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Cheney's 'SECURE' Location
Jim Kirwan
Cheney's first act as Vice-President back in 2001 changed all our lives. The only question that remains is whether or not those changes that Cheney made to US Energy policies will destroy the world that most people have a right to expect; in order to permanently expand the profits of the energy behemoths while simultaneously crushing all opposition to them-forever.
Speaking and ruling from his platform of international criminality, but as the vice-president of the United States: Cheney colluded with the energy giants against the public and the world-by elevating the 'needs' of the Energy Corporatocracy over every other need, in all fields of endeavor, when he placed their profits beyond all the laws that were enacted to prevent this continuing series of crimes from ever taking place.
Cheney got away with this by classifying everything he did in a series of White House meetings with energy insiders-even going so far as to seize the White House visitors logs, from the US Secret Service-to protect the identities of those with whom he met, in those very early days of the Cheney-Bush Cabal. What Cheney was able to put in place has led to everything from the wars over the price of gasoline and fuels, to the lies surrounding "clean coal," and covers virtually all "our wars" over resources from the pipeline war in Afghanistan (planned for well over a year before 911), all the way to allowing every Iraqi institution in Baghdad to be obliterated during the invasion, except for the ministry of oil.
To 'protect' his treason and to cover-up his lies Dick Cheney created his own shadow government that included his own version of military-intelligence that was used to block the real intelligence that should have been listened to: prior to Bush's unilateral and illegal invasion of Iraq.
Throughout his two terms as vice-president Cheney repeatedly flaunted his position in the government by refusing all demands for his testimony before congress and by finally claiming that he was not part of the US government, despite the fact that he received paychecks from the US Treasury for his services as Vice-president. Dick Cheney successfully stonewalled the congress; throughout the eight years of his tenure-despite the fact that the office of Vice-president has only two constitutional 'duties.' The vice-president is the president of the Senate; and he is the appointed replacement for the president, if and when the serving president should become incapacitated. (1)
Everything else that Dick Cheney did to this country, above and beyond his constitutional role, was done illegally and with arrogance to destroy the fabric of this society while building the power and permanence of the energy industry against any that might seek to limit or contain the private-corporate influence of those who had paid for Cheney's treasonous interference in the governmental process.
The above concerns matters of historical record; a record that was never challenged by the Congress or the people while it was being very publicly created from Washington D.C. well before this nation was dragged into Cheney's Wars for energy dominance-throughout the Middle-East.
But Cheney's crimes also highlight something far more important to the future of this country and the world; in the realm of which group shall hold sway over the bottom-line needs for life and existence-in the on-going battle between the international Corporatocracy and the world of everyday people that must live in the aftermath of the wars that we so casually start: Just to improve the never-ending bottom lines of so many thoroughly corrupt corporations throughout the world today.
From Alaska to Burma, from Ecuador to Niger and from the Philippines to shale-sand-pits of North America-the battle for control over the needs of people and the natural environment versus the true costs of production that are not-being-paid, by the multinationals that have been slaughtering the locals for decades-is now finally coming to the forefront!
In the fifties corporations like GM and GE, US Steel, Texaco and Standard Oil, along with 'the phone company' were thought of by the public as very friendly giants that were necessary to the health and welfare of America and to the business-world, worldwide. The banks and Insurance companies were also 'institutions that could and would 'naturally' survive any challenge; because they were not thought of as enemies of the people, but instead were bastions of tradition and as much a part of freedom and democracy as was the flag of the USA.
Today the entire panoply of what were once household names; in business, banking, insurance and industry have either been destroyed completely or are immersed in the process of being melted down into the nothing of the Fourth-world nation that we are racing to become. The tipping point for all this treason against ordinary people and the world came to us directly, via Cheney's US Energy Policies that he established in total secrecy from the White House in 2001.
To understand how this could possibly have happened, one must look at what controls societies; at who controls the Bully-pulpits; and at which priorities govern our actions in the everyday course of trying to live our lives. Societies create governments to supposedly serve their basic needs and common interests: This usually fails because too many ignore what their governments' do, in favor of things much closer to their many private interests, along with the enrichment of their own lives.
To keep the public involved, societies take it upon themselves to establish laws to insure that the wider society is protected from thieves and traitors so that the majority of working people can get on with their lives and possibly even profit from their labors. This can only work if the laws are observed by everyone in the society-including those at the top. These are the basics from which most countries try to begin their national lives.
However by the time the world reached the 21st Century several new wrinkles had been added that destroyed the above basics and created instead a Lord-of-the-Flies mentality where only the physically strong (and mentally challenged) could survive, by theft and brute-force usually. The problem then, for most of the ordinary people, is that all that is being stolen or killed for is what was in their-very-specific interest to maintain (their resources, their lives, their health and their environments).
What this all comes down to is about trust and loyalty to others as well as to the particulars of the self. Societies were created to support the individual and their families that rely upon their societies not to stab them in the back; but to help them to improve their lives. This is the first elemental view.
The second and contradictory elemental view of society is the corporate ideal of what is owed to the corporation's shareholders, by law and by private corporate policies. The only loyalty to which corporations answer to is the naked bottom-line: Corporations owe absolutely nothing to the laws, to any other society, or to any government beyond their own Corporate Board of Governors. In brief the Corporatocracy owes nothing to anyone outside their companies' interests. Beyond this contrivance the Corporations tend to see things like the laws of any land, the ethics of the whole human race, and the survival of humanity as things that are as elastic as their own arrogance and greed are-in their never-ending search for ever-greater profits in the global war for ultimate power over all that live upon this earth.
What actually connects these two totally opposed viewpoints are the true costs of what's actually involved in declaring corporate profits, as distinct from paying for the environment and the societies they destroy in the process of creating that naked bottom line that is totally misleading-especially for their precious shareholder's. It should be noted that while shareholders are not legally responsible (currently) for what these corporations do: they are ultimately the reason behind the greed involved that drives everything that is being done in their names to the people and the environments of the earth ­ worldwide. (2)
Millions of ordinary Americans also own stocks, usually through their 401k's, but they too are partly responsible for what is being done, by their ownership. If flesh & blood continues to lose out to greed & power there will soon be a new naked bottom line that will be invisible because it will be submerged in the blood of millions of victims, from both sides of this quagmire. . .we could begin by arresting Dick Cheney and charging him with the very public crimes he has so arrogantly committed against this nation and the world. Ah but do we have guts to see this through; maybe that's the real question!
1) Vice-President of the United States
2) Shell on Trial:
The True Cost of Chevron
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