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Jim Kirwan
There is no difference at all between Global Capitalism and World-Wide Piracy; because they have both sworn allegiance to a world without laws!
Piracy has always been with us, mostly in the shadows, but it has been the sponsoring concept beneath all the various black-markets and the global-criminal associations that now actually control over twenty-percent of the world's markets. Obama recently said things like "There are Laws" and "Words have to mean something" ­ or there can be no freedom,' Exactly!
The world used to see Bush as the Dictator, but Obama has introduced us to the new on-the-go-guy: No time to explain anything, he has yet to sit down and talk with the public about any of his so-called proposals; he's too busy campaigning to bother with details. If the day ever dawns when anyone in authority in this criminal association, anyone with the 'power,' says to the public: "This is what we plan to do, and this is how we plan to do it and here are the specifics." Then maybe the public might be able to understand what's really going on: Until then, the entire bureaucracy makes about as much sense as this completely contradictory road sign:
If this sounds too fantastic, just look at what is being told to us, while in the background statistics continue to pile up that totally contradict every single statement made to the general public about the true state of the effectiveness of the laws, the economy, the military, medicine, education or especially the mythical "future" that no one living now who is not a member of the elites will ever live to see.
The US Supreme Court overruled the Cheney-Bush administration on their terrorist tactics three times: Declaring the pronouncements on torture made by the Cheney-Bush Department of Injustice to be clearly unconstitutional. Those rulings are still in effect-yet Obama has decided that the Supreme Court has no standing in this matter and that he and he alone has jurisdiction over what is a crime and what will be punished. Yesterday Obama announced that no one will be charged for using medieval torture under the Bush Administration's guidelines; instead a commission on reflection would be convened to consider "how best to move forward."
"The interrogation techniques sanctioned by George Bush's administration were disclosed by Barack Obama last night to avoid "an inaccurate accounting of the past," which would "fuel erroneous and inflammatory assumptions about actions taken by the United States." (1)
On the continuing fall of real-estate values and the massive shifts taking place within the commercial landscape of this nation; we just lost about one-quarter of the Shopping Malls in the US.
"The nation's second-largest shopping mall owner filed for bankruptcy Thursday, crushed under $27 billion in debt that it had used to acquire such retail destinations as San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria.
The Chapter 11 filing by Chicago's General Growth Properties affects more than 220 malls nationwide. It's the largest real estate bankruptcy in U.S. financial history, according to BankruptcyData.com.
But the collapse may have no visible effect on the company's Bay Area properties such as Hayward's Southland Mall, the Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno, Eastridge in San Jose and the NewPark Mall in Newark.
In its bankruptcy filing, General Growth said its largest shareholder, a hedge fund, had pumped $375 million into the company to continue running its malls while it seeks to renegotiate its debt." (2)
And on the commercial business sector of San Francisco: "Rising vacancies, falling rents and tight capital are likely to push U.S. commercial delinquency rates above 3.5 percent by the end of the year and as high as 6 percent in 2010, near the levels reached during the early 1990s, according to a forecast by Deutsche Bank.
"Real estate fundamentals are softening dramatically," said Richard Parkus, research analyst at the German bank. "Over the next 12 to 18 months, we expect to see pretty significant deterioration."
Of particular concern for San Francisco is the fact that nearly 75 percent of the Class A - premier - office buildings downtown traded hands in the past four years, according to Tove Nilsen, director of market research at Colliers International. The flurry of activity propelled sales prices to record highs and drove the ratio of rental income to cost to all-time lows.
That might have been acceptable when rents were climbing. But the tumbling economy has emptied 1.1 million square feet of space since the beginning of last year and has pushed rents down by 24 percent, according to Colliers. Meanwhile, leases for about 6 million square feet will come up for renewal this year, as will those for more than 10 million square feet in 2010." (3)
But this "problem" is larger than just the statistics could ever indicate. The fact is that what was "America" has been turned inside-out and upside-down, and is now backwards; having turned virtually everything we use, or seek to do, or might need to depend upon, into nothing but another black-hole where promises and contracts go to be shattered and where dreams are smashed by unseen forces that operate in near total secrecy: And always these things 'happen' to the disadvantage of the less than powerful.
When you leave your hovel or your apartment, or your mortgaged home on any given day, you might come back to find that your bank, or your phone company, or your power company may have all been changed, without notice, or pretention.
One day you had a service, the next day everything changed, and your account was sold along with everything else to strangers that hasten to impose new terms on you. The people you deal with at the bank are never there long enough to become real; and the major utilities all hide themselves behind 'electronic menus' that never allow for individual conversations with a "representative." "CHOICE" is what is always killed, in favor of corporate rules that can never be challenged.
Once upon a time employees had to prove that they were trustworthy, knowledgeable, and qualified to do whatever task they might be applying for: It was assumed that the companies were qualified to judge them and that the companies would be around long after the applicant was dead and gone.
Today everything has been reversed: Most companies are nothing but fronts for something else, conglomerate imposter-organizations claiming to be something they are not, and generally hiring people under false pretenses, if indeed the newly hired are allowed to have a 40-hour work week. The employee's contracts with management are subject to destruction in an instant, while the employees are not given any guarantees that their 'employers' will even be around by the end of any time period that might amount to the payment of money from the employer to the employee.
The companies are protected by the government from any accusations: while the employees are nothing but targets for every kind of villainy, petty larceny, abuse and virtual wage-slavery, such as the company may decide to inflict, as the price for allowing the employee to "keep their shitty little job." In brief; for the employee in America: nothing is certain, while for the major criminal institutions in this nation, massive bailouts have been handed out three times now, sometimes totaling well over 40 billion dollars to a single entity, but still there are no requirements that must be met by any of the major private-criminal and corporate institutions or their leaders-only those who worked for them and got the shaft, along with those who lost everything were penalized because they thought those institutions had to abide by "laws" that obviously no longer exist!
Now that the three biggest fraudulent banks have begun to take in money for the first time since they fell apart (a whopping $1.5 Billion ­ after having received over $40 billion from the taxpayers) Obama & company are saying that the nightmare is over and that the recovery has begun-and its all pure bullshit! The latest foreclosure numbers show a 44% increase in the number of foreclosures, as the newly endowed banks decided not to hold off the foreclosures which they suspended, pending the outcome of more bailout money. They got the money and decided to finish the foreclosures instead of using the money to deflect some of the pain.
This is nothing but highway robbery, or as has become so recently clear thanks to Somalia's plight, this could be called piracy as well. Corporations hold people prisoners too, just like the pirates have in Somalia, but the ransom's we have to pay are deducted from our paychecks and levied through ever more intrusive taxes and are compounded by usurious interest rates that this government continues to ignore! (4)
The Government is the real villain here because we have allowed it to overrule our constitution and the Republic, without even a whimper of complaint. This entire construct is about to massively implode, just as it did in the fall of 2008 when we went from Bush proclaiming: "The government is sound and our financial markets are strong" to Henry Paulson's 'Give us $700 Billion now or else.' And nothing about this country has been right since we allowed government to put the gun to our heads and demand that we pass this pig-in-a-poke that has brought us only more debt and more failure; and all because we will not stop this nightmare and rein-in these imitation leaders, while we begin to charge the entire cast of the last side-show in Washington with Treason; which set this stage and sold us down the this polluted river for less than a song...
1) Barack Obama discloses Bush torture methods including use of insects http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/barackobama
2) Owner of malls files for bankruptcy
3) Commercial Real Estate Market Softens http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/04/16/MNU716VA
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