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A Salute To Paul Harvey
By Ted Twietmeyer
Photo credit ­ paulharvey.com
I'd like to pay tribute to Paul Harvey, broadcaster extraordinaire, for his lifetime of dedicated service telling us "The rest of the story." It was deeply saddening for all to hear of his passing.
Paul fought the mainstream news mentality by bringing detailed facts about people and places using his own consistently unique, informative, unbiased and mesmerizing technique. I've never heard any other newscaster do this as eloquently as Paul could. Never was a negative word ever heard in the media about the personality and character of this great icon of the airwaves.
When about 8 years old, I made a small "crystal" radio set using a safety pin with a piece of pencil lead attached to the end of it, and a razor blade. It was powered by the local 50,000 watt radio station - and it was Paul's voice telling the rest of the story that was among the first voices I heard while sitting in a small tent. From that day forward, I always enjoyed the trivia he could tell.
Paul had a limitless, detailed library of stories about people and places that he told, never repeating any one of them. He would begin his stories in such a way about a place, object or someone that you were driven to listen to every word even while driving. It was impossible to change stations while he was speaking. He had attained the highest skill level of story telling anyone could master.
This is a talent completely lost in today's radio, and will probably never be replicated. Whatever the advertising cost was for a radio spot between page one and page two, surely it wasn't high enough.
Radio is a fascinating medium, completely unlike television where images are forced upon the listener of a television program. Few people of today's generation appreciate what it takes to creatively tell a story with tremendous detail in only a few minutes time, and do so in such a way as to create the best and most powerful images in the listener's mind. He did it all without ever using four letter words, images of killing or torturing people or character assassination. Paul knew how to do this perfectly and created an entire new art form.
He was a great talent of the airwaves, who is now silent and very great loss to the world. After passing from this world on to the next, Paul knows the rest of the story.
Ted Twietmeyer
James Neff
Well said, Ted! Paul was a remarkable thinker and broadcaster, and he definitely now knows 'the rest of the story' in the great beyond, as you so aptly concluded. He'd have (I'm sure DOES) love(d) that! Thank you for this excellent tribute to a wonderful American icon!
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