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Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow
Jim Kirwan
"Man lives and moves in what he sees-but he sees only what he dreams"
The convoluted title is my way of saying that yesterday is gone and that tomorrow can never actually be reached: this leaves us with only the 'now' of today, to live in. When any politician, prophet, general, or grifter promises anyone anything 'in the future,' this should set off red-flag warnings, about whatever is being promised. The Twenty-first Century has been filled beyond capacity with these self-serving promises that can never even be approached, much less kept.
Some of the casualties of these lies are: What jobs the government allows us to have that actually yield a profit; what opportunities there are to even have a job; along with the continual rearrangement of all parts of the societal infrastructure that is constantly shrinking; in direct and inverse proportion to how necessary those services and occupations are to millions of people.
Basically this grifter's phrase can be applied to all the con-games that have been created from all the recently privatized parts of what used to be publicly owned services. This includes everything from transportation services, airlines, commuter buses and rail service, energy and water supplies, health, welfare, the entire prison system and criminal justice, education, medical care, social services, and now virtually all the financing and loan divisions that once had to answer to public needs; but now answer only to the corporate bottom line. This also includes lines of credit, loan applications for education, but also includes credit card rates, availability of stable loan conditions and goes all the way down to even which jobs will be created, for whom, and for how long.
All together these privatizing policies have perverted the natural creation of good jobs based on competitive creative growth, and have replaced these naturally occurring opportunities with thoroughly controlled artificial constructs that appear and disappear at the whim of the privatized masters-of-the-new-universe. What happens is determined by whatever privatized whim is controlling the daily bottom line. By giving all the power to private interests regardless of what that will mean for those people and customers that are subject to the savagery of instant displacement or disappearance of services means that there are no certainties anywhere, anymore, inside the American economy, on which the health of commerce and daily life are supposedly based. That is what the Cheney-Bush administration did to American public life and to American opportunities across the board.
The 'state' under the dictatorship of Cheney-Bush turned social services into the hardened enemy of those that they supposedly served. In communications the FCC became the major censor controlling access to public information as they mandated the mergers that eliminated local control over news and public affairs; while they created the huge conglomerates in media-communications that have blocked information on subjects as diverse as torture, war crimes, and public corruption of the entire congress and the White House.
On the local level these conglomerates have blocked reporting about the number of dead and injured, not just in the wars but from the actions of thugs that now wear the law-enforcement uniforms of many agencies. There is no protection whatever for the public now from any government agency that decides to prosecute their clients rather than to serve the American public, which was their original reason for being created in the first place.
Literally everything in the government that was created to serve the tax-paying public has been perverted to the task of either denying the public access to what they must have to survive, or to mandating the exact opposite of what the title of the agencies suggest they were created to accomplish. The Environmental Protection Agency is now charged with the Destruction of the Environment. Even 'public broadcasting' has gone over to the enemy and television as an industry is nothing but the propaganda arm of the government. The Federal Communications Commission is charged with silencing the channels of communication while those who have acquired ownership of the airwaves and the printing presses are charged with keeping the public in the dark, while they promote the grand-theft, fraud and murder that has accompanied this rise of the police state in America.
The Federal Food and Drug Administration has been the leader in introducing new and deadly 'medicines' and dozens of 'new' drugs annually for artificially contrived diseases that were created to sell useless or deadly drugs to an overly-trusting
public, to ostensibly prevent conditions that actually never existed, before the behemoths of the 'legal drug world' created them. This practice has resulted in fantastic income streams that have created mega-billions for the drug company owners and directors, while they have devastated the public's health-yet nothing of this massive fraud has even been considered for investigation. This is a criminal-conspiracy between FDA, the Drug Companies and the Government that have all agreed to screw the public to the limits of the public's gullibility; while they remain above it all raking in their illicit profits with no fear whatever of any consequences! (1)
All of the above has been made possible by the sold-out congress that has totally removed itself from oversight responsibility for anything-since the day they gave George W. Bush his "License to Kill." Add to this the totally illegal intrusion of Dick Cheney into the government's actions in virtually every aspect of government affairs from national-security to war, from creating his own shadow government in a time of war, to creating criminally illegal decrees to treason, all the way to being in charge of providing the official cover-up for the mass-murders that took place on 911. Cheney is a traitor and is guilty of treason against the people of the United States.
To allow such a flawed piece of work to not only walk around free; but to continue to give him a national podium to promulgate his continuing lies in defense of his indefensible crimes; is beyond belief, and quite literally screams to be answered in Federal Court, before the public and the world. Instead he is given air time on most of the MSM to continue with his baseless allegations and his sordid lies with which he shamelessly tries to justify his criminal activities especially during the last eight years. If there were any justice in this system Cheney should be interrogated, using the methods he proscribed so vigorously, for the terrorists that his international intrigues created-except that since he is a craven-coward, no such extreme measures would be necessary, in Cheney's pathetic case.
When congress formally named Bush Jr. the Commander-in Chief of the US Armed Forces-many took this to mean that Bush was Commander-in-Chief of the whole government. The truth behind that title is that this term has very specific limitations and only applies to the military-aspects of the armed forces of the United States; No 'Commander-in-Chief has any additional rights in his capacity as head of the administrative branch of government; yet Cheney-Bush took the position that Commander-in-Chief meant that Bush was in charge of everything in government as well as the military.
One very ugly outgrowth from this exaggeration were the signing statements-thousands of them-that Obama continues to use as well. These 'third-option-illegalities are not in the constitution anywhere. When legislation comes to the executives desk he has only two choices, either sign it or veto it ­ there is no third option. The 'presidents' thoughts on any legislation are irrelevant, he is only the administrator who is responsible to the people for implementing whatever has become the law of the land. Now Obama is following directly in the footprints that Cheney-Bush burned into the face of the constitution. This practice continues because this public is too stupid to demand that this dictatorial power must cease immediately!
But it gets worse. After WWII the War Department became the Department of Defense. Last week Robert Gates announced that he is now "the Secretary of War." This is not about semantics; it's about what the job and the Secretary are charged, by congress to do in our names. Under the US Department of Defense, in theory, the military can only function in a defensive posture: that is it can only react to an attack upon the United States, it cannot start wars. If the department moves from being the US Department of Defense to being the US Department of War; then everything that our troops are charged with doing anywhere in the world, will be no different that what the Nazi Legions were charged with doing to the enemies of the Third Reich. This is proof positive that the United States is now officially a rogue nation that is now free to plan attacks upon other nations, at the will of the Commander-in-Chief, who is currently Barack Obama.
How does this relate to anything as esoteric as the fact that 'today is yesterday's tomorrow'? The key lies in the catch phrases that became so popular since the late nineteen-nineties. The Library of the Future, the Phone Company of the Future: we might as well be saying The Government of the Future or Law-Enforcement of the Future, or the Families of the Future ­ they all boil down to the same thing; Big Brother and the Fascist Police State in formal dress, without the need to show the blood and broken bodies which their programs routinely produce for any reluctant citizen to see and heed-else they shall know what punishment awaits anyone that fails to comply with whatever folly comes out of the mouths of our uniformed terror-squads that still call themselves 'police.'
This country is headed for disaster, not least because we have left the thoroughly corrupted legislatures, at all levels, completely out of the loop when it comes to assigning blame for how we came to be in this position now. Between the complicit legislative branch and the courts that refuse to hear the cases that could change all this: We find a terrified public that is still fascinated with how much money they might still be able to make by picking clean the corpse of what was once the United States of America. This could not be if "the shareholders" were held liable for the illegalities that the companies they "invested in" continually pursue.
But since virtually none of the things on the list of obvious crimes and frauds, murders and perversions; is of any real interest to this public, at this time-it looks like the criminals will be promoted rather than be prosecuted; and of course the public will get the bill for all of it-again!
So this day is the future that was promised to us by Cheney-Bush so long ago. What do you think about the 'progress' that's been made since that day back on December 12, 2000 when the Supreme Court gave the presidency to George W. Bush? Whose country is this now-it's definitely not my country any longer; how about you?
"Man lives and moves in what he sees-but he sees only what he dreams"
1) Zombie nation ­video
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