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Hate Bill Will Ride On Defense Bill
By Rev. Ted Pike
According to the Washington Blade, the homosexual Human Rights Campaign and, "A senior Senate Democratic aide confirmed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid intended to pass hate crimes legislation as an amendment to the fiscal year 2010 defense authorization bill. "We understand the House has concerns, but we have yet to find another vehicle that will work," the aide said." (<http://www.washblade.com/2009/7-3/news/national/14814.cfm>Hate crimes measure to ride on defense bill, July 3, 2009)
House members such as Rep. Barney Frank are "concerned" because Pres. Obama has promised to veto the arms bill since it will spend too much money on F-22 fighter jets. Frank recommends, according to the Blade, that the jet funding be reduced so that he and his fellow homosexuals may have an arms/hate bill package not offensive to the President.
Several Senate offices are now saying floor action on the hate bill amendment could occur as early as next week. A spokesperson for the Senate Judiciary Committee told me Sen. Leahy will announce a markup session for it. She said Sen. Kennedy could call for a vote on the hate bill without markup, but she doubted he would do so. Such an approach, she said, usually is reserved for bills which are generally agreed to by both sides. The senior aide quoted by the Blade said the Senate will "hopefully" approve the hate crimes measure but added, "it's going to be very, very closeas it has been in the past."
Coming to the Finish Line
It is clear that, despite massive protest from the American people, Democratic leadership is determined to pass the hate bill as early as next week. Regardless of possible Democratic bungling in the markup (as with Rep. Alcee Hastings and Atty. Gen. Holder), they plan to ram it through as quickly as possible. After a short interval in the Senate Rules Committee and brief debate on the floor of the Senate, a hate bill vote could be taken as early as the day after markup.
What option do we have? Keep fighting!  
The reason the Democrats are again rushing the hate bill through as an amendment -- even to an arms bill that might be vetoed by the President -- is desperation. They are reeling from massive protest calling. They are unnerved by widespread criticism of Atty. Gen. Holder's outrageous assertion (that the hate bill is discriminatory and unneeded) generated by NPN's 10-minute video expose, "Holder Admits: No Equality in Hate Bill." (<http://www.truthtellers.org/>View video on the homepage of www.truthtellers.org) Democrats want out of the hate bill dilemma soon, not waiting until criticism gains even more momentum by mid-September, only a year before midterm elections.  
Nine weeks ago they thought they could push the hate bill through rapidly as stand-alone legislation, as did the House. But public outrage over its "pedophile-protecting" provisions caused them to lose nerve. Now they don't want to risk attempted passage as a "stand-alone" bill that would force this legislation to stand alone, naked to its critics, exposed to increased derision, scrutiny and Republican amendments.
Clearly, the Democrats are desperate, attaching the hate bill again to an arms bill although this strategy miserably failed them two years ago.
Lovers of freedom must continue into next week, repeatedly calling in protest of the hate bill and asking all staffers and Senators to watch the Holder video at <http://www.truthtellers.org>www.truthtellers.org.  
Call toll-free 1-877-851-6437 or toll 1-202-225-3121 with this message: "Please tell the Senator not to vote for the hate crimes bill. Also, have you watched the shocking video that shows Attorney General Holder saying there is no equal protection under the hate bill? It's on the home page at <http://www.truthtellers.org>www.truthtellers.org."
Callers now report that many staffers, both Republican and Democrat, reply that they have watched the Holder video. Let's saturate the Senate with this unprecedentedly powerful tool to discredit not only the hate bill but also ADL, the author of all anti-freedom hate crimes bills now passing through Congress.
The next two weeks are shaping up as the final battle over the federal hate bill -- a battle that will determine whether our 233 years of liberty and free speech will continue or be crushed under the jackboot of federal tyranny.
Everything we have been doing over the past weeks has been right on target. Let's keep doing the same -- only more throughout next week!
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