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Boycott Israel
By Karl Schwarz
It is time to have a frank and open discussion about the policies of Israel.
According to the UK Guardian, there are two trends occurring that can help resolve matters in Israel.
First, a majority of Israeli Jews within their own borders approve of the formation of a two-state solution that would establish a separate Israel and a separate Palestine. They clearly know that such is the first step in creating a lasting peace in Israel and it is the current racist Zionist government of Israel which is resisting such a peace.
Second, Diaspora Jews in other parts of the world are starting to voice their disapproval of Israel refusing to create a two-state solution and put peace in place.
No, the controlling Likud party would rather stir up a war with Iran rather than address the peace process in their own backyard.
A news outlet in Australia has run a long overdue piece on the fact that Jews are beginning to distance themselves from the apartheid and sheer hate that Zionism and Zionist Israel stand for these days.
http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/israel-could-learn- from-sorry-day-20090528-boxg.html?page=-1
The Israeli Tourism Ministry recently started a program to increase tourism to Israel, that nation that was described as a 'shitty little country' by the French ambassador to the UK:
"DANIEL BERNARD, the French ambassador to Britain, recently uttered an ugly anti-Semitic remark at a party hosted by newspaper publisher Conrad Black. He called Israel a "shitty little country" and then asked, "Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?"
What was interesting about the 'new tourism map' of Israel is that it does not show Palestinian controlled areas at all.
Ah, yes, it was anti-Semitic (NOT!) to question the blood-lust and refusal to address peace by those who run that 'shitty little country'.
Israel is running tourism ads heavily in the EU: "Once you visit Israel, you will never be the same again."
I am inclined to agree with that...if people go there with their eyes OPEN and see what fascism, arrogance, elitism, and racism looks like up close and personal.
Dig in real deep and find those flesh traffickers, porn merchants, child pornography purveyors, brothel owners with sex slaves kidnapped from other nations, etc.
Zionist Fascist is an oxymoron, and not an oxymoron. It is sort of a double standard for a double standard, but is all too evident in Israel. Only in Israel is the alleged 'worst enemy' actually much of the population itself. Sort of psychotic, but.... that is IsraHell.
Just stop people on the street and politely ask them to see their papers. Their papers are designated as "Jew" and "Non-Jew" to make sure racism is easily enforced. For you American Christian idiots, the Israeli Christians (whether Arab Christian Israeli or Christian Jew) are designated as "Non-Jew" and are discriminated against. Not even in the racism of Alabama or Mississippi did they ever require papers that said "White" and "Non-White".
And the treasonous, traitorous US Congress forks over endless billions of American tax dollars to this thermonuclear racist rogue regime of death and suffering. No questions asked.
Those Americans who do visit Israel ('and will never be the same again') - and do so with their eyes wide open - are endorsing this theft.
Most will never clearly see what a staggering fraud Zionist Israel is...passing itself off to the mentally lame and gullible as a kind and loving nation that respects all of mankind due to its heavily Zionized 'devout Judaism.'
The Zionist hate-mongers and blood-lusting mass killers do not represent the true theology of Judaism.
If you visit this God-forsaken center of massive, often inhuman corruption, and genocide, you will, hopefully, actually see what apartheid, hatred, arrogance and self-avowed supremacy, and scofflaw attitude looks like.
Try going out in the streets to protest such decadence and debauchery and you'll likely receive a beating from the cops or the IDF for your trouble. So, if you go to Israel to protest its inhuman barbarous behavior, especially toward the Palestinians, let's see how long your hospital stay turns out to be.
About the only thing Barack Obama has done 'right' thus far as President is to at least appear to try to hold Israel's feet to the fire regarding the cessation of non-stop growth of those utterly illegal, malignant Israeli 'settlements.' He has also been correct in pursuing dialogue and peace with IRAN regardless of what the warmongering Zionist morons in Tel Aviv think about that.
Afghanistan is LOST, as is Pakistan. The only other route out of the Caspian Basin for oil and natural gas is DUE SOUTH THROUGH IRAN. I have only been saying that for the past 5 years...and all it takes is to look at the damned maps to verify everything I've said.
Benjamin Netanyahu made it abundantly clear in the recent meetings with Obama that his 'government' has no intentions of pursing peace and a two-state solution with the Palestinians. Requests to stop expanding Israeli settlements onto Palestinian territory were also rejected by this maniacal war-hawk.
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/israel/5346415/ Netanyahu-stands-firm-against-demands-from-Obama.html
It is time to boycott Israel until and unless its government gets the hint that the rest of the world is fed up with its bullshit and genocide. The current management of Israel does not want peace. It is time for the world to tell them they have NO CHOICE.
Israel has refused to sign and ratify the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but it goes much deeper than that. Israel has refused to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention, or CWC. It has also refused to even sign or ratify the Biological Weapons Convention, or BWC. It is no secret in the world community that Israel has pursued nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and uses such as intimidation and blackmail in the Middle East and even in other nations to influence policies such as in the US and UK.
Take the time to read about the extent Israel has worked to develop - and hide - a half century of developing its chemical and biological weapons program from the world.
This is not a state based on religion, this is a state based on hatred for all of mankind except the elite insiders of the Zionists elite, those self-avowed supremacists...the 'Chosen.'
For years the Jeff Rense website has featured a US military report revealing that Israel uses thermonuclear blackmail to get its way with the US and other countries that don't bow and obey. This is NOT some conspiracy theory - it is a report by the US Air Force about the policies and actions of that shitty little country. The other report at the link above - by Avner Cohen - is well documented and more proof these idiots psychopaths in Tel Aviv - and ultimately the City of London Banksters - think they are above all laws.
Israel has also refused to obey dozens of UN sanctions and directives regarding its wanton disregard for human life and property in the general vicinity of Israel.
When it is all added up, it is clear that Israel is the world's most deadly, dangerous malignant, cunning, scheming pariah.
It will be a blessed day in America when the so-called "Zionist Christians" wake up from their coma and realize that neither Palestine nor Israel are all Jewish or all Islamic. Israel is abusing the lawful rights of many Christian Jews and many Christian Arabs, too. They are also being systematically dispossessed of their land, businesses, and homes, too, for the greater 'good' of the Zionist Jews and Zionist regime. It is time for American Christians to wake up to the reality of the apartheid and hate that the current day Israel government truly stands for and embraces.
It surprises me not that a diehard warmongering Zionist Jew like Netanyahu would fail to grasp the meaning of what Jesus Christ was saying in the parable about 'get the plank out of your own eye first'.
So, how can we support that majority of Jews in Israel to create a two-state solution? How can we support the sane Diaspora Jews who clearly see that enough is truly enough?
Boycott all Israeli exports until they get the message that the world has had enough of them. Boycott Israel by not supporting its tourism efforts until they get that plank out of their damned eye. Boycott its exports, products, tourism and anything else that supports the current Zionist regime in Israel.
The Holy Land? Not under current management of Netanyahu and the Likud. Boycott them until their balance sheets bleed red. It is the Christian thing to do - shun evil.
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