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Loyalties & Consequences
Jim Kirwan
With the appointment of Cheney-Bush to the presidency in 2000, a time-bomb was planted in the heart of this government: Within the next few months, if this problem is not directly confronted there will be a crisis of major and global proportions. The ramifications of failing to deal with this insertion by the Shadow Government will not only bring down this government, but the fallout will give rise to the victory of everything that our actions to date, have supposedly been taken to avoid.
The controversy over Obama's eligibility to run for the office he now holds has reached a new high, with the discovery of his birth certificate that clearly shows that he was born in Kenya, on August 4, 1961. This after Obama spent almost a billion dollars on lawyers to keep this knowledge from ever becoming public. (1)
However this turns out, Americans have a much broader and far more deadly problem that has been growing-unchecked for the past decade. The time-bomb I refer to is the fraudulent election of, and appointments to the government; of so many individuals throughout the government who are not who they have claimed to be.
Vice President Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the US House of Representatives; have like Obama; claimed to be Democrats. All three of these top officials; the president, the vice-president and third in line for succession, the Speaker of the House all ran for and won selection as Democrats, but none of the three are Democrats-they are all Zionists.
The term "Zionist" is not a racial or a religious connotation; it is a political affiliation that has no bearing on the host nation, wherein its members might be living. And for centuries this hybrid-political and parasitical organization has remained hidden-in-plain-site; at the very heart of the Shadow Government, in many nations of the world. Now it has come to dominate the US government throughout every agency, and is in every authority that this government uses to carry out the functions of government in the US.
All three of these 'first-officers' of this country gave themselves away on video, at AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) Conventions, before the last selection when each went on the record to swear their undying devotion to the Rogue-State of Israel. Listen to their speeches and note that their first allegiance would always seem to be to Zionist Israel, without regard for their duties to the Constitution or to the people of the United States whom all three have now sworn "to protect against all enemies, foreign or domestic!" Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton also disgrace themselves.
The highest officials in this government are suppose to have undivided loyalties, when it comes to the execution of their duties-yet these speeches make it clear that there is more than just a conflict of interest whenever the aims of Zionism are involved. Here are the major sellouts speaking before AIPAC in 2008, except for Joe Biden; whose remarks [when he swore his undying loyalty to Zionism before the world] have been removed from the web, which clearly speaks to what he said that day, because that speech which Biden made amounted to a clear preference for all things Zionist, over anything that US national interests might ever require of him as the Vice-president of the United States. (2)
As a people Americans must now choose between people that knowingly ran for office as either Democrats or Republicans when in fact they knew their true loyalties were always with their own Zionist ambitions. I have never seen a US ballot for national office where any candidate has dared to run as a Zionist-and yet this government is filled with Zionist sympathizers at all levels; from security and administration, through Justice, State and Defense in far too many key positions to avoid the serious charges I'm making here.
This is not a matter of 'law' because the laws have obviously all been compromised: This is a matter for 'public opinion' to decide and to act upon, if we are serious about having an American government in charge of the USA. Zionism stands for everything that this country was in theory created to oppose. But nothing will change here, unless the public acts to defuse this time-bomb by demanding the ouster of these Zionists at all levels of this government.
Here is some additional background, for the crimes of the international Shadow Government, as these have been intensified by Zionist agents that have penetrated and compromised US security networks before during and after 911, to a degree that wildly-exceeded anything that the Russians were able to do during the entire Cold-War. (3)
"The terrorist message threatening Air Force One was transmitted in top-secret White House code-words. As the clock ticked away the Secret Service reached a frightening conclusion: The terrorist had obtained the White House code and a whole set of top-secret White House signals. This made it possible for a hostile force to pin-point the exact position of Air Force One, its destination and its classified procedures. In fact the hijackers were picking up and deciphering the presidential planes incoming and outgoing transmissions.
In the week after the attacks, more hair-raising facts emerged. The terrorist had also obtained the code groups of the National Security Agency, and were able to penetrate the NSA's electronic surveillance system. They seemed to have at their disposal, an electronic capability that was more sophisticated than the NSA. They also believe that the terrorists are in possession of all or part, of the codes used by, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, Marine Corp intelligence, and the intelligence offices of the State Department, and the Department of Energy.
Since no single individual has access to every top-level code at any given time, a single mole would not answer the case, it would have to be a large widely spread number. US experts do not believe that bin Laden was capable of infiltrating double-agents into the heart of the US administration on a large scale." [but Zionists were] (4)
This 'problem with the Zionists and their sympathizers' has been growing exponentially with every passing year since the Clinton Crime Family took office. Under Cheney-Bush we began to see all the top departments headed either by Zionists or by their sympathizers; until we came to Obama and his motley crew of openly hostile Zionists that brought us into the financial meltdown, and all of the lies that have contributed so heavily to the depression that is now just beginning to raise its ugly head. (5)
The current head of the CIA, Leon Panetta said this of the current problem of Loyalty & Consequences in the aftermath of the still unresolved facts of 911 and its aftermath.
"CIA director and Democratic appointee Leon Panetta, in an article published Sunday, said Democrats must recognize the "reality" of 9/11 is what drove the conduct of George W. Bush administration in the months following September 11, 2001, which somehow justifies not looking into suspected crimes.
He added, in an apparent warning to the House Intelligence Committee, that "focusing on the past" could hurt the CIA's core mission amid a climate of recriminations over its practices.
"I've become increasingly concerned that the focus on the past, especially in Congress, threatens to distract the CIA from its crucial core missions: intelligence collection, analysis and covert action," Panetta opined in the online edition of The Washington Post.
"In our democracy, effective congressional oversight of intelligence is important, but it depends as much on consensus as it does on secrecy," he continued. "We need broad agreement between the executive and legislative branches on what our intelligence organizations do and why. For much of our history, we have had that. Over the past eight years, on specific issues - including the detention and interrogation of terrorists - the consensus deteriorated. That contributed to an atmosphere of declining trust, growing frustration and more frequent leaks of properly classified information."
Several paragraphs later, he appears to offer a blanket excuse for torture, CIA black sites, kidnapping, indefinite detention, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and warrantless spying, among a litany of other notable scandals.
He says: "The time has come for both Democrats and Republicans to take a deep breath and recognize the reality of what happened after Sept. 11, 2001. The question is not the sincerity or the patriotism of those who were dealing with the aftermath of Sept. 11. The country was frightened, and political leaders were trying to respond as best they could. Judgments were made. Some of them were wrong. But that should not taint those public servants who did their duty pursuant to the legal guidance provided. The last election made clear that the public wanted to move in a new direction."" (6)
Really! Maybe the public ought to have something very different to say about all of this continued cover-up for the Treason and the lies that have become the new 'American-currency' over the last ten years-one measure of the need for this will be whether or not the courts finally begin to act upon the illegal candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama to have even run for the office he holds now!
The blood that we allowed to be miscast, that was spilled so freely on 911 has become less than a few drops in the oceans of death that we created in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. In fact this country is drowning in the illicitly spilled blood of millions upon millions of others as we continue to bend to every fantasy of the Greater State of Zionism that they refer to as Israel. Maybe we never knew how to refuse this tyrant that comes to us masked as a religion, and as a victim of the Nazi Holocaust? The party's over, it's time to de-frock all the participants and discover what we've really been doing since Reagan first opened our doors to these blood-thirsty criminals that claim to be our allies!
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