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Legacy Of The Bush Brigades
Jim Kirwan
"Presidents" leave legacies behind them, that in later years provide essential clues to what their policies and actions really created at the time that their policies were originated. One such "legacy" is already beginning to make itself felt in what should be called 'The Bush Brigades' that are based in Fort Carson Colorado. The 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment. The battalion's nickname is The Lethal Warriors. In Iraq the unit fought in some of the war's bloodiest battles, in Ramadi on its first tour, downtown Baghdad on its second. In May the unit deployed again ­ this time to Afghanistan.
"Since 2006 ten infantry soldiers have been arrested and accused of murder, attempted murder or manslaughter. Others have committed other violent crimes. Some of the veterans have committed suicide.
In a one-year period from the fall of 2007 to the fall of 2008, the murder rate for members of the Army unit was 114 times the rate for Colorado Springs" "Before the murders started, Anthony Marquez's mom dialed his sergeant at Fort Carson to warn that her son was poised to kill.
It was February 2006, and the 21-year-old soldier had not been the same since being wounded and coming home from Iraq eight months before. He had violent outbursts and thrashing nightmares. He was devouring pain pills and drinking too much. He always packed a gun.
"It was a dangerous combination. I told them he was a walking time bomb," said his mother, Teresa Hernandez, [a civilian police officer.]
His sergeant told her there was nothing he could do. Then, she said, he started taunting her son, saying things like, "Your mommy called. She says you are going crazy." Eight months later, the time bomb exploded when her son used a stun gun to repeatedly shock a small-time drug dealer in Widefield over an ounce of marijuana; then shot him through the heart.
Marquez was the first infantry soldier in his brigade to murder someone after returning from Iraq. But he wasn't the last. Marquez's 3,500-soldier unit - now called the 4th Infantry Division's 4th Brigade Combat Team - fought in some of the bloodiest places in Iraq, taking the most casualties of any Fort Carson unit by far.
Back home, 10 of its infantrymen have been arrested and accused of murder, attempted murder or manslaughter since 2006. Others have committed suicide, or tried to.Almost all those soldiers were kids, too young to buy a beer, when they volunteered for one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Almost none had serious criminal backgrounds. Many were awarded medals for good conduct." (1)
This story by David Philipps in the Colorado Gazette is a two part, in-depth look, into what has happened to some and what continues to happen to too many of those that were sucked up into The Bush Brigades. These are units that are unlike any that the US created before Bush began to twist service in the US military into a paranoid street version of the 'Road Warrior' mentality. This phenomena affects so much of the whole society now: from the rogue-cops and various 'security' personnel virtually throughout the United States, who feel free to torture people with false arrests, with beatings and tasers, all the way to the unchecked murders of hundreds of Americans, based on the examples set and learned, by being permanently caught-up in this never-ending Cheney-Bush-Obama-War against the world-where everyone not in a US uniform is the enemy-24-7 and 365 days a year!
One Example from Part One of Philipps article: "Eastridge, an infantry specialist now serving 10 years for accessory to murder, said it will take a lot to wipe away the stain of Iraq.
"The Army trains you to be this way. In bayonet training, the sergeant would yell, 'What makes the grass grow?' and we would yell, 'Blood! Blood! Blood!' as we stabbed the dummy. The Army pounds it into your head until it is instinct: Kill everybody, kill everybody. And you do. Then they just think you can just come home and turn it off. ... If they don't figure out how to take care of the soldiers they trained to kill, this is just going to keep happening.""
?The Bush Crime Family was very fond of calling these people "Warriors" instead of soldiers. But a Warrior is about a whole lot more than just fighting. It's about anyone that has real commitments to things like honor and courage, as well as having become proficient in the arts & letters side of normal life; in other words 'Warriors" are dedicated people first and fighters second. The Bushwhackers created street thugs; gave them the latest weapons and a uniform; then told them to kill everything that moves ­ which is what they did. What these thugs accomplished had nothing to do with being 'Warriors' or with protecting America from our real enemies which are the people in the Cheney-Bush & Obama White House and their owners that created this phony war against Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan, as well as Lebanon and Iran, if they can catch us sleeping long enough, to let the Zionist-Dogs-of-War loose again.
No one in this government can satisfactorily explain why the US is fighting in the Middle-East right now, or in any of the countries in which we have stationed troops. The government created a cover-story for 911 that is so filled with holes that it has become a national embarrassment, as well as the excuse for treason and lies-unending about purpose and honor and freedom and democracy when all that 911 really was-was the consequence that was needed to create opportunities-unlimited in their plans to steal the world. Nine-Eleven was not an attack upon this nation: it was murder on a massive scale, created by the same people that have profited so enormously from everything that has happened since. That black-day in the life of the planet had nothing whatever to do with our military invasions which we are still living and dying with, around the world today.
No nation has the right to invade any other nation, and by law, can only do so in self-defense. Cheney-Bush and Rumsfeld rewrote that centuries old law to profit the corporations and the bankers that own them all. In 1947 the US renamed the War Department to obscure their aggressive behavior by calling it the US Department of Defense. But Robert Gates, the current Secretary has reverted to the original name-he now calls himself the US Secretary of WAR! That is now the official position of the government.
However that still leaves the public that has allowed its children and loved ones to "serve" in the hypocrisy of a military that has become 'the most aggressive-force in the world today for war.' We have become not 'the defender' of anything decent or just. Instead we stand for private-corporate profits and the bottom line of the leading criminal-conspiracies that are known around the world for their barbarity of their tactics and for their insatiable greed as well. This is what those in uniform overseas are dying for every minute of every day that we continue to allow these aggressions to continue, against people and places that have not threatened the United States or its people; But who have primarily fought long and hard against our invasion of their lands and their ways of life. If this situation were reversed, Americans might far more easily understand why these people fight us with every breath they take: Why do we not just leave: Because every minute that we can continue these illegal and unilateral wars means millions more for those that created this situation in the first place.
Casualties of WAR: Part Two, Warning Signs
"After coming home from Iraq, 21-year-old medic Bruce Bastien was driving with his Army buddy Louis Bressler, 24, when they spotted a woman walking to work on a Colorado Springs street. Bressler swerved and hit the woman with the car, according to police, then Bastien jumped out and stabbed her over and over.
(A word of caution about the language and content of this story: Please see Editor's Note)
It was October 2007. A fellow soldier, Kenneth Eastridge, 24, watched it all from the passenger seat. At that moment, he said, it was clear that however messed up some of the soldiers in the unit had been after their first Iraq deployment, it was about to get much worse. "I have no problem with killing," said Eastridge, a two-tour infantryman with almost 80 confirmed kills. "But I won't just murder someone for no reason. He had gone crazy."
Hear the prison interviews with Kenneth Eastridge.
All three soldiers belonged to the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, part of Fort Carson's 4th Brigade Combat Team. The 500-soldier infantry battalion nicknamed itself the "Lethal Warriors." They fought in the deadliest places in the war twice - first in the Sunni Triangle, then in downtown Baghdad. Since their return late in 2007, eight infantry soldiers have been arrested and accused of murder, attempted murder or manslaughter. Another two soldiers from the brigade were arrested and accused of murder and attempted murder after the first tour. Others have committed other violent crimes. Others have committed suicide." (2)
Aside from this in-depth story there is more evidence of the extent of our complicity in this Bush-league idea of making war using the naïve and the all-too-willing to maim and kill without regard for what they are actually doing, which just happens to violate all the rules of war in the Geneva conventions. That evidence can be found in the background and reputation of the new general just appointed to oversea the bloodbath that Afghanistan has now become.
"Seeking to shake up the direction of the war, Defense Secretary Robert Gates sent McChrystal to lead the 42-nation effort in Kabul in the middle of U.S. Gen. David McKiernan's two-year assignment, effectively ending the career of a four-star general whom McChrystal called a "fellow soldier and friend."
McChrystal is expected to take a more unconventional approach to the increasingly violent campaign in Afghanistan, relying on decades of experience with special operators - elite military units like Navy SEALs and Army's Delta Force that carry out dangerous and secretive missions.
Speaking before several hundred troops at a ceremony filled with colorful flags and a military band at a heavily fortified base in central Kabul, McChrystal said the international mission "must recapture the excitement and inspiration that ignited this country" after the 2001 fall of the Taliban regime." (3)
The unsaid part of McChrystal's new direction will also involve more from highly paid private-mercenary forces that will continue to do their overpaid-best to continue to destabilize the population and terrorize the people we are supposedly there to "protect." And following on the examples that led directly to failure in Vietnam, McChrystal has now stopped reporting on the number of enemy 'insurgents' killed (as too many have turned out to be babies and women): it is also doubtful that real casualties will be reported about American deaths, as these figures might cause the public to want to compare what we're getting for all the death we both suffer and generate.
War is not a game nor is it the highly dramatic series of events that McChrystal wants to create to keep the home-team cheering. War is supposed to be the last resort for any nation to turn to when the life of that nation is threatened. But in the world of Cheney-Bush-Obama, war has become just another profit-stream that uses up our youth as road-kill on the way to ever-greater profits for the multi-national Banksters and the New World Order. Apparently one very large and planned-for side effect of these wars-without-end has been the destruction of the society here, as well as around the world.
But Americans will soon begin to see this entire issue from a whole new vantage point-come September, when the truth begins to strip away the pancake make-up that we've allowed our traitors to use, to cover-up the actual State of the broken-Union here as well as around the world. What happened to those troops of ours, not just from Fort Carson, Colorado; but from everywhere that sent them and that will soon have to face what they've created on the streets and by-ways of America, when HOMELAND Security begins to crack down on anyone and every one that disagrees with these wars and with the loss of our own nation and its theoretical constitutional protections.
Good Luck America ­ because we're going to need it!
1) Causalities of War, Part One: The hell of War comes home
2) Causalities of War, Part Two: Warning Signs
3) New General Takes Reins in Afghanistan
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