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Symbols Can Sometimes Say It All
Jim Kirwan
It is truly amazing how much of our national purpose and our imbedded philosophy's of power are encapsulated in the everyday symbols that have always represented so much of what the United States has become. These symbols are not secret, but are instead in the forefront of every official act that every congress takes. Here is a portrait of the podium in Congress: The symbols on either side of the dais are Fasces.
"fascïs, 'bundle of rods', bound together by red thongs and carried on their shoulders by lictors before important Roman magistrates as a symbol of their power. The practice seems to have been of Etruscan origin. Under the kings each bundle enclosed an axe, symbolizing the king's right to scourge and execute, but from the early republic onwards only dictators were allowed axes in Rome; other magistrates retained the axe when outside Rome and at the head of an army. In the case of a general who had won a victory and been saluted as Imperator by his soldiers, his fasces were always crowned with laurel. From the Italian equivalent fascio the Italian Fascist party took its name, with the fasces as its symbol."
Above is a 1936 US Dime. And below is the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington D.C. The armrests are also made from Fasces. . .
What follows below is an image that was used by The California District Attorney's Association, as their logo; during the three years that I free-lanced for several organizations including the office of the State Attorney General of California and the National District Attorney's Association in Washington. The image was used by The California District Attorney's Association and the California Chamber of Commerce for a project which they supposedly sponsored, but which they refused to compensate me for. The project was called: The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime, and ultimately led to California's "Victims Bill of Rights" that produced several unintended consequences. (1)
If you remember the firestorm that John Ashcroft created when he spent $8,000 of the taxpayer's money to hide a partially nude sculpture of Justice, that he personally found offensive; then you can easily understand why this image of Justice was dropped as soon as I ceased to be a part of the criminal justice effort in the State of California, via the office of the Governor and the AG, that had both turned out to be less than trustworthy.
However, I wonder just how much different this country could have been if our founding leadership had been as focused on the all too human needs beneath the idea of justice, as they obviously were upon binding the various people together into something like a bunch of rods to conceal the Axe that has always ruled us all? This 'Justice' is rising from a burning human heart, but nothing of this type has ever been used to officially represent that department-at least not as far as I know-until the CDAA decided to use this symbol.
For instance what kind of a country would we have created, if our guiding symbols for this country had been something like this figure of Justice, balanced by 'LAW' instead of those two cold dead bundles of Fascist rods that adorn the Congress to this day?
1 1) The Forgotten Victims
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