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Max Blumenthal - Feeling Jewish Hate
From Jim Kirwan
The refrain "What About the Jews!" runs through this short video and despite the largely drunken response to simple questions. In light of the actions of AIPAC and the ADL this question must be answered; not just by Americans but the world.
Hate legislation has been passed by the House and is pending in the Senate driven by ADL & AIPAC that would make the reverse of these kinds of statements a criminal offense, for those that are paying for the endless rounds of drinks these Jewish-dependents-on-American-dollars are consuming so casually.
This video was removed from the Huffington Post for what their censor claimed was a 'lack of news value.' But it would seem that the exact opposite is true.
Americans are suffering and dying in the streets because the Israeli-American government is broken. This video tells us loudly and clearly what our hard-earned money is being used to pay for.
If the remarks made herein are not racist hatred, of Blacks & Americans in general, then nothing is.
These types of 'hate speech' examples are never treated with the same legal punishments that are reserved for those being forced to pay for these people and their raging hatred. Their ignorance shall be its own reward.
These spoiled-rotten dependents are demanding evermore concessions from those that have to work to eat and can no longer afford to 'celebrate' themselves in this fashion.
It is those of us who are paying for these parasites that need to answer the question: "What About Israel and The Jews"!
Here is the video...now flagged as 'Must Be 18 to view' by Zionist YouTube
Max Blumenthal
Feeling The Hate In Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Speech in Cairo
Posted by Max in June 4th 2009
Max Blumenthal writes: On the eve of President Barack Obama's address to the Muslim world from Cairo, Egypt, I stepped out onto the streets of Jerusalem with my friend Joseph Dana to interview young Israelis and American Jews about their reaction to the speech. We encountered rowdy groups of beer sodden twenty-somethings, many from the United States, and all eager to vent their visceral, even violent hatred of Barack Obama and his policies towards Israel. Usually I offer a brief commentary on my video reports, but this one requires no comment at all. Quite simply, it contains some of the most shocking footage I have ever filmed. Watch it and see if you agree. (This video was removed from the Huffington Post on the grounds that it had "no news value" and "did not move the conversation forward.")
Update: Joseph Dana, one of the co-creators of the video above, has written the following to explain why he and Max Blumenthal made the video, and what he thinks it shows:
It's about entitlement, stupid.
Max and I went on to the streets of Jerusalem at ten o'clock on a Wednesday to ascertain the feelings of the young population about Obama's upcoming speech in Cairo. As is often the case, the streets of central Jerusalem were not filled with native Israelis but American Jews. Doubtlessly anyone who has visited Jerusalem has encountered the droves of American Jewish kids that are sent to Israel to study for a period of time from Teaneck or Westchester. We asked people a simple question, "What do you think of Obama and Israel?" Most of the people that we talked to were dual American Israeli citizens. The answers in this video reflect the education and worrisome perspectives that many American Jews harbor towards Israeli politics. The sense of entitlement that the American Jewish community has when it comes to Israeli policy is on full raw display in the words of these young adults.
Based on our interviews these people were from high socio economic backgrounds and had developed thoughts about current Israeli politics. The question is why more journalists are not covering this story. All you have to do is walk the streets of Jerusalem and you will find dozens of people that harbor the same beliefs. As a resident of Jerusalem, I can say that the people represented in this video are not members of a fringe group or simply drunk college kids. These people reflect the sentiments shared by many people in this country and this city. These people and their families are the core of the opposition to meaningful peace between Israel and her neighbors. This is what Obama is up against.
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