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Time Jump Theory Revisited
By Ted Twietmeyer

Some years ago, I postulated that irregularities in time and reality (which are often experienced by people everywhere on Earth) were the result of time jumps. Most people that experience something highly unusual often write it off to their imagination, a freak of nature or some other explanation. This allows them to rationally explain and justify the experience they have had. Perhaps many strange unusual events really didn't happen. But we'll look at some events so strange and bizarre they deserve a close look. There may be a common denominator at work that has until now has gone largely unnoticed by most. It's also possible that a jump in the simulation also causes a jump in time. If there is no matter present in space there can be no passage of time.

Many astute readers have written me over the past years to tell me of their experiences. One reader thoughtfully took the time to describe what happened when they exited an interstate. It was a typical cloverleaf design interchange where the exits loop around, usually upward to an overpass bridge. However, they vehicle's four occupants entered this and found that the loop had no exit.

Below is a copy of a recent email. All names of the participants and sender have been removed. The email appears to be credible so I have included it here as one example:

"Four of us piled into a car - all experienced drivers and observers. We had been traveling on a highway and we needed to exit, so we got onto "an exit ramp" that appeared as one of those that completely curls around and downward in a circular fashion. We were "allowed" onto that ramp, but there was no way off of it. We could neither get back onto the highway we had come off of, nor even follow a new route.

At first we thought it was the driver's fault and we laughed at that; but then we all began to pay attention as this happened over-and-over-and-over. Then the jokes about being caught in the Twilight Zone started - These four people believe that they have embarked on a road trip to their particular destination; but in fact they have entered the Twilight Zone!

You see, it was now a closed circle with no apparent entrance or exit. Normal laughter turned into hysterical laughter and we knew that what had happened was not explainable and normal. None of us wanted to put this down in a report - for sure. None of us even wanted to think about again.

We estimated that we were on that closed circle for 30 minutes, but it may have been as much as 45 minutes."

In the above example, it may very well be that the simulation of the local world in their reality was delayed briefly while the exit was being constructed. A time jump would not really explain what they were seeing. If the vehicle's occupants had jumped back in time to when the ramp was being constructed then dirt, Earth moving equipment, workers and orange safety cones and construction equipment would have been seen ­ but this did no happen.)

When they were stuck in a loop perhaps the exit to the loop had not yet been fully constructed in time for them to see it and use it. In computer parlance, the simulation was running behind and took some time to catch up to what the people on the loop needed. Doesn't this sound like an ordinary computer multi-tasking system being brought to its knees? Perhaps this is what 2012 is really about ­ the program shuts down. What becomes of us suddenly takes on an entire new meaning. And yet 2012 could come and go and nothing might happen. After all ­ human beings change plans on the fly and so could the reality controllers.

Consider this - when no one is around to see animals in the forest, just HOW do we know the animals are still there? Is there any way to prove this? Even setting up a camera proves nothing, since the reality controllers would know a camera was running there and provide animals for it.

Think about driving through a heavily wooded state like Pennsylvania in the winter. The trees are bare of leaves, and you can easily see the rocks on the ground protruding through white show. It is commonly thought that the nearly endless woods in states like Pennsylvania have deer, bears and millions of other wild animals.

Yet from any highway do you see the animals in the forests or woods walking around? In theory you should see them everywhere. Why? Perhaps our reality controllers have decided that when we are at a certain distance from wooded areas (or even the oceans and lakes) animal life-form "programs" are not required and do not need to be generated for us to see. Distant life-forms are not relevant to make the surrounding environment convincing for our reality, and no processing time would logically be wasted on creating them. This hypothesis also brings into question the concept of "hunter's luck" in finding game, too. It also complicates theories about just who God really is, too.

Some recent advanced science I have been doing attracted the attention of the reality controllers when two real men in black approached me at LaGuardia airport baggage claim area in April 2009. (See http://www.rense.com/general85/enco.htm for the detailed MIB dialog.)

Apparently when something is accomplished that might pull the curtain back to expose the controllers will not go unnoticed - and it may be challenged. Perhaps only by entering the simuworld (our world) can they talk to the participants (us) to find out more. There may be limits to what they can see and hear from outiside the simulation.

In another article, I described the experience we had seeing a pixelated, non-electronic highway sign on Dec. 24th, 2008 (We never have used alcohol or drugs.) On a huge, 20ft. high expressway sign on Rt.15 South in Pennsylvania we saw the sign digit pixelate exactly at the location that should be showing the number of miles to the exit. It changed from rapid, unreadable pixilated blocks to the correct digit 2 just as we were passing it. The pixilation was very much to what you see with an over-enlarged JPEG image, which starts to show the tiles that are the base of JPEG images. The pixilation we saw that night was the same green color of the highway sign's background.

I've revised my time jump theory to include the possibility that instead of time jumps, what we actually see is reality being constructed or de-constructed as needed for the benefit of humans to see in a given locality. This makes our computer technology look more backward than an abacus.

This theory has implications in all fields of science including astronomy. It brings into question everything we see in the heavens with our eyes, instruments and telescopes. What if what we see out there is put there for our edification? What about UFOs? It even brings into question something even more intriguing - is our nearest star is really what we think it is? And what of high energy physics searching for ever elusive particles like the Higg's Boson? Do these really exist?

There is no real way to know for certain what is real and what is not, except to look for "hiccups" in the simulation like the highway sign event. Surely events similar to this have happened to countless others, but most have likely dismissed it as a figment of their imagination. If more than one sane, sober observer sees an abnormal physical event it adds a higher level of credibility to the observation.

If any information in this theory relates to or correlates to the work of others this is unintentional. The data presented here (with the one exception as noted) is my own.

Ted Twietmeyer


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