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Afghan Child Survivor
Of US Massacre
Zahra, the Only Survivor of a Family
in the Massacre in Aziz Abad

Dr Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD
I visited Aziz Abad in Southwestern Afghanistan two weeks ago. It is a painful sight. Aziz Abad is the area, where the US bombing raid murdered 94 civilians. Last year on August 22, 2008, the US forces bombed this area in the middle of the night while villagers had gathered to participate in a religious ceremony. The result was horrific.
One of the villagers who lost two of his brothers and all of his nephews told me that before the bombing had started, all of the women had gathered in one of the compound while men were in another compound. When the US forces started bombing using AC-130 Gunships and helicopters, women, children and men were all massacred mostly in two locations. The women compound was hit first. In that compound some of the women and children were killed instantly; however, a number of them survived. The survivors ran to another compound in the vicinity with the hope that they would survive but tragically that compound was also bombed beyond recognition. The compound where the men were situated was also bombed and those men that ran from the compound were targeted individually. Subsequent to the bombing, US soldiers entered the bombed buildings and shot each wounded individual. One of the women, who lost five children, was under the rubbles and was paralyzed under the waist pretended to be dead, hence, she survived. The following is her photo with a reporter and I:
She is paralyzed from the waist down
The majority of the survivors abandoned their village and became refugees within their own country.
Two particularly painful incidents in this massacre affected me in ways that would remain with me for the rest of my life.
The first tragedy was the slaughter of the family of Nur Mohammad. He lost 12 members of his family including himself. When his house was bombed, ten of the twelve family members were killed. Two of his grandchildren that were visiting their grandparents survived. The two children ran to the door of one of the nearby houses screaming "we are scared our grandparents and everyone in the house are dead. Open the door, open the doorS" Before the neighbors could open the door to the terrified children, the US Gunship targeted the children and the house with the rocket, shattering the children and the neighbors into unrecognized pieces of flesh.
The second tragedy is the case of Zahra, who lost eleven (11) members of her family. She is the only survivor of her immediate family. Her grandmother, who is suffering from Parkinson disease, is the only surviving member of her extended family. I posed in the following photo with the little girl and her grandmother.
They are in bad need of assistance if anyone likes to help please donate at the following website to help Zahra and her grandmother and the paralyzed woman:
I just returned from Afghanistan and would like to help this family. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD
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