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How DU Contaminates
The Mideast And Beyond 

By Peter Eyre
Middle East Consultants
The three musketeers that made it all happen
One has to go back to the accident at Camp Doha in Kuwait and the Balkans War to see the escalation in Depleted Uranium (DU) Weaponry because prior to this little was know about these evil munitions. There were in actual fact many other musketeers who do not appear on this photograph the main one being President Bush Senior. Thanks to these men and their predecessor the face of the world was about the change forever. One must remember that it is the Presidents ultimate decision as Command in Chief to finally approve the use of such weapons or in the case of Gaza to allow Israel or another country to import them. The export request is passed through Congress and if any weapon is considered to be rather sensitive such as White Phosphorus, Cluster Bombs, DU or DIME it then goes to the President for his approval and signature.
After the accident in Kuwait the extent of DU weaponry use was finally revealed. It was obvious that the array of DU weapons was huge with a clear intention of using them in Iraq. In the case of the Balkans the US and NATO forces used them almost without restriction and it was not until after the war that war veterans and Civilians became ill and investigations commenced. So now let's look at the amount of contamination that occurred at the time, the type of weapons and its means of delivery. The amount of DU munitions released in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq during Operation Desert Storm are summarized below and in addition, 9,720 DU aircraft rounds and 660 DU tank rounds (14,170 lb. or 6,430 kg of DU) burned as a result of monstrous fire in the ammunition storage area and motor 
Such data is extremely easy to obtain and at the same time one can readily obtain the munitions request from Israel that pass through Congress for approval. It is then simple to track the shipment to its final destination. One has to understand that it is not in the US government's best interest for the public to monitor such activity.
As you can see from the above table it clearly shows the many applications of DU weapons that were used during the initial start of Operation Desert Storm. We now have to look at the magnitude of the entire war effort since the start of the conflict and imagine the DU contamination that has not only injured the health of all troops that took part but all the thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians and of the contamination that has been left behind. 
Before coming back to the question of regional and world contamination let's just take a visual look as to what some of these weapons look like. What stands out in DU weapons in comparison to normal weapons are the predominant spikes in the head of the munitions. As we have already discussed this is the DU Penetrator or Rod which is also accompanied by the Sabot.
Depleted Uranium Weapons being used at the current time
We can also see the military aircraft and machines that use these weapons in the pictures below. Hopefully this will give a better insight to those that are not so technically minded and to those no believers.

M2 and M3 Bradley Fighting
Vehicles M1A1 Abrams Tanks
A10 being loaded up with DU 
A-10Thunderbolt II Aircraft
Cruise Missile
DU penetrator up close 
Phalanx Munitions
Phalanx Gun
A-10Thunderbolt II Aircraft
Photo courtesy
helicopter.htm&url=http://www.army.mil" U.S. Army
Obviously there many more applications using a variety of Missiles, Bunker Bombs, Smart Bombs, Small Diameter Bombs, DIME bombs, Cluster bombs and last but not least the terrible new range of Thermobaric Missiles. This particular missile is totally different to the weapons described above but I feel it is my duty to pass the horrible consequences of using such weapons. The description is as follows:
Apache attack helicopters have fired the thermobaric weapons against fighters in buildings and caves, to create a pressure wave which sucks the air out of victims, shreds their internal organs and crushes their bodies.
These weapons are so controversial that experts spent 18 months debating whether troops could use them without breaking international law. One such technical term for this missile is the AGM-114N. It is believed that President George W Bush said: "There are going to be some awfully surprised terrorists when the thermobaric Hellfire comes knocking." What makes the use of this terrible weapon questionable is the fact that it can be fired from almost any helicopter or unmanned drone. It can and does sometimes miss the target or go straight through the building to hit adjacent buildings or innocent victims.
AH-1W Super Cobra firing the AGM-114.
I would now like to finish this article with an image of the areas that has been contaminated by the current wars and also the extended contamination further afield. Below is a map which shows an area 1000 miles centred on Iraq and Afghanistan which has been contaminated with DU since 1991.The DU dust will continue to circulate in this area, especially during dry periods. The levels recorded in the UK during the Iraq "Shock and Awe" campaign and the major thrust in Afghanistan reached a totally unacceptable level that resulted in an urgent alert to the British Environmental Agency. Aspects of that report are given below the map.
Map showing locally contaminated area
During the peaks of both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars the United Kingdom recorded some alarming rises in the level of DU in the atmosphere. The data was collected at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermaston. Many special air filters had been placed some years before as a monitoring mechanism for the facilities and its surrounding environment. Regular checks were made and filters removed for testing. At the height of the onslaught in both Iraq and Afghanistan observations revealed some extremely high readings.
As a result of these readings a more in depth analysis was carried out but the findings remained within the establishment. A Dr Chris Busby decided to challenge the system and under The Freedom of Information Act he requested the contents of the document. Unfortunately the running of this government establishment had been taken over by an American company and although the findings were eventually released the data he was looking for was missing. He again applied via another channel and managed to obtain the full findings, some of which is reveal below.
Extracts from Dr Christopher Busby BSc, PhD, C.Chem, MRSC dated January 2006:
Did use of Uranium weapons in Gulf War 2 result in contamination of Europe?
Evidence from the measurements of the AWE, Aldermaston, Berkshire, UK  
Uranium weapons have been increasingly employed in battle action since their first use by the US and UK forces in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Since then they have been used in the Balkans in the late 1990s, then Kosovo in 2000, probably in Afghanistan in 2002 and then also in the 2nd Gulf War (GW2) in March and April 2003.
On impact, uranium penetrators burn fiercely to give an aerosol of sub micron diameter oxide particles which are largely insoluble and remain in the environment for many years. There is considerable public and scientific concerns that these radioactive particles may remain suspended for long periods, or may become resuspended and are therefore available for inhalation by non combatants at some distance from the point of impact. Little research seems to have been carried out on the distance travelled by the uranium aerosols. The military maintain that the uranium remains near the point of impact, and the Royal Society report (2002) also states that the material does not travel more than some tens of metres. On the other hand, measurements of uranium in local populations in Kosovo some nine months after the use of uranium weapons all tested positive for depleted uranium in urine (Priest 2004) and The United Nations (UNEP) found uranium particles in air filters in Bosnia some years after its use. The question of the dispersion of uranium aerosols from the battlefield is of significant legal interest, since if a radioactive weapon resulted in the general contamination of the public in the country of deployment or elsewhere, the weapon would be classifiable as one of indiscriminate effect.
Dr Busby reported that at the start of Gulf War 2 a significant increase in uranium in all the filters Levels in the town of Reading exceeded the Environment Agency Reporting threshold of 1000nBq/m3 twice during the period.. He went on to say that On the basis of the mean increase in uranium in the air of about 500nBq/m3 we use respiration data on standard man to calculate that each person in the area inhaled some 23 million uranium particles of diameter 0.25 microns. As far as we know, this is the first evidence that uranium aerosols from battle use have been shown to travel so far.
Evidence is revealed (DU Rods and Sabots survived the inferno at Camp Doha)
Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant 
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