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Betelgeuse BOOM - Calamitas Apocalyptica
By Karl Schwarz
Some who read "Might Betelgeuse go BOOM?" were correct that I did not do a good job on spelling out the sequences of what can happen with such a Supernova and the time factors involved. It was both an oversight on my part to spell out a specific time frame and clarifying the terminology. The consequences are not that hard to grasp but sequence and time factors are.
There will be the initial shock wave that is the bright light in the sky but that one event can set into motion four phases of bad things, each with a time frame of when it would happen. The initial bright light may not be without horrible consequences for our planet when the Supernova notice first appears in the sky.
That alone may be the first of many massive hits on our home planet or it might be the only hit needed to end us on this planet. The bright light and its accompanying issues may well be the beginning of the end for Earth.
The shock wave may be headed at us already, or start on its journey today or 10, 20 years from now. Due to the Pandora's Box of bad things that can happen, some of us will not make it but hopefully some of us will. That is explained below.
The three early parts of the event are fairly easy to predict.
They all get put into motion when we see the bright light in the sky. The final fourth phase depends on many factors and it will take much longer in time to arrive or calculate when it will arrive.
The important thing is that it is not a matter of 'if' but it is a matter of 'when'. Our species only has so much time to get into gear and do something constructive to face such a danger.
Failure to do so could lead to extinction of all life on this planet. This will not be like trying to save the planet from CO2, or the whales or the polar bears. This could be a life extinction event for all life so travel plans might be in order.
It is interesting to see that people read, think and respond to an article that probes their consciousness and compels them to think about the future, whether good or bad. I was asked some interesting questions due to the 'Might Betelgeuse go BOOM?' article.
This calamity needs to be named something. It may become the equivalent of 'Calamitas Apocalyptica', or 1,000 years of apocalyptic Hell and calamity on Earth. Maybe as an alternative 'Terra Apocalyptica' would be fitting. That would not be due to any war being launched by anyone and sure as Hell would not have anything to do with global warming per the mantra of Al Gore and his Gorettes.
(National Geographic ran a special July 22 about the end fate of our Sun and Earth. Maybe Gore and his Gorettes should watch the real inconvenient truth on National Geographic. The Earth will either be consumed by the Sun or the Sun will melt the surface of the Earth to smooth nothingness. There will be no oceans, no rivers, no lakes, no trees, no mountains, and no life left. Our planet will be like Mercury, an oversized super-heated billiards ball or consumed by the Sun.)
Such a scenario as Betelgeuse presents would be our human species on a tiny planet up against the sheer powers and dangers that have always existed within the framework of the Universe.
Maybe some people think Earth came with a manufacturer's warranty? Call Barky Obama! My bet is he will be selling Earth Warranties to underwrite another stupid bail out for elite insiders. Those other lying hucksters Clinton and Bush will be selling and every one of their buddies, too. Gore will probably see the opportunity to turn a buck and abandon his global warming scam.
When Betelgeuse goes Supernova the events will be played out over time and could be a much longer time than many would wish to see.
It could be a 'bad to worse' scenario from start to finality as time passes.
There were also many interesting emails in response to 'Might Betelgeuse go BOOM?' This person was asking about what muons can do to kill life on this planet and added a passage from Revelations:
"Revelation 9
1The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss. 2When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss. 3And out of the smoke locusts came down upon the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. 4They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5They were not given power to kill them, but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes a man. 6During those days men will seek death, but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them."
My gut instincts say that the Evil that rules this planet know that the Apocalypse is coming for them. The person who sent the email was also wondering if Betelgeuse might be that star cited in Revelations that unleashes punishment on our planet to anyone who does not have the seal of God on their foreheads. I cannot say, time will tell.
Muons might feel like scorpion stings. I for one do not wish to find out what muons feel like.
One person asked me why I bothered to write the article, since there is nothing we can do about a Supernova in our future. Simple answer ­ I would be remiss as a human being and as a Christian to not say what is happening while the perverts, thugs and war criminals are already making preparations as they attempt to be the sole survivors.
Seriously, what does our government intend to do by spending hundreds of billions of dollars in preparations so they will survive? Move to another planet and govern nothing but their own windbag mill? Maybe they intend to hold Senate and House sessions to govern a dead planet? Talk about self-inflated egos that think they are still important in the essence of nothingness or in the midst of total disaster that they cannot do anything about.
The colossal star Antares was bigger than Betelgeuse and it is now smaller. It was about 2,000 times the size of the Sun and is now about 800 times the size. That is another super massive star in this neighborhood that might be getting wound up for the Big Event. It is about 600 light years from Earth and it may be headed into Supernova mode, too. Or, it too may have already hit the Supernova mode.
A reader in Australia sent me an interesting link to graphics that were posted on Rense in 2006. This can put the matter into scale and perspective for you, but note that Antares is now smaller than Betelgeuse by about 20%:
Our beautiful planet is a mere speck in the bigger realm of things. We are sort of like one grain of sand compared to all of the grains of sand on all of the beaches on this planet.
We may be drifting along on the Good Ship La-La-Earth into the biggest calamity this part of the Milky Way galaxy has ever had ­ double-barrel supernovas in our neighborhood. Something tells me this millennium is not going to be worth remembering except for the value of harsh lessons.
In a 2008 interview with a Russian high tech magazine I mentioned, almost as an afterthought, that what we may be witnessing is the collision between two galaxies and we are in the smaller galaxy.
In a way, the Milky Way might be rejecting our merger or has decided that adopting us is just too high a price to pay.
This is what I was referring to:
This was the article that had the discussion and the link:
My instincts say Earth may well be facing foreclosure and eviction. This area of the Milky Way galaxy may be destined to become a star creation nursery in the future. That is when the clock of the Universe process starts over, along with evolution of new life forms. Everything in the way has to be demolished, possibly even us. I guess we could consider it God's version of urban renewal. It may not set well with inhabitants of Earth but this entire area might be rezoned for something of a higher and better use.
God may be doing all of us a favor by moving the renovation ahead.
That is because this planet is definitely ruled by clowns, idiots, criminals and psychopaths, no doubt about that matter in my mind.
The word buffoon(s) comes to mind almost daily.
The folks at Cal Berkeley Observatory are not the only ones that are watching this matter closely. Betelgeuse has definitely initiated an iron core fusion process and contraction in size.
Scientists who study supernovas are aware that such is the lead up to what is usually a massive explosion in such a star. When Betelgeuse goes into core critical mode, most suspect an event along the lines of SN 1987A, SN 1993J or SN 2008D with colossal releases of energy that would not be beneficial to the health or life on this planet over time.
I have seen some comments by scientists that Betelgeuse could go Supernova at any moment, while the PTB rush around to save their asses and the Sheeple still graze unaware of the possible dangers.
Maybe that is as it should be, for it is truly only the evil, the greedy, the megalomaniacs and the inhumane among us that have reason to fear.
They spent all those years lying, stealing, cheating, killing, torturing, abusing and crushing anyone in their path, and now might lose it all. So sad for them! It is for certain that they cannot take it with them.
One of our quantum mechanics affiliates thinks that in addition to a massive blast of light due to the Supernova (and the possibility of massive doses of life-killing UV, gamma ray and x-ray), Betelgeuse might also be the type of star that will generate a considerable gravity wave as part of the event. That would add to the hurt by extending into centuries a string of bad luck for our planet. Our planet may soon exemplify the old adage ­ if it were not for our bad luck we would not have any luck at all.
There may be mercy granted if a massive GRB comes and spares this planet what would be coming next after the initial announcement we see in the sky that Betelgeuse is no more.
Being quite pragmatic about the matter, it will be those evil folks who have their bunkers built with ill-gotten gains and taxpayer dollars that will have to face the Calamitas Apocalyptica. I say. let it rain and rain and rain on them.
Scientists already know that the core collapse phenomenon does alter the gravity realities in that area of the Cosmos and one of the side effects is a single large or multiple smaller gravity waves depending on how the core collapsed, tried to resist collapse, etc. Those are shock waves that precede or coincide with the thermonuclear blast wave that defines the Supernova event.
That would be an electromagnetic pulse, or 'EMP' that is mentioned later in this essay.
That gravity wave would probably not be felt on Earth due to the atmosphere and the amount of water we have that would dampen the jolt. If it is felt it would probably be like a planet-wide mild earthquake tremor. It might make the water tremble slightly in your glass but out in the emptiness of our Solar System it could be like a massive bulldozer.
Such a gravity wave would definitely have an effect in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and in the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud outside of the Pluto orbit. It might also be powerful enough to create a 'nudge' to the planetary orbits, especially the smaller planets and that could be very disruptive. If strong enough it could even create an oscillation or warping in the orbits of all nine planets and disrupt the equilibrium. We do not need to be any closer or any further away from the Sun.
It is sort of hard to visualize but think of the bright light as the shock wave and could include gravity wave, massive doses of UV, gamma ray and x-ray radiation. Radiation and energy waves travel fast. The blast wave is the thermonuclear blast and waves of matter and would include super high levels of heat. The blast wave and super-heated matter travel much slower, usually.
Such circumstances might also cause some interesting flare ups with our Sun and it becomes a problem for a while during this change in the local environment of our Solar System.
Over the billions of years, an equilibrium has set in where the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is fairly stable. That also holds true for the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud of small and large chunks of ice and debris. There are extremely large ice chunks in the Kuiper and Oort region outside the orbit of Pluto. Any outside pushing force into either of those zones of our Solar System, such as a gravity wave, could set off a chain of events that has asteroids and large chunks of space ice literally raining down on our planet (and others) and either impacting or blowing up in our atmosphere. That period of bad luck could last for thousands of years or more.
Even if these projectiles miss Earth, they could impact other planets and still have an effect here. It is all connected and interconnected, just like a huge electrical network.
In sequence of events this quantum mechanics scientist thinks we would first see the huge blast of light. Secondly, that will be followed very shortly with intense energy waves that will be either UV, or gamma ray or x-ray. We will not know until it arrives here at Earth which flavor we get, nor will we know the extent of damaging side effects such as muons or literally massive wave irradiation of our planet until it happens. Thirdly, concurrent with that is the distinct possibly that the gravity wave would disrupt the asteroid belt and the Kuiper / Oort zone and set off that chain of events to where we have a nightmare that starts and might not end for about 1,000 years or 10,000,000 years. That would be the second and third phase of Calamitas Apocalyptica.
Fortunately, the 10,000,000 years scenario would probably never come into play, or we will not be around to suffer through it.
That barrage of space objects would be item number three, but there is a fourth one mentioned at the end of this essay.
On July 30, 1908 there was some form of nuclear explosion in the atmosphere in the area of Tunguska Siberia. The blast was approximately 1,000 times as powerful as the bomb the US dropped 37-years later on Hiroshima.
In short, there was a massive nuclear explosion in Siberia 37-years before mankind supposedly discovered and deployed a nuclear weapon.
This is a five-minute video about that event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiXpp-i442s
Most scientists seem to agree that either an asteroid or a large comet-like chunk of ice is what created the Tunguska event. It entered our atmosphere at high speed, superheated and detonated in the air leaving a large area of total destruction. This event even created mutations that have been studied now for a very long time.
In the middle of all of this hype about North Korea and Iran, WMD, etc, we might all need to consider the WMD effects that Supernova Betelgeuse can visit upon Earth.
Try to imagine an environment where nuclear detonations (or deep impacts) are raining in from outer space and flattening large areas of this Earth. Try to imagine such objects hitting land and causing massive blast waves, fire storms and even a nuclear winter if the impacts are big enough and the ejected materials cloud the Sun from the surface of our planet. Try to imagine such objects hitting the oceans and causing speed-of-sound tsunamis that could be from one to three miles high and destroy everything in their path. There is not enough 'high ground' to prevent hundreds of millions to billions of people being killed in such disasters.
Under that scenario, I think my preference would be to let the evil bastards hunker down in their bunkers and await their doom.
You see, Revelations is illusory. In that I mean the Seven Seals and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or even Armageddon do not have to be the literal images that mankind has devised. They are mental images that people can relate to. It does not have to be Gog and Magog hurling nuclear missiles at each other. The sound of the angel's trumpet may be the blast of phenomenon ripping our planet apart. They can each and every one be embodied within other types of calamities and achieve the same end result. There is nothing that says they may not come as horrors that the human mind cannot even envision and not even originate on this planet.
To say that Evil has taken over our planet would be putting it mildly. The very worst of human traits are now held on high as if they are some worthy character trait for our species or an icon worthy of worship. Most of our species inherently and instinctively reject such conduct. That is the goodness that has evolved on our planet and it is still here regardless of how quiet it may be.
The battle between the forces of good and evil does not necessarily mean that the side of Good even resides on this planet. The God / Universe version of urban renewal might be how this Universe deals with evil, warlike beings that do not hesitate to kill even their own species.
It is as if we are witnessing a complete nervous breakdown and mass moral breakdown of our species as crime, fraud, child abuse, pedophilia, murder, war crimes, cruelty and inhumanity are like ill winds all over this Earth. When torture, wars based on lies, war crimes, killing of innocents become passé, we as a species prove that we are not worth saving for the most part.
The analogies or mental pictures put forth in Revelations could easily mean the following:
First Horseman of the Apocalypse:
The notice of the Supernova as a massive blast of light (Shock Wave) accompanied by extreme levels of either UV or gamma rays or x-rays. That bright light might be in our sky for weeks or months.
We might even be the unlucky recipients of a GRB or gamma ray burst that would shorten the time of suffering and increase the likelihood of extinction. As to time, that depends on when Betelgeuse explodes or if it has already exploded. If it has already detonated, the fuse is lit and how long it takes to arrive depends on when it blew up. It may have blown up 400 years ago, might do so today or might be in the future.
If Betelgeuse reaches its potential as a Supernova, this phase could have massive effects on our planet and there will probably be direct or indirect casualties. If a GRB is involved, the casualties will probably be massive and it might prove to be an act of mercy. This wave of ill wind will be headed at us at the speed of light so arrival could be sooner than most want.
Muons may well make people wish they were dead but cannot find peace quickly. The incidence of cancer may well go off the scale following this blast to our ecosystem.
Second Horseman of the Apocalypse:
A large gravity wave would arrive along with the First Horseman of the Apocalypse that could upend the equilibrium in this Solar System that has taken many billions of years to establish. Such an event could wind up hurling asteroids and space ice chunks into the inner Solar System and add to the hardships. This phase could also see massive increases in cancer and die offs due to the UV, gamma ray and x-ray blasts that hit the Earth in the first wave.
Betelgeuse and Antares are large enough solar masses that the end result may well be black holes. There is also a possibility that the creation of such black holes may escalate the level of any EMP gravity wave that would be created.
Due to the distance from Earth to the various parts of the Asteroid Belt, there would be a time delay as to when asteroids would arrive to impact our planet.
The Asteroid Belt is literally multitudes of possible hazardous objects. It is nominally between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter but some of them even orbit along the Jupiter orbit pathway. Our planet may be facing hundreds, or thousands or tens of thousands of Near Earth Objects, or NEOs.
The sheer force of the initial shock wave (UV, gamma ray, x-ray and gravity wave) could easily push many of these objects into the Earth. Small ones will burn up in the atmosphere but the larger ones can have effects ranging from harsh to devastating. The larger ones can inflict damage ranging from taking out tens to hundreds of millions of people up to the level of being what they call planetary killers.
The asteroid that hit the Yucatan Peninsula area about 65 million years ago left a crater 110 miles wide. That event is what scientists think led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. They also think it was an asteroid about 6 miles wide.
Since NASA now wants to bomb the Moon with a kinetic weapon, think of it this way. Such asteroids are also kinetic weapons but much more powerful.
All one has to do is look at photographs of the Moon and Mars.
Those craters happened long ago, but those days can return due to the Betelgeuse Supernova.
It would not take long for the Asteroid Belt objects to be pushed from where they are and impact the Earth. At most 3-5 years after the Supernova event and could last for hundreds of years of impacts with varying levels of damage.
Third Horseman of the Apocalypse:
After the bright Supernova light fades, events may have been put into motion that will continue to hammer Earth for a long time into the future. Such events would continue to inflict direct or indirect casualties far into the future. A possible barrage of asteroid belt objects or large comet-like ice chunks from the Kuiper Belt or Oort Cloud that could last a thousand years or more. It could be the equivalent of a Thousand Year War and one huge blast or deep impact / tsunami after another. Problem is there is no one to shoot back at so it would be a war we cannot win.
This phase could turn into Calamitas Apocalyptica in that any life remaining would continue to be hammered by nuclear blasts, deep impact asteroids, ocean impacts with tsunamis, nuclear winter, starvation, etc. Such events could also set into motion massive Ice Age events that push the remaining population of Earth into smaller and smaller areas.
These objects are much further from Earth than the Asteroid Belt but will not be hard to push in our direction. It will just take longer for them to reach the inner planets of the Solar System.
Best estimate is about 50 years after the bright light in the sky Earth might be in for large impacts from space debris from the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud regions. Those events alone may cause massive death, crop failure and planetary starvation even before the worst part comes.
The Kuiper Belt ranges from 30 AU to 55 AU from the Sun and extends from about Neptune to well beyond Pluto at approximately 39 AU from the Sun. It is estimated that there are about 70,000 objects in this area larger than 100 km in size, and a multitude of other sizes. A 100km wide object is a planetary killer and even one such object could extinguish life on our planet.
These objects are in a very loose orbit so would not be hard to direct towards the inner solar system orbits. Amazingly, the Kuiper Belt is a stable region but something like Betelgeuse could easily change that to our detriment.
The Oort Cloud is further away and ranges from about the edge of the Kuiper belt to almost one light year from our Sun. There are too many objects in the field to count. Even in the Kuiper and Oort regions there are objects large enough to be classified as small or sub-planet in size. The potential for multiple planetary-killer impacts is not out of the realm of possibility.
If you are 50 or older there is nothing to worry about on this one. If you are younger, maybe some can survive to write or tell what Hell looked like.
With each successive phase of asteroid impacts, the survivability probabilities decrease for our species.
These endless decades or centuries of Hell raining in as the asteroids and ice chunks might even make it difficult to get off this third rock from the Sun and head to another planet and start over. That would depend on how much space debris is headed at Earth.
It might be impossible to leave if our means of devising an exit strategy keeps getting damaged or destroyed by objects that were hurled our way by the initial Betelgeuse shock wave. The building of a space ship, or a fleet of them, would take a massive infrastructure on the ground. That infrastructure and even a work force might vanish before any such evacuation vehicle could be completed.
This was in one of the emails from our quantum mechanics friend:
"As far as Betelgeuse is concerned the clock will start ticking when the night sky lights up and after the light show ends and the EMP pulse fades and the gravity waves dissipate, we will repair the damage and breath a sigh of relief, and then about 50 years after that great big chunks of space junk will begin entering the inner solar system and if one does hit the earth and is big enough then our worries will be over and this could last for thousands of years (this will be because the oort cloud will have been disturbed by the EMP , light and gravity waves). Then after that the big enchilada slams into the solar system and if we haven't left the vicinity by then bend over real hard and kiss your ass goodbye."
The big enchilada referred to by this scientist is the Betelgeuse supernova thermonuclear blast wave, at which time our relatively peaceful Solar System will be engulfed into what is a supercharged, super hot nursery for the creation of new stars and new solar systems. The blast wave and the matter of the Supernova Remnant do not travel as fast as light or the effects we will get in UV, gamma rays or x-rays, or gravity wave.
The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse:
This would be the arrival of the thermonuclear blast wave and superheated star remnants of what once was Betelgeuse. There are some factors that cannot be calculated until the event happens and we see the first wave of it and then track the expansion of the remnant. The magnitude of Supernovas varies as well as the rate of expansion of the Supernova Remnant. Estimated Time of Arrival, or "ETA", will not be known for a long time.
There are Supernova Remnants that are large enough to span from Betelgeuse to our Solar System. The larger the star, the larger the blast, the larger the Supernova Remnant can be. If there is anything about the Universe that is apparent that is that the Universe is an area where scale and awesome power are on display and it is beyond colossal.
Betelgeuse is one of the largest stars known. It has the potential to be a colossal event and a deadly event.
It will look pretty from another planet far away just like the Crab Nebula does from Earth, but it will not be pretty from this vantage point. Here would be like Hell. The Supernova Remnant expansion is a combination of the superheated thermonuclear blast and the matter that existed at the time of the blast and new elements that are created due to that explosion. This remnant matter stays hot for a very long time due to the sheer temperatures that are reached in that pivotal moment. It is the stuff of which new stars and new planets are made.
As one of our scientist said, there is time for what is left of mankind to emigrate to another planet if we can find a suitable one. The first question will be how many survivors remain on Planet Earth after the first three Horsemen of the Apocalypse have passed our way. Secondly, can we find a suitable planet? It may be a journey where generations are born and pass before the destination is reached.
Even if the blast wave and supernova remnant cannot reach this far, the first three scenarios may have already ended life on this planet or could have ended any semblance of quality of life on this planet. It might also be the case that we suffer the first three calamities and then the Fourth Horseman arrives later. By then, it might not even matter if no one is left to protest or experience the moment.
Our hustle and bustle world may be dead silent and devoid of life.
The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse would be a point in history when our planet is no longer needed for human life. It will be scheduled to be recycled into a new star or a new planet, which may or may not have life on it. Where you are sitting today might be part of a new Pluto in the future and no life, or it may be part of the next star in this area many billions of years from now.
Our existing planet would definitely not have any human life on it when the Fourth Horseman arrives, but it may be devoid of life long before that.
We may learn over the eons that God has quite a sense of humor, when cretins like Bush, Clinton, Obama, Cheney, Pelosi, et al get recycled as the new anus on the new and improved Uranus. My grandfather always warned me to watch my behavior because it might affect how I get reincarnated.
I can think of many possible bad endings but the worst would be to have the worst among us be the only survivors and the only future representatives as to what is best about our species. That would be even more tragic than the extinction of our species or the destruction of our planet. Just imagine, our greatest scumbags and criminals are going to introduce themselves to the neighbors as if they were the best our planet had to offer. I cannot say for you but I take umbrage to even the thought of such a travesty.
In closing, I see three camps forming in the coming years.
One will be those who cannot leave Earth and with each successive harm done to our planet there will be fewer and fewer of them. Due to time factors, many will be either the poor or the elderly or the infirm that cannot survive such a crisis or will not live to see the horrors. What is sad is those who are ignorant by birth or by choice would have little role in such an evacuation or future of our species. Any evacuation would have only so many seats, so much fuel, food and water. Unless there are few remaining, the odds of a total evacuation of Earth are slim.
The second camp will be the worst among us. They will try to make sure they survive and extend their wanton greed, military and political inhumanity to another world. Just about every Fascist, high ranking Socialist, elitist, Wealthy Elite, war criminal, pundit, elitist government consultant, subservient scientist and the banksters will be fighting for a seat on the Earth Ship Exodus. I think they will not survive long even if they leave because truly advanced intelligent beings will not tolerate them and their ill will and greed towards others. They will probably have nukes, CBW and all sorts of things packed for the trip that they think they might need for 'any possible scenario'. They might even have neutron bombs and kinetic weapons so they can steal a planet from another species, should they covet it.
They might not name it Exodus due to the Zionist connotations. It might be named Clinton, or Bush, or 'Clinton Bush' just to rub our noses in it.
The Earth Ship Exodus will be littered bulkhead-to-bulkhead with the self-appointed arrogant, malignant and the fawning wannabe butt wipes. They will package up all of the greed, military firepower, weapons, useless idols, icons and whores, and inhumanity and set off for another world. Their days will be numbered.
This second camp will also include all of the self-appointed Zionist Masters coveting a seat on the Exodus. Their true colors will show when they leave the other Jews to their fate on Earth.
The whining and wailing will be unbearable.
Revelations has a verse about the 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes, or 144,000 to be allowed salvation by God. Would not surprise me at all that the 144,000 are the worst of the lot, not related to any of the 12 tribes genetically, and bought or bribed their way onto this starship.
The third camp will be those who are truly dedicated to preserving what is best about our species. They will most assuredly be private sector and have no interest and no need to be heavily armed for offensive purposes. They will be the ones who move forth into the future as the true representatives of the wonders that evolved on our planet. They should probably name their starship the Genesis because the future of our species will be on that starship.
One of the things I would find most interesting in a Betelgeuse supernova event could be summed up with one word: clarity.
Our species would have to focus or perish.
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