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Physician Blasts CDC Over Morgellons
By Dr. Edward Spencer   
To whom it may concern:
Ms. XX was seen in my Petaluma Office. She suffers from a disorder that has been called Morgellons Disease. This is a very debilitating disorder, and no cure is available. Some treatments are available, but their effectiveness is extremely limited.
On January 28, 2009 Morgellons Disease was given a definition and ICD Code:
C17.800.518 by NIH/MeSH Tree Location for Morgellon's Disease.
C 17: Skin and Connective Tissue Disease
ICD Definition:
"An unexplained illness which is characterized by skin manifestations including non healing lesions, itching, and the appearance of fibers. There appears to be a strong association with LYME Disease."
I state unequivocally that the above definition is woefully incomplete and inadequate, and that the CDC and medical establish have been totally negligent in studying this system of disorders, and have provided no treatment, support, or comfort, at all to the patients afflicted. Morgellons is not a problem of "delusions of parasitois."
I will further state that evidence is emerging that this system of disorders (poorly named Morgellons) is in almost everyone, including those who read this letter, but that clinical manifestations are not manifested to a recognizable degree.
In summary, Ms. XX is, in my opinion, ill from a system of disorders called Morgellons Disease, and is debilitated to the extent that she cannot work.
Very truly yours,
Edward Spencer, M.D.
47 Maria Dr., Suite 811 B
Petaluma, CA 94954
Questions regarding Morgellons that I want to answer:
- What is Morgellons Disease?
- How is this known?
- What are the symptoms?
- What are the physical findings?
- How long has it existed?
- What is the geographical distribution?
- Is it contagious? What is the evidence?
- How is it contracted?
- Where is it made and how is this known?
- What Universities are involved?
- What sort of grant money is involved?
- Who owns the patents?
- What forms of DNA are associated?
- What is the significance of the colored fibers?
- What electrical phenomena/EMF are associated?
- What nano computers are present?
- What is the current treatment and what are the results?
- What part does Lyme play?
- What are the arthropod like entities that infest people?
- Do we know what produces the cognitive impairment?
Source: http://tankerenemy.blogspot.com/2009/03/physician-blasts-cdc-over-morgellons.html

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