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Shattering The Myths
Jim Kirwan
The entire American political myth rests upon three massive lies that have prevented any real change from ever taking place For at least the last fifty years!
One of these lies deals directly with the second branch of the Federal Government-the Congress of the United States. The entire idea of this government rests upon the premise that 'we have a healthy two party system' that actually represents most of the people, most of the time. That is a lie! The Congress of the US represents the power brokers that own us outright; and the proof of this is the so-called legislation which they have been enacting over our stringent objections for the last eight years. And for good measure congress has chosen not to provide any oversight of anything that Cheney-Bush or any of his thugs chose to do, throughout their entire rein over this country and a large part of the world as well.
PROLOGUE: The 'standard' that flies over the House of Cards above came from Genghis Kahn, because it was he who became famous by laying waste to any civilization that blocked his path toward achieving his idea of global supremacy: And these barbarians are nothing more than extensions of that primitive blood-lust which has followed mankind down through the centuries!
CONTEXT: Congress is nothing but a House of Cards that 'constructs' their view of events to fit whatever the situation requires of them and nothing more. In the case of this fascist police state; congress has sided with the Dark Side of the New World Order and the Illuminati, as well as AIPAC, for most of the last half-century: and against the people of this Republic. Under Cheney-Bush this whole idea of anything like a two party system, was murdered. The openly criminal assignment of their constitutional responsibilities began when they issued Bush his "License to Kill" anyone and everyone anywhere in the world, where doing so might be required to protect the national security interests of the United States of America. (1)
This first lie has become thoroughly entangled in the totally erroneous idea that we have independent political parties that actually are in real opposition to each other-at any time. The truth is that they are both supported by the same slimy capital and the same PR hacks that write the same boring speeches for both sides; and all the phony rhetoric originates from the same boardrooms, the same corporate empires and from the private offices of the privatized Federal Reserve that is stealing us blind. On top of that, this " is kept alive by the media that has been dead so long that everyone seems to have forgotten that their original purpose was to INFORM the PUBLIC, rather than to act as the ultimate censor that prevents knowledge from ever reaching the people that say "they want to know what's going on."
Just look at the aging pile of garbage that media refers to as their celebrated experts in all things political. Most of them have at least one foot in the grave, and the last time any of them said anything that wasn't scripted was back in the stone-age when most of them were born. They lie about everything routinely; and there is never any actual oppositional position presented-on any topic, ever!
Keeping the idea of the 'two-party-system' alive is critical to keeping all the lies in the depths of the bureaucratic dungeons where they continue to thrive and fester.
They call this "The Price of Prosperity," I call it slavery. Both of these so-called political parties should be publicly dissolved and their members prohibited from ever holding any future office, at any level: Because with very few exceptions the people in congress have been traitors to their oaths of office; while they were getting rich by selling out their actual constituents to the same forces that still are gaming the system on finances, on military contracts, and through the continuing rape and plunder of the entire panoply of social service programs that continues, even as those most in need are dying in the streets.
There is only one party "in power" in these so-called United States and that's the party that holds office: Because in reality these people are all on the exact same page! Anyone that has not yet come to realize this fact, must have had a frontal lobotomy, or is otherwise too mentally deficient to matter to anyone else in the least. There is no opposition, loyal or otherwise: What there is, are the people that make everything work and the idle elite that steal the profits and rob everyone else that disagrees with them, about anything. It's become class warfare on a global scale, and the congress, just like the Supreme Court, have gone over to the enemy leaving the public naked in the glare of the klieg-lights of this new-old-fascist police state, that is just beginning to get under way The watchdogs have been allowed to break their own chains, to the same degree that new chains are being created every day, for us, to be permanently attached to our lives. As they get stronger we get weaker-aren't you sick of this yet?
Anyone that still believes that Obama is anything but the next-generation of Cheney-Bush on smack, needs to undergo a thorough cross-examination of what they say they think of as "their own ideas." We're not children that need to be "raised," nor are we sheep that need to tended-to like just so many animals in a mindless herd. At least that was not the idea after the American Revolutionary War had finally been "won."
Our problem is that the most basic of all our political beliefs rests on the idea that we "elect" the people that govern us. Nice idea, but totally untrue! That has been a LIE since LBJ took over from Dead-Jack Kennedy. Now we have even enshrined the totally hackable and completely fraudulent idea of the acceptably crooked voting machines. In addition, we still retain the completely outmoded idea of convention delegates that supposedly elect, not a president, but someone else who will vote (as only they chose to, regardless of the actual vote-count) in something called the Electoral College. That piece of treachery was put there to insure that the "wrong person" could never be 'selected' to be the president; and just how has this worked out for you-from LBJ to the present moment?
These three lies above are the magic keys to the kingdoms of absolute power; and if they were ever to have fallen into the hands of ordinary people, then this place might have evolved into a totally different place from the fascist police state that we have now become today!
It's too bad that so many Americans are simply incapable of getting their minds around the idea that we do NOT have a two party system: We do NOT have a constitutionally responsible government, nor are our "leaders" actually "elected"-because they are in fact 'selected' by foreign interests that want everything that still might be obtainable; before we slip into Fourth World status and disappear from the pages of history all together.
CONCLUSION: What gets lost in all of this is the most diabolical fact of all. Cheney-Bush was indeed in-charge of the last eight years when the threadbare velvet gloves were finally torn away-and the world could see the naked brute force of these alien enemies of the people of the United States for who they really are, as well as who they've always been.
When the German people of the formerly democratic state of Germany were taken over by the Nazi's; the public in Germany also chose not to know about what was being done in their names. As a consequence the Nuremberg Trials developed international laws to deal with this international crime against the peoples of the world. If we now fail to apply the same morality to those Americans that hijacked this nation for the last eight years then we can never be the people that we are still claiming that we "are."
In that last eight years the filth that was spread over the halls of Congress and the White House as well as the Supreme Court is still there. The 'occupants' left, at least tentatively; but the legal and strategic nightmares that they left us with are still alive and growing like the fast moving cancers which they are-with every day that we allow to pass-without taking the necessary actions to clean out their criminally insane policies and procedures; so that new and workable solutions can be proposed. The pre-requisite for realizing any real CHANGE, in anything, cannot begin until we take responsibility for those crimes and prosecute to the full extent of the laws they routinely broke; each and every minute of every day they occupied our government.
If we do not do this now, then we shall remain an occupied society that is enslaved to tyranny and treason throughout this land until we are gone.
1) Open Letter to Congress
http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2002/art0.htm ???
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