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Major Nanotechnology Article
In Russian Magazine
Interview with Karl W. B. Schwarz

Karl W. B. Schwarz
Rense.com reprint by permission of Sverkhnovaya Realnost (SuperNew Reality) magazine, Moscow, Russia.
If you wish to order copies of the magazine, send an email to magazin@3project.info with the following information:
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Mail Address (Street address or P.O. Box)
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Western Union MTCN (money transfer control number) should be included in the email in the amount of US$15 to cover cost of magazine and shipping. The magazine cost is $5.50 and additional is for shipping and handling.
The Western Union should be sent to Moscow, Russia as well as the email notifying them you wish to order a copy of the magazine:
Attn: Mr. Yuri V. Drobyshev
Chief Editor
Sverkhnovaya Realnost magazine
Moscow, Russia
Read English translation here
SNR_June-09 eng-final.pdf
Original Russian text here
Karl W. B. Schwarz
Managing Director, CEO
Rokkors Nanotechnologies GmbH iGr
Vienna Austria A-1010
Rokkors Nanotechnologies s.r.o.
Bratislava Slovakia
Tele: +421 2 2070-9266
Cell: +421 090 457-6277
Skype: nanotechexec
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