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Dr. A. True Ott PhD
Rebuttal To Snopes

By A. True Ott, PhD, ND

SNOPES - China Eminent Domain Collateral False



The website Snopes.com is run by David and Barbara Mikkelson, a couple with a gift for debunking false stories and dis-information circulating around cyber-space. For the most part, they perform a valuable service and have earned a reputation as being an authoritive and conclusive final verdict on controversial subjects. Like all writers, however, they are only human. They can, and do, make mistakes.

With all due respect, David and Barbara, you have missed wide left of the target on this particular subject.

I do not know or listen to Mr. Hal Turner. It may well be that he has taken liberties and stretched otherwise true stories to their breaking points in the past. For your information, however, in this particular instance, Turner's recent story corroborates my own sources. While the specific term "eminent domain" may be perhaps a bit of a stretch -- the basic story-line is absolutely true.

In your research as posted in the link above, you obviously came across the Bloomberg article that stated "Chinese officials have expressed concern" that China's massive investments in America are "safe, as a pre-requisite for additional purchases of U.S. Securities." Clearly, you believe the Bloomberg story to be accurate, but then skewer Mr. Turner for basically saying the same thing. I submit this is not logical and smacks more of a witch hunt than ethical hoax-busting and truth searching.

According to authors Bill Geitz (The China Threat) and Peter Navarro (The Coming China Wars), the Chinese PLA have been investing large sums of money into America in the form of political donations (the Clintons received millions), private and public mortgage companies, and U.S. Government debentures for decades. The floodgate of Chinese profits from goods produced largely by their massive prison-labor work-force have been strategically re-invested into the debt-based economy of America. Now, according to Navarro, et.al. the entire U.S. Economy hinges on the whims and will of the Chinese military leadership.

China has basically bought America with cheap trinkets, just as the British purchased Manhattan from the local Indians centuries ago with baubles, bangles and beads.

The cruel, hard facts are that following the conclusion of the Beijing Olympics, China stopped purchasing U.S.-dollar based securities. They quit buying oil and gas futures, causing the price of gasoline to tumble.  They quit purchasing Treasury Bills and Bonds -- and quit funding Fannie and Freddie mortgages. This sudden constriction of liquidity was the prime factor behind the market panic last fall, and resulted in Bush's "emergency stimulus" package then, and President Obama's "stimulus" package now.

The cruel, hard fact is that the only way that the Obama administration can stop the current economic bloodbath is to coax China into again investing their Home Depot and Walmart profits back into America's debt machine, (which are then leveraged at 10 times their face value in "The Feds" fractional reserve, debt-driven system). Just as the Bloomberg article correctly exposes, China is not willing to do this, unless and until WRITTEN GUARANTEES THAT THEIR INVESTMENTS ARE SECURE ARE SIGNED AND DULY EXECUTED.

David and Barbara, please tell us: What do you think these "guarantees" involve, and what makes you so blindly confident that Hillary did not grant them??

What the Bloomberg article fails to mention is that the Chinese PLA military leaders filed a lawsuit in the World Court at the Hague, Netherlands last summer. The suit petitioned the World Court to grant the PLA the right to USE CHINESE MILITARY POLICE (i.e. Chinese troops) ON U.S. SOIL in order to "repossess real estate assets secured by PLA's mortgage funding" in the United States upon default of the contracts. The Chinese leadership did not, and do not, trust local sheriff departments to perform the task and preserve their trillions of invested dollars/yen. The World Court opined that only the U.S. government could legally grant such a request.

Given her past acceptances of PLA influence peddling, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that Hillary Clinton not only gave the PLA military leaders just such a signed document, but sealed it with a kiss as well.

Whether it is called "eminent domain" or "mortgage repo authorization" -- the desired effect is the same. Foreign, COMMUNIST troops have now been given the legal authority to operate as constables on American soil. Treason by any other name, is still an odorous offense.

David and Barbara, aka SNOPES --- just because CNN or Reuters doesn't report the story, it doesn't mean it isn't vitally important information for all Americans to understand and act upon.


A. True Ott, PhD, ND

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