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Jim Kirwan
The last two weeks in June marked an unprecedented attack, by the government, upon the entire social infrastructure of this society. This was only the latest in a long series of criminal actions meant to finally tip the nation into chaos.
While this effort has been seriously moving toward this end since the day that Cheney-Bush took the office of the presidency in the Coup of December 12, 2000; the intensification under Obamageddon has expanded on everything done under the Dictatorship of Cheney-Bush, to the point where the Constitution should end and the Fascist Regime can come into full and unopposed power. However, despite all that was attempted in those last two weeks in June-once again the political incompetents have failed!
To understand how this equation between the powers that were created to serve the public, could have become so thoroughly perverted that they can now openly advocate for the total annihilation of this nation, of its infrastructure, and all of its societal protections (from the same government) that is now trying everything possible to end the life of the United States-one needs to go back to the beginning points when everything that was instituted constitutionally began to be eroded.
These attacks were not direct assaults upon either the institutions or the people; but were instead carried out by massive deceptions that have become increasingly less sophisticated with every passing day, because the people that still need to be coerced have become increasingly more receptive to the dictates of feudal power with each new transgression; accompanied by each new occupation of what used to the Republic of the United States. The history of our inability to print our own money is covered in "The Enemy Within!" (1)
After we lost that battle for the third time; The Federal Reserve Bank became part of the fabric of our lives and became as familiar to us all as the one-dollar bills that carry their message of our failure along with their victory over us; on the back of every one dollar bill (in case we should ever forget "Who Really Owns Us"). The two symbols are taken from the front and the back of "The Great Seal of the United States" that depicts the Zionist pyramid with it's all seeing eye (on the left) together with its welcome to a new world order. It also clearly depicts the thirteen original colonies captured inside the Zionist star of Israel (on the right), above the head of the American Bald Eagle that denotes the power of the purse that was stolen from the US in 1913 by the Rothschilds. This is the situation today-despite the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank is not 'Federal,' nor is it a 'Reserve" or even a bank in any conventional sense of that term. The 'FED' is an illegal and privately-held holding corporation that dictates the US money supply that prints our money and controls the monetary health of this nation, on a minute by minute basis: for the private and personal gains of the Rothschilds and their associates in the other eleven central banks of the world.
With our money in their hands; fast-forward to the presidency of Harry S. Truman from April 12, 1945 to 1953. This was the key change that altered everything that the public thought formed the bedrock of the Republic. Under Truman the Charter of the United Nations came into force on Oct. 24, 1945 along with the International Court of Justice, as an integral part of that Charter. Internationally Truman also approved the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan, and later he oversaw the rebuilding of both Europe and Japan after the war. HST was also responsible for changing US foreign policy in ways that have altered our place in the world-forever. The creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was part of his watch. Truman was personally responsible for creating the CIA and the National Security Council (NSC), an agency that replaced congress, and that has been running the country ever since. HST was responsible for sponsoring Israel to the United Nations (During the Blitzkrieg we discovered that Israel no longer recognizes the UN ­ yet without the UN there would be no Israel)?
Truman was also responsible for our stance in the Cold War, and in the still unfinished Korean War. In between those events the House Un-American Activities Committee was also a feature of this so-called president, who did not interfere with the public intimidations of the committee or its fascist intent to subvert the protections of the constitution that were trampled upon by the committee with brutal contempt for those it had dragged before their nationally-televised proceedings. (2)
"1947: The first wave of hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) occur. During this time novelist Ayn Rand testifies regarding the pro-communist slant of the film Song of Russia (1944). It is in these hearings that the "Hollywood Ten" are blacklisted and sentenced to prison terms for contempt of Congress. McCarthy does not participate in these hearings."
It is fair to say that by the time Truman left office, there was very little of the former concept of the USA that was left to be destroyed; and the pattern of permanent erosion of the so-called constitutional provisions upon which the nation was supposedly based upon had already begun to rot in the grave. Truman was followed by Eisenhower (1953-1961) who brought us the concept of the Military-Congressional-Industrial Complex, which he then so thoughtfully warned us about, after he had completed the creation of it, in a few parting lines from his final speech to the American public. Then came Kennedy; and with his assassination the doors to blatant-conquest were thrown open to all manner of traitors, murderers and common criminals, of which only the most recent crop have chosen to openly include huge numbers of foreign agents inside the US government in top positions, beginning with the White House.
Now even the so-called president is not who he claims to be. He's a person with three names, with some allegiance to three different countries and yet he has no official past that he is willing to have released to the public that supposedly voted for him. What we do know is that he is not a man-of-his-word; as he has managed to break every promise he made during the two-plus-years that he spent running for the office; and that he has now increased the severity of every crime that Cheney-Bush introduced us to; while offering absolutely no answers to any of the massive failures he said that he was so anxious to change "for us." Here are some of the things he oversaw in his latest Blitzkrieg against the life of the Republic and the lives of its citizens.
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Wandering through this city, from time to time one cannot help but notice all the broken and hopeless bodies, the disfigured and the mentally-ill (thanks to Reagan for tossing them into the streets); not to mention the mindless and those totally consumed with their cell-phones and or their i-pods hell-bent on remaining unaware of the chaos all around them. The too-many-empty stores, the deserted properties and everywhere the rising stench of urine amid the trash and general clutter of what used to be prominent shopping areas in a healthy American city. These "people" would not last five minutes if Marital Law were to be ignited, or chaos were to 'break-out,' this cities population would be cut by half within a week, if Obamageddon comes to pass.Yet with all the threats and new laws passed to intimidate, to threaten and extort us at every turn, there is something far more disturbing, just below the surface.
That 'something' is what the Barbarians apparently overlooked in all their haste to finish their total annihilation of this nation. The laws they passed are draconian and border on the bizarre both in their Machiavellian scope as well as in their grandiose sweep of a magisterial control that they seem not-to-have-noticed that they cannot implement. Obama has called for an army of civilian volunteers, attached to the War Department that will have twice the number of members as we now have in the entire War Department (that would be 5 million volunteers).
To initiate the now mandatory vaccine programs or the home invasions to "check" for anything illegal from weapons to drugs; will require a massive amount of organization at the highest levels. But there is no money so the states will be ordered to implement these programs. The states are beyond broke, there is no money: Consequently where will the phones, the computer-coordination, the transportation, and or the management personnel come from to oversea these 5 million spies (including the Boy Scouts) that Obama has directed to undertake these new outrages?
Moreover as the "police" have gone from protecting people to harassing us, Tasering far too many people to death, while they interrogate and torture ordinary citizens for no particular reason, except that they can, under color of the badge: This has had an impact which the government might not be aware of; because with every new outrage, every person violated adds one more brick in the wall that is insuring that people will soon have nothing left to lose-which is always an extremely volatile place for 'law-enforcement-officers' to have put themselves into. Pressure mounts every hour against the very forces that all this contrived terror is meant to crush. What is clear is that 'government' with all its intrusive and official masks cannot hide their hatred for the people that have so far failed to surrender everything to them.
Many have already begun to draw their personal lines-in-the-rubble: defining for themselves the places that they will not allow themselves to be pushed into-a kind of personal ignition point where they will willingly choose to meet unreasonable-official-force with overwhelming force of their own. That day is very close at hand, because of this stepped up-schedule that Obamageddon seems determined to finally force upon us all.
But "Beware the lean and hungry lions with their stomachs clawing at their backbones because they've got nothing left to lose." This Blitzkrieg might have been designed to break them, but it might just as well embolden all the rest of us.
1) The Enemy Within: http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2009/art85.htm
2) Harry S. Truman Biography http://www.trumanlittlewhitehouse.com/key-west/president-truman-biography.htm
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