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After The War?
Jim Kirwan
There is no such term in the political-lexicon of the self-appointed that have been creating all the wars since the beginning of recorded history. Beginning with the period immediately after WWII, the designers of wars began to create an entirely new kind of war-they call it "never-ending war."
Korea was the first practice scrimmage-game to experiment with the mind-numbing idiocy of wars without purpose; wars that could be 'fought' without gains and with losses that could be marginalized to justify whatever might leak out from the various frontlines of conflict. In this case it was 'contained' in the larger opaque envelope of 'The Cold War.'
From there we moved into Vietnam in 1959, which became official and far more serious with LBJ's Gulf-of-Tonkin resolution, and then was expanded into Laos and Cambodia by Nixon. That ended in defeat for the US in 1975.The cost was 58,119 killed, 153,303 wounded, 1,948 missing in action, in eighteen long and bitter years of unilateral war.
Fast-forward through Somalia, Grenada and Panama (over 4,000 killed there) to arrive at the beginning of the War on Iraq. "US Dept. of Veterans: 73,846 US troops dead, 1,620,906 disabled. The SAME GOVERNMENT AGENCY REPORT CONFIRMS 1.6 MILLION "DISABLED" BY THE WAR!" These figures cover all troops in Iraq from 1991 to 9-26-2007; that's eighteen years and a lot more casualties than Americans have been led to believe there have been. (1)
Why do these discrepancies matter so much; precisely because the figures that the public was given have been another gigantic lie, on top of all the other lies we were told about both the wars themselves and how we came to be in them in the first place.
After WWII most Americans considered themselves to be decent, caring people; people that would come to the aid of the underdog, without needing to be prodded. But what happened in the military-industrial-congressional-complex; after that war forever altered both the purpose and the point of national-international conflicts for the USA: All this was done, for the most part in secret.
However the political swine had a lot of help from business and the war machine that envisioned a huge income stream, if only they could keep their wars going indefinitely.
To do this they needed to take control over education and the arts, and they began by cutting civics and language classes at the Junior Highschool level, followed shortly after by the arts. Throughout the 1950's the Gray-Flannel Suit became the hallmark of the new business paradigm where corporate rising stars were expected to follow draconian orders in order to climb those golden ladders to the top. Company loyalty was prized over family considerations and the pattern for fascist ownership of multi-national businesses was assured. Once this was established, the siren call for science and math became the new battlecry in corporate boardrooms far and wide. The largest casualty in this new twist was the death of emotional and mental health among those seeking the new never-ending upward growth, at the expense of having real lives with other real people in their lives.
After technology and the 401k altered the entire global business structure, in favor of stocks and bonds, the public quickly discovered that they too could share in this newfound income stream, provided that they remained silent about what really happened in these created conflicts that could yield huge profits on several fronts with just the stroke of a pen; in some cases in just a one-minute phone call. So the fix was in, not just with the politicians and the other criminal elements from the Corporatocracy but as part of a sub-cult that began to drive the new American War Machine.
The goal throughout the above ventures was to create the totally controllable business-slave that would act on command without consideration for anything which they might be ordered to do: the spinoff from this job-ensuring behavior was employees that would never question the company about anything they were ordered to do-and all of this was of course justified by increased pay and benefits with every new hurdle that each newly-minted corporate slave managed to accomplish. As their numbers grew; outsiders were eliminated from the workforce, and individual talents were shunned by the "team ethic" that insured compliance in even the smallest details of the work-life of every good employee. Personal habits were scrutinized, friendships were put under the watchful eyes of the thought police, and the "1984" world of corporate life was born on que, as America began to book its passage on this down-bound midnight-express: Headed straight into hell itself.
Thirty years after the end of WWII, this country had become unrecognizable when compared with the nation that had fought in the Second World War. Our individuality had been systematically murdered in the back-alley's of corporate life, our dreams and aspirations had been unscrupulously crushed to fit into the briefcases and portfolios of the 'suits' that were now running the circus-and already "Resistance was Futile."
It was at this point that ordinary people began to embrace the wider-cult of criminality that had already seized this nation. Those who expected to profit in it instinctively knew that loyalty to the 'masters' was uppermost, as surely as they knew that whistle-blowers were to be shunned at all costs: So the construction of the new façade began with an air of optimism about all the booty that would soon come to everyone who 'did their part' and asked no questions-ever! This was an additional thirty years back, when this nightmare actually became serious.
Along the way the United States began to develop a culture that was more than friendly to international war criminals like Henry A. Kissinger (East Timor and Chile) and Dick Cheney, and Rumsfeld the arms peddler and legalized drug pusher along with others such as Brzezinski and his chess board ideas whereon he wants us to play out the end of the human race. Both Kissinger and Brzezinski are presidential advisors to Barack Obama. But this also includes figures like Madeline Albright, the Secretary of State that believed there would be no problem with killing 500,000 Iraqi children with our sanctions on Iraq. The above people are all now treated with great respect by the US government, even though the world hates the ground upon which they each still walk without fear of any prosecution. Apparently the same is true for George W. Bush and Rice, and Powell, along with all those advisors that were disinterred from their days with the US Death Squads in Nicaragua and El Salvador, to serve again under Cheney and now Obama-in the upside down world where freedom and democracy were butchered along with the Republic, just to make a buck for certain of the indispensable élites among our Zionists that have nothing to do with being Jewish.
Somewhere in all of this, the numbers of the mutilated and the dead Americans became inconsequential to all except their relatives and loved ones. And as for the millions that were crippled, displaced or murdered in these various plots and intrigues: They didn't even merit counting!
Which brings us to the national-herd that made this all possible? What happened to their minds, their private thoughts, and most of all their own ability to see and understand their own part in all of this? It was erased, with their permission, for a small consideration of more stuff and a bit more power and all of this came, of course, with strings attached. From the outside it seems difficult to understand; but given the climate of corruption at every level of life and human interaction in America today-it might seem only natural-especially since to oppose this new paradigm was to be a loser, someone not smart enough to take advantage of everything and everyone on whom they might be able to make a buck or two.
The dye was cast; and then came the beginning of the housing crash and all the shaking of the once massive-pillars of society that everyone simply believed could never just collapse into colossal ruin. But now even as the pillars continue to crack and fall, the credit-bubble looms, and the rumors of the not just empty treasury, but of the chasm of our international debt that can never be repaid is looming large upon international horizons.
How did we really get here? First we passed, on trying to distinguish between the things in our lives that are important and those events and occupations that were created simply to consume our every idle moment, for a price of course! In this process, most will dump their excess baggage-so we jettisoned our principles, or values, our private consciences-in favor of becoming fully fledged members of the acquisition society where we traded in our citizenship for consumer status; and our morals for heavy shots of the risky and bizarre with no thought for any consequence in the home-movies we were living in, as if they were the only reality after all.
Problem is; this kind of society only consumes itself while building nothing. It creates nothing new or innovative and basically is built on the destruction of everything that came before it. Relationships between people that do not depend upon the exchange of money are meaningless-in fact other people have meaning only if they are useful in some way to our personal bottom-lines. We are a society surrounded by price-tags, trinkets and 'pleasures' that drain our bank-accounts; baubles that and add nothing to the essence of the beings, but rather, this society specializes in consuming massive quantities of emptiness.
What is missing from life today is 'love' on any level. Without love there can be no dreaming, no story; no life at all worth living. The existence of actual substance is what supports the fragile power at the depth of self (beyond the trio that Freud made famous). This is the invisible self in each of us that enables that capacity for love which creates a world worth living in; a world that is both natural and universal.
But 'this love is not surrender: This love is furious and brave and loud. It can be heard in the voices of the children-the sound of carefree children laughing is louder than the bombs that will soon turn so many back into the dust from which they came. The world needs to come back together with that incredible noise and fury' that is life itself reborn. To hell with the Corporate Victorian slant on slavery; long live the rebels that keep us free!
1) US Depart. Of Veterans: 73,846 US troops dead, 1,620,906 disabled

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