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This Is NOT What Built America
Or The Laziness Factor

By Ted Twietmeyer
Never in my worst dreams did I imagine that one day it would be possible to become ashamed to be an American. America has become a land of complacent, dumbed-down idiots. I don't use "sheep" or "sheeple" because sheep are smart enough to run away from danger. Most Americans either run TOWARD danger - or stand waiting for it to run over them. Every day, 280 million people are confronted by a barrage of terrible truths from an illegitimate, illegal alien president that hides his birth certificate, photos of new prison railroad cars and rights-stealing bills and acts passed on Capitol Hill.
It's hard to put into words the disgust I feel when looking at what's happened. Everyone is overly consumed with texting, smutty websites, playing with their cell phones, GPS and other mind-numbing fads. Recently, one mindless droid fell down a manhole in New York City ­ he was too busy texting to look and stepped right into it. I have no sympathy whatsoever for such people. I think New York and other citiesshould no longer put railings or cones around manholes. Instead, at the bottom of each open manhole a sign should be posted by the public works employees ­ "YOU DESERVED IT DUMMY."
There is no excuse for idiots and lazy people. There is no reason to be this way. A black minister in Harlem many months ago lambasted his own people proclaiming that in Africa, "Not one building higher than one story" and "Not one monument to a black person." And that was only a small part of his rant. A ten minute video of his rant is on youtube and although it has a certain amount of humor it is based on fact.
But is Africa the only place this goes on? No. It was self-motivated, industrious, hard working people who built America and all its great companies. Not mindless, dumbed-down lazy people. Certainly our founding fathers were not angels as none of us are, but they WORKED THEIR BUTTS OFF to build America as did those that followed them a century later.
Think about Armand Hammer and his family (May 21, 1898 to December 10, 1990) who built the empire of baking soda with the famous bare arm and hammer on the box, and was closely associated with Occidental Petroleum. Hammer was born in Manhattan, New York to Russian-born Jewish immigrants Julius and Rose (Robinson) Hammer. His father (from a family that had made and lost its fortune in shipbuilding) was brought to the United States from Odessa in 1875, and settled in The Bronx, where he ran a general medical practice and five drugstores. [1] Armand worked hard to build his business empire.
Today,you can hardly find a soul anywhere that would even consider working up a sweat doing anything. If they can't find a machine to do it they just won't do it. I submit that America has become lazy and extremely unmovitated.
We know a couple that pissed and moaned how they don't have any money. Our reward for giving them suggestions and ideas for making money was just more whining. That's what you can get for caring about some people (but not all.) Anyone can work their way out of any economic situation if they simply put forth some EFFORT into it. It's a far better character building exercise than the multi-year suffering of foolishly going bankrupt.
It has often been said "You are what you eat." We can extend that further to "You are what you refuse to think about." In other words, believe that your lot in life is to suffer and YOU WILL suffer. Endlessly. I know about the power of attraction and have been using it for a long time. Yet the average person is so dumbed-down they don't want to know, even if what helps them doesn't cost a cent.
For a long time I found myself feeling sorry for too many people. Now it's quite clear that success in life is more about attitude than about talent. Although I've spent most of my life working with highly advanced technology, the people in the financial world were always something of a mystery to me. Day-traders in the stock market appeared to me as super-bright, above average magical people who were beyond my ability to understand.
As time went on, I finally realized that the financial world has far more bull-shitters within it than actual talented people. Yet both dim and bright bulbs were making big bucks. I then finally asked myself, "How hard could it be if they could do it? If they could do it, then why couldn't I do it?"
I asked a brilliant and successful independently wealthy businessman friend of mine a few months ago a question that had been nagging me for sometime, "How did you know what would work in this messed-up economy?" His words were etched into my brain when he replied, "Whenever there is a contraction in one place, there must be an expansion somewhere else. We've identified those areas of expansion, Ted." I won't elaborate on the business he is in but what he said made perfect sense. Everything is in balance, no matter how bad it may appear.
A few weeks ago I took a shot at day-trading despite hearing all the horror stories. My businessman friend isn't in the stock market to my knowledge, but it seemed logical his principle would work for most anything. I soon realized that unlike the engineering profession which takes years to learn, with stocks you can learn the basics of what you need to know in a matter of hours. Trading is more about using common sense and planning than it is rocket science. I was able to use my friend's simple inspirational comment to earn a 20 to 24% profit on modest investments in just a day or two, over and over.
This experiment proved to me it can be done, just by ignoring the BS and fear-mongering. Since I'm not a broker I won't be discussing further details here, and don't recommend it to the faint of heart.
That simple test further proved my belief for a long time that ALL of us make our lot in life for the better or worse. In grade school we were taught about the caste system in India and how their lives are predetermined for them. That's nothing more than propaganda to keep millions of people under control by undermining their self-esteem.
Yet in America, we were taught that we have lower, middle and upper classes so we're not really much better. Expressions abound like "You can't fight city hall, son" and "Don't rock the boat" create our invisible caste system. Most of us ignorantly obeyed and paid for unknowingly following this mindset, too. We have all endured years of suffering and hardship, simply because we didn't believe enough in OURSELVES and what our potentials are. If we don't believe in ourselves and help ourselves first, how can we help anyone else? We cannot.
You might recall the old Star Trek series, where aliens on a planet re-created the OK Corral scene and forced the crew into a showdown. After some simple science experiments Spock concluded that nothing was real. He used his mind-meld technique to protect the crew from the hail of bullets and they lived through it.
In a similar way, although our troubles in life may seem quite real, all of us MUST overcome our base fears. Sometimes a fear of failing is really a hidden disguise of a fear of success. But can most people accept that concept? Think about the people you know. When things go well for them, do they intentionally or unintentionally create a train-wreck to stop it? This is the self-limiting factor many of us have built-in to our psyche, and can overcome it by using a little self discipline.
Breaking out of the paradigm (i.e. mold) we were forced into early in life can sometimes be a frightening experience. Consider what happened in Russia after the USSR fell. Millions of people which spent their lives being told what to do. Suddenly they were all set adrift in a country rolling in political and economic turmoil and left to fend for themselves. Vicious corruption and crime became rampant which filled the void left by the old controlling regime. Police were forced to return to some of the SS-like KGB tactics of the USSR to help bring it under control. Now there are rumors of the Russian government returning Russia to a USSR way of life. So goes the pendulumswinging back the other way again.
Perhaps that's one of the many purposes of the thousands of prison railroad cars in America - for that future day when people panic or just don't know what to do to survive. We still have the time NOT to become one of the lost, if everyone will only work at it. Nothing in life comes about without effort put into it. Now is the time to get started on it before time runs out completely.
In the Luray Caverns of Virginia there is a stone formation called fried eggs. It looks just like two eggs cooked sunny-side up. Over time, millions of tourist fingers touching the egg formation have put a fine polish on it (including your's truly.) Each visitor unknowingly took away with them a few molecules of stone which added up over time.
Bacon and eggs natural formation in Luray Caverns - one of the very few visitors are allowed to touch.[2]
Like the chipping away of Plymouth Rock and Stonehenge by souvenir hunters, little by little the quality of American life has also been seriously degraded over the past 40 years. Degradation started in earnest back in the sixties with the government freely circulating mind-destroying drugs to the hippies. The unique culture America had developed over centuries was slowly chipped away in a carefully calculated, insidious manner. Like the polishing of the stone formation, it was so gradual that almost no one has noticed it.
We can make America great again by the concerted effort of each citizen. The family unit IS the foundation of America and all that it eventually became, and it must be restored to make America great again. America's foundation must be rebuilt, but without destroying the good things already accomplished. The time start is right now and never stop.
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armand_Hammer
[2] http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1263/1176371851_c46dde278f.jpg?v=0
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