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Obama And Holocostianity
Baseless, Ignorant And Hateful

By Michael Hoffman
We often tend to forget that "politician" is an old English word for whore. Some of us still cling to the hope that an American president will be an exception to that denotation. After eight years of the bloodthirsty, simian secret society pharaoh George W. Bush, I figured that anybody would be an improvement.
Barrack Obama promised change and to some he seemed like the real McCoy, or rather the real Hussein: peace, prosperity, health care, and to top it off, justice in the Middle East.
Yesterday President Obama was in Egypt to give a "watershed" speech to the Muslim world that was intended to demonstrate that the long, dark night of Israeli hegemony over the United States had come to an end, and that America was initiating a new era marked by fairness to both sides.
Let's be real. Ending Israeli hegemony and being genuinely fair to the Arab nation of peoples which the Orthodox rabbis denominate as "Amalek," would require a revolutionary break with Holocaustianity, the universal, de facto state religion of the Western world.
Obama's visit has parallels with the recent papal trip. <http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2009/05/pope-benedicts-middle-east-gambit.html>Last May 15 this writer analyzed Pope Benedict's Israeli pilgrimage as follows: "For Pope Benedict, Talmudic Judaism and Israeli Zionism do not represent a special category of evil. Rather, he views these forces as merely one of the constituent parts of the Middle East tragedy to which all parties have contributed and are equally to blame. For denunciation of a special category of enhanced evil we must, as usual, look to the World War II-era Germans...
"The pope concluded his remarks with an allusion to one of the central planks of the new Shoah theology concocted by his predecessor: the Orthodox (Talmudic) Judaism that is the religion of the 'Jewish state,' far from being an evil 'regime' that 'propagates an ideology of hatred and racism,' is, instead, one of the 'branches' of the 'olive tree' that nourishes the 'roots' of 'brotherly love.' This is a lie so blatant it is laughable, and so pernicious it ensures the continuing spread of the lore of the Shoah theology from which it emanates.
"Pope Benedict XVI has cloaked the exterminationist ideology of Talmudic Judaism in the habiliments of brotherly love, just four months after that 'love' was showered over Gaza in the form of the the burning gas known as white phosphorus, turning Palestine itself into a gas chamber. But Benedict is oblivious. He contents himself with safety valve criticism of a wall. His callous indifference to a holocaust that only just occurred is a telling indicator of his secret belief in the inherent racial and spiritual superiority of the Israelis over the Palestinians. The myth of the fundamental benevolence of Zionism and Rabbinic Judaism is non-negotiable in the eyes of the Cryptocracy."
There isn't a great deal of difference between Pope Benedict's approach and that of President Obama. Fundamental Israeli religious and political supremacist myths exert cachet for both. Arabs and Muslims need to understand that as long as those myths obtain and impress, neither the Roman pope nor the American president will ever fairly broker a lasting and just Middle East peace.
The gas chamber which the Israelis created in Gaza last December and January is inferior in Obama's eyes to the Buchenwald concentration camp, where no one was gassed. While in the Middle East, Obama would not visit Gaza where 1400 people were murdered only a few months ago. Instead he made a pilgrimage to Buchenwald to contemplate persecution that occurred more than 60 years ago.
The President declared in Cairo that doubting the execution gas chambers of Auschwitz ("denying the Holocaust") is: "baseless...ignorant...hateful." Several hours later this presidential ignoramus was meeting politicians in Dresden, the site of the biggest holocaust of World War II in the European theatre, and had not one word for the tens of thousands of German civilians intentionally burned alive there (in an actual holocaust by dictionary definition: death by fire).
President Obama is the liberal face of the religion-of-Judaism-for-gentiles known as Holocaustianity. Liberal or not, he is a true believer in a supremacist cult that always places Judaic suffering above all others. Therefore, Palestinian suffering in Gaza and German civilian suffering in Dresden can never take the place of Judaic suffering -- both real and imagined -- during World War II.
Obama strolled the once fire-charred boulevards of Dresden with German Chancellor Andrea Merkel, in whose dungeons languish the revisionist chemist Germar Rudolf and the revisionist publisher Ernst Zundel. Obama is obviously contemptuous of their plight. Their human rights -- specifically their right to doubt the reigning myths of powerful religious fanatics -- don't count with Obama.
Barrack Obama knows nothing of gas chambers, either the real ones made of white phosphorus that were used on the Palestinians, or the fakes shown to tourists in the slave labor camp that was Auschwitz. It is he who is ignorant.
He's a liar too. He told the Muslim word that he was a Christian. In this claim he is no more phony than the pope or any of the other grand poobahs of Churchianity who masquerade as bishops, pastors and ministers of the Gospel.
The largest and best organized "denial movement" in the West, after the denial of the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians, is the movement to deny the existence of Jesus Christ. Revisionist "deniers" of deaths by Auschwitz gassings are minuscule by comparison.
The power of the movement to deny that Jesus Christ ever lived cannot be underestimated. I have been a revisionist doubter of homicidal Auschwitz gassings since the 1970s but only in the past few years have I begun to receive numerous letters and e-mail in this vein: Dear Hoffman: Why do you doubt only one myth? What about the myth of Jesus Christ having been born and lived? Permit me to show you the evidence of the Jesus hoax...
Google is not only the world's largest Internet search engine, it is a massively powerful multinational corporation whose tentacles reach into governments around the world. It is beloved by techno-geeks who view it as a liberating and revolutionary innovator; and it is wealthy beyond the dreams of Midas.
I<http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2007/03/while-holocaust-denial-is-banned-jesus.html>n February of 2006 Google banned two videos from its "Google Video" website. One of these featured this writer's interview with the late Charles Provan in which Mr. Provan stated his belief that execution gas chambers existed, but that at Treblinka Judaic inmates operated the killing gas engines. This dissent from the script could not be tolerated. The second video Google banned was my speech at a David Irving revisionist conference documenting "Holocaust" scribbler Deborah Lipstadt's use of the word "Amalek" as a racist epithet and incitement to murder.
When I appealed their ban, Google told me in no uncertain terms that "Holocaust denial" videos were strictly forbidden and no appeal would be allowed.
Yet Google is one of the foremost purveyors of Jesus Christ denial, in the form of an online advertisement for a DVD, "The God Who Wasn't There," which, in the words of Newsweek magazine, "Irreverently lays out the case that Jesus Christ never existed."
This "irreverent" ad is everywhere in the American media, but in particular it is all over the worldwide web, thanks to Google, which sponsors it. And as noted, this ad is having an impact, especially on the young. I have tried to get Protestant pastors, Catholic priests --anyone-- to take a stand against this blatant and ubiquitous Jesus Christ denial. In most cases I have been rebuffed by the same people who have made a career out of opposing "Holocaust denial." For these "Christians" Jesus Christ denial is simply not an issue. How many thousands, tens of thousands or even more souls have been led to abandon Christ by the sophisticated, heavily-publicized promulgation of the lie that Our Lord never existed?
The "denial" that negatively impacts the master race of Israelis, so-called "Holocaust denial," is light years ahead in terms of the magnitude of outrage and protest it elicits from the pope of Rome, the president of the U.S., the corporate media, Hollywood, our colleges and universities, and our state and local governments, than whatever piddling notice is taken of the denial of the very birth of Jesus that negatively impacts Christians.
The sad, sick spiritual state of our leaders and putative moral guides and shepherds is amply illustrated by this terrible fact about the tipping scales of "denial." Denial of the Son of God is not even an issue for our "Christian" President, who, like the Pope, thunders his anathemas at those who would dare to question the super-sacred Auschwitz gas chamber dogma. The Establishment does not characterize doubts about Auschwitz execution gassings as merely "irreverent" -- but rather as horrible, rotten sin!
We perceive that the god of Obama is found in the church of Holocaustolatry, while Our Savior's very existence is denied with total impunity.
Can there be anything more "baseless" "ignorant" and "hateful"?
Hoffman is the author of
Judaism Discovered, a book banned by http://www.amazon.com/Judaism-Discovered-Anti-Biblical-Self-Worship-Superstition/
Weblog of Michael Hoffman, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816. Author of "Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit." Additional news about Hoffman and an archive of his writing, can be found at: revisionisthistory.org

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