Fallen Angels incarnate, and their offspring, who maintain the meticulous outward appearance of men and women, but whose blood seethes with hatred and wantonness, lacking entirely any sense of Godly
As in the story told by Christ, the seed of God is embodied in every race, nation and tribe, and the seed of Lucifer/Satan has been sowed amongst them all. Throughout the Bible it records the two seed lines; Yahweh and Lucifer's. For example in the Weymouth translation, this same verse, John 3:12 reads, "We are not to resemble Cain who was a child of the evil one and killed his brother." The Phillips' translation reads, "We are none of us to have the spirit of Cain who was a son of the devil and murdered his brother." The superlative New English Bible reads: "Unlike Cain who was a child of the evil one and murdered his brother."
The Biblical verses that theologians often use as a basis to denounce the belief that there are on this earth today the literal descendants of Cain and therefore Satan, is John 8:31-33, in which Jesus is speaking to the Judeans;
"If ye continue in My doctrines indeed, then ye shall be My disciples; and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." They answered Him, "We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man." But even a casual reader of the Bible will know that all of Abraham's children had been in bondage at one time or another? Here is evidence that these people whom Jesus was addressing were not descendants of Abraham.
If they had been of any of the twelve tribes of Israel, they would have been in bondage the first time in Egypt. If they belonged to the ten northerly tribes, they would have been in bondage the second time in Assyria. If they were of the two tribe southern kingdom of Judah, they would have been in bondage the second time in Babylon. Yet the Judeans admitted they had never been in bondage to any man, thus demonstrating they weren't of Israel or Judah. Who of them could say that the Hebrew Patriarch Abraham was one of his ancestors?
The Edomites:
Esau and Jacob, the grandsons of Abraham were twin brothers, presumably born with the same bloodline. However, Esau married two Canaanite women in violation of Yahweh's law. In doing this, Esau's line became contaminated, because among the Canaanites, who were the progeny of Satan and the Fallen Angels, the evil bloodline thrived and coalesced.
Subsequently, Esau's descendants would carry the demon seed of Lucifer and transmit it widely. The Bible tells us that Esau and his two Canaanite wives moved down to Mount Seir, a rugged mountain range south-east of the Dead Sea. This is where the Anakim were said to live. Among the people who had the blood line of the Fallen Angels were the Horites. They were the cave dwellers also known as the Horim, who were of the seed of the Anakim..
Genesis 36:20-30 lists Esau's descendants. Listed are all the various chieftains among the family of Seir, the Horite Satanic line, including his daughter Timna. Genesis 36:12 records that Timna was a concubine to Esau's son Eliphaz and bore him a son, Amalek. The Old Testament account of Amalek and his tribe of Amalek is damning indeed and depicts them behaving entirely according to their Satanic bloodline. (Exodus 17:8-16 and Numbers 20:14-21).
When Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem, his army, as was the military tradition in those times, looted and burned the city and then slaughtered the inhabitants. Proving themselves wicked, and no kinsmen to the `Sons Of Judah,` the Edomites came rushing in to assist in the massacre and plunder. The Bible book of Obadiah is almost a continuous condemnation of the Edomites. It also predicted their eventual slaughter and punishment for what they did. Obadiah verse 10 records: "For thy violence against thy brother Jacob, shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off forever."
The Edomites, carrying the Satanic Bloodline arrived in the land of Judah during two migrations. At the same time that the tribes of Judah and Benjamin were suffering in forced exile in Babylon, the Edomites were driven out of Mount Seir by the Nabateans, an Arabic people from the east. So the Edomites were driven westward. They couldn't go directly west or south-west as that would have meant entering Egypt and they weren't strong enough to do battle with the Egyptians. Consequently they went slightly north-west and took over the southerly half of what had been the kingdom of Judah and settled there.
The second wave of Edomites arrived when Herod became king of Judea, under the protection of the Roman Empire. In 37 B.C., Rome formally recognized Herod as the local king of Judea. With him had come his Edomite followers who quickly overran the area. This is the same Herod that tried to murder Jesus as a baby.
Herod left the kingdom of Judea to his son Herod Archelaus, whom the Romans gave the title Ethnarch. For ten years he ruled as all tyrants do, until the people finally petitioned Rome to take control. From that time on, the province was ruled by a series of Roman procurators, of which Pilate was the sixth to hold office. Although the military government was entirely in the hands of the Roman procurators, and they were also in full charge of the tax collections for Rome, the Herodian Edomites still retained control of the entire religious apparatus and the temple, along with control of the local civil government, and could collect their own taxes.
But Jesus knew them for who they were. He recognized the two seed lines. He said clearly that they were the children of Lucifer. Both the Old and New Testaments recognize the two `Bloodlines;` The Adamic line of Yahweh's children, and the Satanic line of Satan, of which some of the most malevolent have come down through the line of Cain and thereafter Esau.
A Rage Of Angels:
Dr Paul D. Hanson of Harvard University when addressing the account of the `Fall` of Angels in the Books of Genesis and Enoch[10] writes:
"All of the evil in the world stems from from a heavenly event, the rebellion of a divine being and his legions, and more immediately from the resulting generation of their pernicious offspring in the world."
Does the Biblical tale of the `Fall of Angels` offer us an explanation in our own times regarding the apparent differential in stature and power among men? As in the authority and control exercised by the Illuminati Elite over the mass of humanity for example. If we for one moment turn from those ancient times so long ago, when Lucifer, the Nephilim and later the Watcher's of Heaven[11], insinuated their unwanted attentions into the lives of men, and consider those individuals on earth today who display so easily that magnetic personality and greater sense of self importance to which the `little people` always seem to defer. Those imposing and ingratiating men and women who seem to believe it is their `birthright` to rule the rest of us. The latter, who make up the great mass of humankind, being so thoroughly intimidated and in awe of the former, they become as their forefathers in antiquity were, the idolaters of `men` who believe themselves as Gods, rather than worshippers of their creator.
For countless Millennia, the Fallen Angels have been propagating themselves as the Rulers over the ruled. Modelled on the original prototype himself, they have `cloned` and carbon copied through ceaseless interbreeding an oppressive Luciferian Power Elite. These are the Caesars and Tyrants, the emperors and high priests, senators and warlords, money-changers and lawyers, secure in their private clubs and retreats, in firm control, with money and sex as their cherubim. They rule the world as if it was their own, or at the very least as `Proxy Lords` for their Satanic Master.
Few today seem to understand, or even care why so many people and even whole societies have become so angry, blasphemous, raging, rebellious and restless. Human Civilisation has become like a dying race whose core has become rotten. Is it because those who control us, and manipulate our opinions to suit their own, through their control of education, the media and all other avenues of information, are just not who or what we think they are?
In the early days of Christianity, between the second and fourth centuries A.D., the question of Satan and the `Fallen Angels` becoming corporeal, along with the very nature of evil itself occupied the thoughts and debates of those we call the `Church Fathers.` Convinced that the `wicked ones` were still living amongst men, they turned to the Book Of Enoch for explanations. In the second century for example, Justin Martyr ascribed all evil to Demons whom he alleged to be the offspring of those `Watchers` who fell from grace through lust after the daughters of men.
One of the most influential of the early clerics was `Origen,` much of whose writing was later banned by the Church. He believed that Angels could embody as men, and along with others of his time suggested that the wicked ones amongst us, the Caligula's, Nero's and all the other brutal murderers, men without conscience or pity, were of an entirely different psychological and spiritual make-up than others. Such killers, when angered, respond with a species of inhuman viciousness, without either mercy or remorse. A depravity that is surely derived from their ungodly father. Origen and his fellows reasoned that the very cause of the wickedness in the world at that time was due to the continued presence and influence in the lives of men of the Nephilim and Watchers.
So are the `Fallen Angels` and their descendants, down through the line of the Anakim and Cain, really with us today and if so how do we recognise them? I would suggest like the early church fathers that they are. And like any rotten tree, we can judge them by their fruit.
They have no remorse nor regret for their evil ways and malevolent conduct, as the way to forgiveness was barred them an eternity since. They have no pity for their victims, slaughtered in their millions in wars of aggression few except they and their blood-kin, understand the purpose of. Being so filled with evil, they are unable to respond to the cries of mankind begging for them to stop creating terrible weapons of mass destruction. Nor do they allow any worthwhile redress to all those whose money they have misappropriated in the inner sanctums of International Banking Houses. Instead, they take our gold, and give in return only worthless inflated `Fiat` currency; pieces of paper in exchange for our toil and labour.
By their words and their deeds, the Fallen Angels and their kind have been eroding our planet for a very long time, along with our civilisation, our religion, our hearts and our souls. Like the `Giants` of Genesis, their appetites are insatiable and voracious.
As I said at the very beginning of Part One, I do not believe that my fellow men and women are capable in themselves of such rancorous evil and malevolence. Only Satan himself, his embodied `Nephilim`[12], the Watchers and their offspring, could have masterminded such a complex, interwoven and diabolically cunning scheme to subjugate humankind to their total domination.
These `Fallen Angels` and their kin, relatively few in number as they are, want us to believe that they are like us, for it is in their anonymity that their strength lies. They masquerade as the children of Adam, but that they are not! They are the very origin of our despair. They are the murderers, the torturers, the tormentors. They are the ones who waged ceaseless wars of conquest, and committed unimaginable atrocities. They are those who sent men, women and children to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, and they are still with us today, wielding more power than ever before, conducting false flag operations against those who mistakenly consider them as `protectors.` It is they who are behind the slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is them behind the manipulated global financial crisis.
Still, they heap the guilt for their crimes against humanity, upon specific races or nations, by appearing to be Italian or German, Jew or Japanese, black or white, Russian or American, thereby escaping human justice, but surely not the divine retribution due them. Using their divide and conquer strategy, they set brother against brother, wives against husbands, children against parents, and then when they are ready, they will unleash their final global holocaust. This has been the deadly game they have played against mankind since the beginning of time.
But now, as their conspiracy reaches it's conclusion, they are ever more forced to raise their heads above the ramparts, and more and more people are beginning to recognise them. It really isn't that difficult. Just apply `Cui Bono` or `who benefits,` to world events and the clouds of confusion lift quickly enough.
And so to identifying then.
The Illuminati:
The `Illuminati,` is the name given to those individuals and secret organizations who working together, and apart, continue to this day, to do the work of Lucifer, whom they see as their ancient ancestor. The order's existence can be traced back to Babylon, in the sixth century BC, and coincided with the advent of the Jewish heresy of the Kabbalah. They believe themselves the `descended ones` of the Satanic Bloodline of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels, continued through the line of Cain and the `Anakim,` who they say taught them the `Ancient Mysteries,` which they have been hoarding down through the centuries, passing on the knowledge from generation to generation.
The Book of Enoch tells is that it is these `Fallen Ones`, who first introduced humanity to the occult arts, including astrology, magic and alchemy. This period in history is believed by occultists to accord with the lost continent of Atlantis. Illuminati Mythology, much of which conforms to the `Secret Doctrine` of Madam Helena P. Blavatsky [9]maintains that the race produced by the intermixing of the Fallen Angels and humans is the Aryans.
According to Kabbalistic interpretation, the entire line of Jewish kings were descended from Jacob's son Judah and his wife Bath-Shua, a Canaanite woman. They were the ancestors of King David and his `Royal` line. King Solomon, to whom much of Kabbalistic tradition is attributed, was the son of David by Bathsheba, a Hittite woman, and the Hittite's were yet another of the Canaanite peoples believed to be derived from the Anakim. Therefore, according to Kabbalistic interpretation, although the `Messiah` is to be a descendant of the royal line of David, being the `Son of David,` he is also descended from the Satanic lineage of the Fallen Angels.
The Unholy Blood And The Unholy Grail: Tracing Cain.
The books `The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail` and more recently, the `Da'vinci Code,` have popularised the idea that what has become known as the `Grail Bloodline` is sacred because it came from Christ, and that this most important of the Illuminati bloodlines, was derived originally from the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. However, the likelihood of this possibility is slim to none, as the core doctrines of this lineage are based on Gnostic principals. Rather, the myth of the union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene was preserved to disguise a more occult and much more sinister secret.
The Merovingian Dynasty of kings who we are told descended from this bloodline, were known as the `sorcerer-kings,` some of whom either insinuated or stated outright that they were the descendants of Lucifer. A number of authors claim this thesis is true, including Fritz Springmeier who in his book; `The Thirteen Bloodlines of the Illuminati`[1] writes:
"In typical Gnostic fashion, descendants of the Merovingians claim to have the blood of both Christ and Satan in their veins. Given the fact that this theme (or a variation of it) recurs with some regularity, and given that it would appear to be consistent with the sort of dualism which permeates the story of this bloodline, we began to wonder if there might not be some traditions from which such a notion could have arisen."
We must remember that this bloodline descended from the Biblical Cain, the Fallen Angels and ultimately Lucifer. Rabbinic lore, corroborates the hypothesis that Cain was not the son of Adam, but of Lucifer/Satan. Some Hebrew Apocryphal texts maintain that when Lucifer seduced Eve, the fruit of that union was Cain. That the Merovingians knew of this and believed it, is beyond much doubt, and it was likely the basis of their alleged assertion that they possessed the blood of both Christ and Lucifer. This notion is expressed in a famous poem by Charles Peguy, which states:
"The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine,
Both the blood in the artery and the blood in the vein,
Both the source of grace and the clear fountaine;
The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine,
And the same artery and the same vein,
And the same blood and the troubled fountaine."
The tradition of the Cain Satanic Bloodline is further evidenced in the form of a strange Gnostic sect called the Cainites [2](named after the race of Cain's descendants). Like some other sects at that time, the Cainites believed that in order to achieve salvation, one needed to "make the journey through everything." Epiphanius describes them as a group `which consecrated lustful or illegal acts to various heavenly beings` as a species of sacrament. Many scholars have likened them to Satanists.
By tracing their ancestry back to Judah and Bath- Shua, [3] through the Royal House of David, the Merovingians [4] saw themselves as inheritors of the `Sacred` blood, as do their descendants, the Illuminati today. This Frankish Dynasty appears central to the entire plot, as their genealogy lends weight to the hypothesis that the Satanic Bloodline survived down to modern times through them and the other major Illuminati Bloodlines as detailed in Fritz Springmeier's book mentioned above.
Throughout the centuries, over what is a vast breadth of time, these Illuminati `families`[1]have been carefully intermarrying with each other, to preserve their `unholy` bloodline, handing on their arcane knowledge from generation to generation. This is the reason why such premier members of this evil cabal, such as the Rothschild's and the various Royal and Aristocratic Houses of Europe have persisted in the practice of intermarriage; in order to maintain both the purity of the `Bloodline` and keep the hidden knowledge of ages to themselves. The most secret of that knowledge being that Lucifer and his line are alive and well and living amongst us manipulating, controlling, and increasingly micromanaging our lives.
Network Solutions For A New World Order:
Today, in this first decade of the twenty first century, the Illuminati is dominated by the most powerful banking dynasties of the world, the Rothschild's[5]and Rockerfellers[6] and their fellow travellers often referred to as the `Global Elite.`[7] They hold absolute sway over nations and economies, and as we have seen in the previous parts to this series, have intentionally and adversely perverted and corrupted national and indigenous cultures on a global scale. The Illuminati is a world wide web that functions in a kind of parallel world, operating through fronts of legitimacy on the one hand, and criminal activities on the other.
Their method of operation, or modus operandi, has been to degrade and deprave the societies of the world, breaking down their moral fabric, de-constructing all decency and then promoting every vice, perversion, greed and war. In the enslavement of the earth's nations through massive debt, they ensure subservience and acquiescence, and bring about the gradual transfer of national sovereignty to supranational government. Through their insider knowledge and manipulation of the stock markets, they siphon off the wealth of the mesmerised and bewildered masses, and as we are only just beginning to witness, they are, by the diabolical use of Hegelian Dialectics [8], creating a global economic cataclysm, with which they intend to prove to us our utter inability to govern ourselves, and then offer their own solutions as salvation.
They have no concept of morality or restraint. They fund their `underworld` activities by control of the world's illegal arms trade, narcotics trafficking, and prostitution. Their operations are interconnected with those of the world's leading intelligence services, and international crime syndicates, like the Mafia and their Asian variants. Adopting any façade to advance their collective goals, they work hand in glove with Freemasonry and numerous other secret societies, and are responsible for the emergence of the New Age Movement and a plethora of other subversive cults, such as Scientology and others.
By utilising an almost unearthly degree of financial and political power, they plan to ferment a Third World War from which out of the ashes of the expired civilisations of our time, their God Lucifer will rise, like a phoenix from the fire, ushering in their New World Order. The precursors to this global conflagration are happening right now, without most of humanity even being aware of it.
As I have maintained throughout, this is an hypothesis and only that. But if the `shoe` fits? I believe, nay, I am sure, that there are indeed `Fallen Angels,` and that they have been among us for at least half a million years, and are with us still. That they are in the service of Satan himself and have embodied here on earth and corrupted the souls of mankind. That through their breeding with the Satanic line of Cain, they have created a Deeply Malevolent Bloodline, which survived the flood and has continued to procreate down through the ages.
Today, we find them holding the positions of power, in Church and State, as the prime movers in matters of war and global finance; sitting in the Banking Houses and on policy making councils such as the Bilderberg Group, Council On Foreign Relations, and the like, which determine the actual fate of mankind. They exercise inordinate control over humanity, by depopulation agendas and genetic engineering, the control of energy and commodities, education and the media, and by ideological and psycho-political strategies to divide and rule on all fronts.
The planet' food supply is manipulated by them, in order to achieve strategic objectives. Their utter disdain for mankind is becoming ever more apparent with each passing day. They seem to regard us as little more than beasts to do their bidding. Even though we outnumber them by millions, they contain us by the control and regulation of the basic necessities of life, population control through wars, abortions and a multitude of other means (which I have covered previously in other articles).
So why do we stand idly by and let them feed their alcohol and drugs to our youth? Why are we allowing them to destroy our economies and our nations, before our children ever have the chance to live their lives to the fullest course in what should be a beautiful life? Our pathetic condition of apathy, non-awareness and non-involvement has allowed them to get away with murder on a monstrous scale for centuries. By our irresponsibility and inaction, they have turned the streets of our cities into `no go` areas, where people fear for their lives and those of their loved ones. We have allowed their creation of a legal system which releases murderers, rapists and paedophiles back onto the streets to repeat their vile deeds over and over again.
Yet still, the stupefied deafeningly silent majority persists, just like the Ostrich with it's head in the sand, resplendent in it's self imposed state of cognitive dissonance, denying the obvious; that the force of evil that Alexander Solzhenitsyn spoke of, is now `in your face` and as clear as daylight, and constructing a global control grid around all our lives, that unless stopped now, will enslave what is left of the world population after their diabolical plans are executed.
The hitherto untold story of men and `Fallen Angels` is just a `crack in the door` of the full and final expose of the manipulators and the manipulated, the oppressors and the oppressed. But it is a beginning!
So who does `Rule The World?` Well, I can only concur with the Holy Scriptures that until our creator decides otherwise; it is Satan, his legions of Fallen Angels and their Blood-kin in the Illuminati.
And how do we recognise them? Well, as Jesus said: "By their deeds you will know them."
So just pick up a `news` paper, turn on the prime time news, and wherever you see so called `leaders of nations` justifying wars of aggression, mass slaughter, lies, deception, vice, atrocity, perversion, along with bare faced lies about overpopulation, climate change and a multitude of measures all designed to take away ever more your personal liberty, all justified on the baseless grounds of National and or Global Security; That's them!
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The Book Of Jubilees : http://www.scribd.com/doc/2227992/The-Book-of-Jubilees-Revised-English?autodown=pdf
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