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'Obamanomics' The Inelegant
Solution to Everything

Jim Kirwan
Ladies & Gentlemen: This is to announce to the world, the first recognition of Barack Hussein Obama's masterful-economic-marvel of the Twenty-First Century; herein after to be called simply, Obamanomics!
In Science we now have String Theory, the Elegant Theory of Everything: The only problem with that theory is that its component-particles are so small that they cannot be seen by the world's most powerful microscopes-and therefore the 'theory' cannot technically be proven.
In Economics however, the nation has relied upon another unproven theory for almost four decades; brought to us by an aging War Lord who led the Reagan Revolution to a stunning victory over the people of the United States using an economic theory commonly known to the world, then and now, as "Trickle-Down Theory."
So we can see that there is precedent enough now to christen this 'Inelegant Theory of Everything' that, "we must do now" not just in economics but throughout all of government and private life-if the United States is to survive this massive Depression that we've been living in for the past two years. The 'answer' to 'EVERYTHING' is the active and vigorous application of Obamanomics, as "the Answer-to-Everything" that might ever trouble the brain-dead American public.
What 'is' Obamanomics you might ask? This idea came to me by way of a reader who wrote this:
"Tonight, when the "media spokesman" began to explain the official policy of our government. I TURNED OFF THE TV.
I quietly commented that if Obama will have us only "looking forward" NOT "backward" then here's the deal. WE as citizens CAN'T BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THINGS THAT HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED because WE TOO have TOO MANY OTHER THINGS TO DO, TO HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY!
American citizens . . . . LIKE THE GOVERNMENT . . . .
NEED to MOVE FORWARD too!!!!!!!
I pointed out that if this is the philosophy of our government, then it must also apply to American citizens as well. The thief that robbed a bank yesterday gets to KEEP the money, because there is no NEED to investigate yesterday's events­today. In Obamanomics-yesterday, no longer has any relevance or significance for "today."
How DUMB do they think we are??!!! Or worse yet, HOW DUMB ARE WE???!!!
In this same vain, if I got a speeding ticket yesterday there is NO need to pay it today: Because I have so many other things to do and to take care of !!!
Quite an idea wouldn't you say. It takes very 'educated men,' even the LEADER of "our country"? . . . to come up with this SHIT!"
Think about it; this is the perfect solution to every problem that we have: If it's in the past then we just ignore it and stay focused on "THE FUTURE."
It's an incredible idea, but it's also the only way that Obama has been able to avoid all the talk of war crimes, the blood-baths that were falsely created, or the Treasons and tyranny that were everywhere in plain sight throughout the last eight and a half years.
A classic case in point, in the realm of economics, is the current problem that Goldman Sachs is having with their bonus programs that are seemingly completely out-of-control, given that the time for which the bonuses are being dispensed was during their bankruptcy, when it might have been difficult to find so many exemplary performances, among so many of their failed employees?
"Report: Goldman Execs Sold $700M in Stock After Lehman Collapse
The Financial Times is reporting the investment bank Goldman Sachs sold nearly $700 million in company stock right after the collapse of Lehman Brothers last September. The sales continued even as Goldman began receiving billions of dollars in government aid. The news comes as Goldman Sachs is expected to report today soaring profits of an estimated $2 billion. Goldman's stock value has soared 68 percent this year, and analysts predict it will pay a total of $18 billion in compensation and benefits." Democracy Now 7-14-9
Still if Obamanomics is properly applied and we are only allowed to look forward, then this is the perfect solution for so much graft and corruption (in the past) that need never, ever-again, bother us in the no doubt glorious future. Because that "future" can be built-if only "we do not become bogged down by finger-pointing and 'the blame-game" that wastes so much of our precious time that should be spent (under Obamanomics) "going forward!" Translation: There are no crimes, because crimes only happen in the past; and the past does not matter, so Obamanomics can also actually end "CRIME" as we know it ­ because whatever is in the past ­ cannot ever matter to any ardent supporter of Obamanomics!
Perfect: All our problems will be solved if only the troublesome American Public will just stop looking-back toward the past and stay instead with Obama and his Outlaws as they look unflinchingly toward the only thing that truly matters (in any Fascist Police State) ­ THE FUTURE!
One never knows where ideas could be lurking, just waiting to be uncovered and discussed. This came from a reader and is one hell of an idea; maybe there are a lot more of these out there, among the public that is not brain-dead or even remotely interested in "giving up." What do you think?
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