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War Criminals
Jim Kirwan
During World War II the crime of Treason in a time of war, was a hanging offence. As most Americans might remember, as Cheney Bush & Rumsfeld told us daily during their collective reign at the helm, that "this nation is at war!" Or "In this time of war, sacrifices must be made." Okay, so what is the penalty for traitors that commit treason in this "Time of War"? What about those who collaborate with traitors that are committing acts of treason in the current "time of war"?
It's a serious question, but those who would have been charged with investigating these actions [congress] are themselves part of the treasonable collaboration, with those particular figureheads that did indeed commit treason, thousands of times, in this time of war: So where does that leave us now?
Who shall be held to answer for all the maimed, the displaced, and the dead on all sides of these totally criminal wars over the last eight years that have in fact had no national or international justification whatsoever? How will we ever explain our actions to our children, provided of course that we survive these Wars of the New Millennium long enough for our children to reach the age where they can question anything at all?
What about those that have been guilty of war-profiteering, in this "time of war"? George Bush's grand-daddy; Prescott Bush was found guilty of trading with the enemy, and funding the Nazi War Machine during WWII-yet while Prescott was charged and found guilty he did not go to jail-is this how we are going to allow this current crop of New Millennium War Criminals to be treated, or will we ever be able to hold anyone, to any accountability, for anything at all-ever? (1)
Our cities are beginning to resemble the back-lot-sets of low-budget films; and the strays from the herd that wander through what's left of our streets, begin to look more and more like extras from a Fellini production of something called "No Way Out"! As the days grow shorter the cast of characters behaves with ever more abandon on the one hand, and yet so many remain totally disconnected from the hard-bitten truths that have
consumed the landscape and blurred all the definitions between everything that lives amid the ruins-like a rancid-blanket suspended in a toxic-fog that wraps us all in stultifying silence. Throughout this scene from an un-written Twilight Zone, the herd waits patiently for the final cut from the axe of this fascist government that will end so many lives, while it will just prolong the agony for millions of others.
There was a time when formal education had to be tempered by the experience that came with having lived an active life. There were limits on how much lawlessness would be tolerated, and consequences were required of every leader. All that is apparently gone now because there is no room in the new equation, for any of those ancient guiding principles, by which whole societies once lived. But Hey - Things 'CHANGE,' you know! But do they really change, or will this too just be more "business as usual" when it comes to the rich and powerful that pull the strings and create the plays designed by the Illuminati and the New World Order?
On June 26, congress slammed home another trident into the corpse of American society with their passage of HR 2454: The American Clean Air & Security Act. 'The security aspect is hidden in the way in which this crime came into being. May 15 it was introduced to congress and is about 400 pages long. By June 19 after going to many committees, it emerges as 946 pages of legislation. When it's presented to Congress on Monday the 22nd, it's 1201 pages long. The legislation that was voted on (June 26) was reportedly over 1400 pages long. Oddly enough this is exactly the same size legislation that was passed on the Stimulus Package that your congressman never read either, and now has one-half of one-percent of that trillion dollars that is in our economy, supposedly stimulating it. Where's the rest of it-who knows!
Congress gets a 1400 page document that they don't know what's in it. They don't know where this money's going. Rumor has it that 80% of it is going to special interest groups, who twisted arms to get your congressman to vote for this thing. "All I know is this; in the middle of the world's worst economic collapse in its history, we are proposing and passing legislation that is absolutely guaranteed to turn this country into a third world nation-at best! I want to talk about the term" systemic", because this term is bantered about and used constantly, and its probably accurate; and you should get used to the word because in very short order-look at what your government has done. You're about to pass a piece of legislation that says everything that comes out of your house, everything that comes out of your mouth, out of your car, out of the factory you work in is SYSTEMIC to the environment-so we need to tax it and control it. They're about to give the Federal Reserve the Shadow Government of this country, the power to regulate ANYTHING that is SYSTEMIC to the economy: Which includes anything that you do, the place where you do go to work.
So now you got them controlling the dollars coming in, the dollars going out, the carbon coming in, the carbon going out. And oh yeah-let's do this too, let's pass legislation to the tune of ten trillion dollars over the next decade, that says that the government needs to take care of your health care as well. Now what's going to happen? When you're in the last six months of your life, when 80% of your health care is spent-all of a sudden you become a SYSTEMIC-RISK to the health care system, and to the economic system and to the environmental system! Don't you see it-it's right in front of your face? (2) It's a power grab, it's on three fronts and they're winning. No. Strike that-they've won! There's no stopping this tide, there's no stopping this Tsunami, that's washing over this country right now.
The only thing you can do for it is prepare. Prepare mentally, prepare your friends and family as best you can and let them know not to believe the crap they see on TV-Don't worry about the dead celebrities-worry about the living humans that are in your life. This is happening and any of amount of denial isn't going to change that. That's all I got ~" (3)
Is this form of fascism not a war-crime; is this designed-destruction of all that most people hold dear-not treason? Or does treason only involve illegal and unilateral war-making upon nations that have done nothing militarily to the USA? Whatever the answer to that question might be, it is clear that America has been under direct attack on all fronts for the last nine years-and it is also clear that the public has aided and abetted the criminal powers that undertook these attacks in every conceivable way. When shall we say "Enough is Enough-let's hang the bastards now!"
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