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Anatomy Of The Plot
To Kill The Nation

Jim Kirwan
The planning for the creation of the current Empire began with the public murder of the Republic that started with the swearing-in of Gerald R. Ford on August 9, 1974. That was almost 28 years before September 11, 2001. Ford brought many of the players, from the current Nest of Vipers into the US Government for the first time; including Dick Cheney, as Ford-the-puppet began this final scene in
'The Death of this Republic.'
Gerald R. Ford: Name at birth: Leslie Lynch King, Jr.?
"Gerald Ford became president of the United States after the Watergate scandal forced Richard Nixon from office in 1974. Though he served as president for only 29 months, Ford is now widely credited with restoring public faith in the office of the president after the scandals of the Nixon years. Ford graduated from the University of Michigan (1935) and the Yale University law school (1941) before serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He was then a U.S. Congressman from Michigan from 1948-73. Known as a steady and loyal Republican, Ford was appointed vice president in 1973 when Nixon's previous vice president, Spiro Agnew, resigned after pleading no contest to a tax evasion charge. Nixon himself resigned on 9 August 1974, and "Gerry" Ford took office the same day, telling Americans that "our long national nightmare is over." One month later Ford granted Nixon a full pardon for any crimes. Ford chose as his vice president Nelson Rockefeller, the former governor of New York and grandson of oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. Ford ran for re-election in 1976, dropping Rockefeller as his running mate in favor of Bob Dole. They lost to the Democratic ticket."
It was just four years later, in California 1978, that this hard-core battle-plan to take over the nation began to take shape. For decades police and prosecutors in this country had been outraged over the granting of Miranda Rights to and for US criminal suspects. It was almost 'policy' to oppose all rights, within the justice system, for the accused, while continuing to press for evermore police freedoms to 'arrest & investigate' without hindrance of so many of the protections from the government that were beginning to be seen by the public as "necessary."
In 1978, in Ronald Regan's California the foot-soldiers of the Reagan machine began to create their treasonous plans to change all this, and to do away with those they saw as having been "too soft on crime & criminals." To accomplish this they settled on using an unusual ploy; they decided to nationally emphasize the plight of "The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime" in order to eliminate the citizen's protections from the government that these victims actually required, if anything was to ever change.
The California Chamber of Commerce and the California District Attorney's Association decided to put together a book on this topic that would highlight Elder Abuse, Child Abuse, Rape Victims, Youth Violence, Recidivism and "Terrorism"? I was asked to illustrate this project. So, believing that I was helping those without a voice, I did the illustrations. A Victims Bill of Rights for California was later created thanks in part to this effort, but what was clearly established by this book and its various applications, was the public mindset that is currently known as "victimhood.' (1)
In the course of trying to flesh out the topics for the book, I met with a woman in Sacramento, or rather I spoke to someone inside a sealed room, who remained on the other side of an inch thick bullet-proof glass partition as she tried to warn me about 'the very real threat of Terrorism' as this topic was "seen-then" by those insiders that mattered in 1978. I was somewhat puzzled that the prosecutor's and their political-paranoia had reached this apparently extreme place- but the deadline for publication was near, and they were impressed with the image-so I finished it.
I had been told that this project would be something that California could use toward creating a California Victims' Bill of Rights; but not that 100,000 of these books would be quietly circulated in Washington, behind the scenes to enhance the political clout of George Deukmejian, who was then California's A.G., but who was also running for Governor at the time. Apparently the Terrorism piece in this ploy was to assist the Regan Machine that began the Regan Revolution in 1980 that ultimately led to meltdown we're now living in.
After the book was published I read with horror, the article that went with the illustration that reads in part:
"The expectation that the US government can eradicate terrorism is predicated exclusively on the implied intelligence capability of the law enforcement community ­ but the vitality of that erstwhile superior capability no longer exists. It has been gutted by the US Congress in an avalanche of expedient legislation alleged to soothe citizen concern over real and imagined intelligence abuses. The law enforcement community has been stripped of efficiency by governmental edict and can no longer guarantee protection of the American public. The baby has been thrown out with the bathwater.
The mania over privacy has become a fraud on the American public. Whose civil liberties are being protected ­ the bombers or the victims? Does a terrorist have a legitimate right to privacy? Is it possible that the civil liberties of a bomber could be offended by a wiretap?
For practical purposes, the federal government has backed itself into the unfortunate position of keeping Americans safe and secure from the FBI while at the same time guaranteeing their position as potential victims of the terrorists."
When we look back over the political lives of Cheney & Rumsfeld, along with the other 'crazies' that have been with us since Ford opened the flood gates of this continuing treason against us all ­ it's easy to see how our defenses were destroyed, one-by-one. With George Bush Sr. in charge of the CIA massive amounts of damning evidence disappeared in government shredders; while the public was focused on things like the abuses of power that surrounded the whole of the Nixon administration. The Empire began to perfect this idea of pointing one way while they acted on the exact opposite of what they demanded that the public be concerned with.
While Congress was enacting protections from the government in the wake of Watergate, the real criminals were imbedding themselves ever-deeper in the treason of stealing the actual functions of the government from any oversight by what then-remained of a representative democracy.
The above illustration is how I chose to recycle the image from 1978, in order to atone in part for how I might have assisted in bringing on this nightmare in the first place. As for Nixon; his impeachment was halted by his 'voluntary' resignation because Tricky Dick had warned the congress that if they went through with their threat of Impeachment; he would take all of them down with him. That was a very real possibility even then, because the corruptions of the government had already gone far beyond anything imaginable at that time.
These are just a few of the thoughts that came to mind yesterday, while I was thinking about how this nightmare came to be even remotely possible. Or how it happened that Dick Cheney (Halliburton, KBR & Blackwater) had his own private shadow government and private intelligence services that he used throughout the run-up to the Iraq War-to silence any opposition to our stated purposes for that invasion. Or Rumsfeld and his connections to a hugely corrupt Pharmaceutical giant (mandatory vaccines), as well as to the arms and munitions suppliers that were getting filthy rich as they supplied the wars: Does Rummy still have an office in the Pentagon under Obama? But ultimately: regardless of whether or not these cave-men are actually in-office or just in the basement somewhere: they have never really been out of government since August 9, 1974.
No wonder we remain firmly rooted in denial as we very slowly discover that we have, in realty, been buried in treason and tyranny for decades now. The fact that Cheney is treated as someone in authority; instead of as the war-criminal and the public-enemy that he is in actuality; pretty much says it all!
1) The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/california/cal11.htm
From Lajocanda
You didn't have anything to do with this, Jim. Illustrating a document or book you thought was harmless at the time was all you did, nothing more. You didn't conspire to erase our rights and Constitutional protections with the perpetrators. You weren't one of the 'insiders' to the dirty deeds. You weren't privy to the back room deals that were being made, or the alliances taking place.
True enough Jo, but neither was I a neophite - I lived and worked through the Nixon years; (free-lance for the Washington Post) that refused to print my submissions - too strong they said)
I knew about the 25th Amendment and how dangerous Rockefeller was: While Bush senior was closing off all the loose ends from his six month stint as the head of CIA: Rockefeller was creating all the inroads for what is now happening through the financial meltdown. The banks the connections inside the military-industrial & congressional complex was no accident; and once the way was cleared for the multi-nationals to become conglomerates the path was cleared for them to become "too big to fail."
Also when Nixon blackmailed that congress into letting him get off - I remembered that, when Pelosi kept demanding that Impeachment be kept off the table for Bush & Company; but I also knew that these people could never permit a sitting president to be impeached; because it would cost the jobs of far too many in the court (the Senate) which would have to try him. So because we failed back then - this part of plot actually foreshadows most of what is happening now; espccially when it comes to placing responsibility and administering consequences.
Since all that was clear back in 1974 - when I was asked for an illustration of 'Terrorism' in 1978 - I should have been far more suspicious than I was. In fact when I found out how the entire project was being used I presented Dukemejian a bill for $68,000 (our agreement called for paying me, if he succeeded) with what he wanted to acomplish. (He became AG on the strength of this project); and when he used the same pitch to become governnor I thought it was time for him to pay his bill.The tipoff came when Ronnie made me an honorary artist in his version of the New World Order - and that caused me to place a call to the White House where I left a very nasty five minute voice-mail for Meese; which threatened them all with exposure unless Ronnie forced Dukemejian to pay his bill.
I answered their silence a week later with a front page story of criminal corruption in the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle, about corruption, in Dukemejian's office as Attorney General. I coupled this with a complaint to the Fair Political Campaign Practices Commission - which promply disappeared; along with the reporter that wrote the story. I talked with some attorney's that agreed that I had an excellent federal case, they just needed $35,000 to file my case in the courts. I passed of course, as I was broke.
Then the IRS and the FBI checked in; for theatening a candidate in the middle of an election - and thereafter I became embroiled in a twenty-three year war with irs. No money was ever paid to me by the Gubernatorial Candidate; which was how the sitting Attorney General (the same man) ruled upon my threat to him in his candidacy for the governship. That ended that phase of my political participation. When I came back in after Bush stole his first election; it was with clear eyes and a burning determination to keep these people from doing what I knew they would try to do; and have indeed almost succeeded in doing.
The ironic footnote that came out of the irs tug-of-war was that the irs went to the Governor's Offices and took the art off the walls, so that I could sell it to pay my bill with them. However the value of the art was mainly up to diehard supporters of Reagans machine: Baron Hilton in particular who had planned to have the work tour his hotels throughout the world; until I demanded that the new governor pay for them. Thereafter the work became worthless, as my name became less than 'scum' to them. I still have those originals - who knows maybe one day they might be worth something more than the footnote to history which they've now become.
The article is on Rense: "Anatomy of the Plot to Kill the Nation" with illustrations. The rest of the project (including 'Duke') can be seen here: http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/california/california.htm
Thanks for the thoughts anyway JO - I just wish I had outed these bastards sooner!
You had no reason to suspect our government officials were plotting something. The illustrations themselves were just another job, work you did to support yourself. You did nothing to advance the plans of the empire. You weren't in a position to have been able to stop it even if you DID know something about it. You needn't feel guilty amigo. You just had some communications with one or more of the people who MAY have known something, is all. JO
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