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Real Angels: Guiding Spirits,
Benevolent Beings, & Heavenly Hosts
Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger
Most Comprehensive Work To Date On Angels!
Could some angels actually be ETs! Is angelic DNA infused in some humans! Were alchemists enedeavoring to tap into angelic power? Do dark angels exist? Was there once a war between angelic factions?
These are among the absolutely intriguing concepts covered in Brad and Sherry Steiger's absorbing new book,"Real Angels." While they have covered the subject of angels in past works, this volume represents by far their most comprehensive entry on the subject. Indeed, I submit that it is the most complete work to date on angelic entities.
Among their engrossing topics are angelic encounters during near- death experiences, angelic life-saving interventions, angelic vocalizations, and angelic healings, all abetted by a plehora of fascinating first-hand accounts of encounters with angelic beings.
And, to top it off, they even include a user-friendly relaxation technique for visualizing your own guardian angel!
So, without the slightest hesitation, I endorse this book with my highest possible commendation!
Dr. Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D.
Publisher: Benjamin Street Press (February 2009)
Pages: 246 - Price: $19.95
Review by Lee Prosser - leep@ghostvillage.com
Ghostvillage.com review
Real Angels is an outstanding collection of true stories and personal revelations that humans have had with angels. In seeking the truth of the matter, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger successfully define, document, and detail angel rescues, transformations, healing, and knowledge from these beings given to humans. This is a book you will enjoy for its accuracy, drama, and honest, straight-forward approach. 
There is a discussion and sharing of material covering such beings as ethereal entities, heavenly messengers, guardian angels, spirit guides, Devas, elves, spirit teachers, the Watchers, Space Brothers and Sisters, and the Sons of God. The reader will find this information valuable, and highly helpful. 
There are twenty-two chapters in this well-written book. Among the many topics covered include angels in the world religions, guardian angels, beings known as invisible defenders, sacred places where miracles happen, light beings from etheric vehicles, and the Watchers and the Nephilim. A very interesting, thought-provoking chapter is the one titled "An Ancient Order of Spirit Teachers and Healers," and also the two intriguing chapters titled "The Watchers and the Nephilim" and "Majestic, but Not Magical: Spiritual Hazards of Seeking to Command Angels." 
Art work for the book covers and interior is by gifted artist Bill Oliver. The Steigers live in Iowa and have a Web site at www.bradandsherry.com. 
I would highly recommend this book for its overall, well-written approach to the topic of angels. You will find it well worth you reading time, and it will be a book you wish to share with loved ones. Congratulations to both authors for a fine book filled with many insights about angels.
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Reviewed by Brent Raynes...
Certainly no strangers to the paranormal this popular and prolific writing duo have produced another fascinating and enlightening work on the supernatural. Real Angels, destined to become yet another Steiger classic, reviews both modern and ancient stories, vital details and statistical information relating to our age old beliefs and ongoing human interactions with angels. As far back as 1968, Brad began to circulate a questionnaire for people to complete if they have had mystical, paranormal and UFO experiences. Today, with a massive database of more than 30,000 respondents, men and women from all walks of life, some 77 percent of those the Steiger's surveyed claimed to have encountered a benevolent being of light themselves. Brad and Sherry present in this thought-provoking volume a number of those accounts, no doubt shared here in print for the very first time.
Brad and Sherry also share very personal and intriguing stories of angelic-type guidance and help in their own lives too. In fact, they describe in this book how they came to be together, which in itself is a truly heart-warming supernatural tale. While they were visiting sacred sites in Peru in 1988, Sherry felt certain that she had experienced supernatural confirmation of her late son Erik's continued survival and well-being in the afterlife. That's quite an incredible and touching story too!
One night while in Peru, an Incan shaman guided Brad and Sherry to a sacred lake near Ollantaytambo, where UFOs could be seen entering and leaving the waters of that lake. "In spite of the chill in the night air, there were barefooted villagers walking about in the darkness, carrying grain and water to their families in jars atop their heads," they wrote. "To those who could speak Spanish, the Steigers asked them their thoughts about the mysterious lights. Some answered that the lights were spirits of the grandfathers. Others called them the Old Ones. But most of them declared that the lights seen leaving and entering the lake were angels."
Billy Graham once wrote, in a book on angels, that some UFOs could indeed be angels. There was definitely something quite extraordinary about the mysterious lights that the Steigers were watching. Sherry decided to conduct an experiment. Of this experiment they wrote: "She began projecting thought-messages to the glowing lights to zig to the left, zag to the right, spiral upward, dive into the lake, and so forth. Incredibly, as everyone witnessed, the 'angels' complied with her requests."
I should also mention that this book also contains wonderful stories that were shared with Brad and Sherry by Priscilla Wolf, our Apache friend out in New Mexico who is full of many wonderful and exciting stories. I have written several columns of my Reality Checking about her, and I will always be in Brad's debt for introducing us.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Real Angels to all of my reading audience. It's a wonderful and well-written book just full of exciting information. Also one Bill Oliver, a long time fan of the Steiger's, has his awesome works of angelic art showcased therein too.

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