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Both Betelgeuse And Antares - Update
By Karl Schwarz
Hello Jeff,
Under a verbal agreement of confidentiality with the nation that confirmed, we are not disclosing where one of our associates secured the information we were looking for regarding Betelgeuse and Antares.
When stars start showing spectral signs of the isotopes Nickel-56 and Cobalt-56 it is a sure sign that the acceleration to Supernova has begun. Those two isotopes have a very short half-life. Nickel-56 has a half-life of about 6 days and converts into Cobalt-56. The Cobalt-56 isotope has a half-life of 77 days. That is then decayed into Fe-56 or the Iron Core of the super massive star. When that reaches the critical point, supernova occurs.
Antares is showing a higher Ni56 and Co56 conversion rate but that information is dated by 600 years due to the distance in light years. That may explain why it was larger than Betelgeuse and is now contracted to a size smaller than. That is a clear indication that it is headed to Supernova, too.
So, both Betelgeuse and Antares are confirmed to be on the path to Supernova. Betelgeuse is about 400 light years away so that information is dated by that amount of time. Antares is about 600 light years away and also dated by that amount of time.
Chances are one or both of them may have already reached the threshold and went to Supernova, we just do not see the news yet.
With Antares being about 15 solar masses it could wind up either a black hole or a super-dense neutron star, maybe a pulsar. With Betelgeuse being at 20 solar masses its most probable end result would be a black hole. Might fool everyone but stars of that mass normally turn into a black hole when the event happens.
Either one or both could deliver bad results for Earth.
I guess one could say we live in interesting times.
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