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Congratulations To The People
Of Iran And To
President Ahmadinejad

From Israel Shamir, Jaffa, Israel
The People of Iran have made their choice. Democracy won.
Despite Israeli military threats and American charm offensive, Iranians re-elected their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, by landslide majority.
This is a highly deserved choice: President Ahmadinejad proved his devotion to God, to people of Iran, to freedom of man.
He is a brave and charismatic leader. At his visit to the UN, Ahmadinejad reminded us of a young Fidel Castro in 1960 and of asser Arafat in 1974. He stood his ground and supported embattled Palestine in Durban-II, He also spoke frankly at Columbia University despite torrents of hate, threats, isolation attempts, calumny and abuse.
He leads Iran on the way of peaceful development and political and economic independence. His steadfastness improves the world we live in. Barak Obama called for peace with the Muslim world in Cairo because Ahmadinejad did not give ground to pressure. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu demanded his head but became the butt of world-wide criticism himself. There is a good chance for peace in the Middle East, and that is thanks to President Ahmadinejad's consistency.
We call upon the candidate Mr Mousavi to concede victory to Ahmadinejad, and avoid turmoil and provocations for the sake of democracy and for Iranian people. We call upon President Obama's administration to confirm its "<>determination to seek dialogue with Iran whoever wins". We call upon Israeli government to give up their attempts to interfere in Iran's affaires and proceed with peace process. We call upon Arab nations to reject Zionist intrigues and preserve peace and friendship with Iran.
The true interests of Israelis and Palestinians call for a powerful, stable and independent Iran, as together with Turkey, they would be able to restrain aggressive ambitions of Zionist generals and bring peace to the Middle East.
Israel Adam Shamir
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