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Morgellons Q & A
By Cliff Mickelson
Exclusive to Rense.com
Note - These are just a few of the key questions about Morgellons...
Q) I hear all the time about "cures" for Morgellons. Is there a "cure"?
A) No, there is NO definitive cure for Morgellons. I want to be very clear on this point. There is no scientifically proven cure.
Beware of anyone claiming to have a cure.
However, with that said, there are a number of protocols available that will provide temporary relief from some of the more immediate effects of the affliction. These protocols can be readily found by researching the Internet. A number of them are listed here at the excellent Morgellons resource page at www.Rense.com or can be found at www.thenmo.org
Q) How would you describe the current state of mainstream scientific research into Morgellons?
A) A slow boat to China. In other words, I advise against holding your breath. What little science there is out there is woefully under-funded. To make matters even worse, Morgellons Scientists are fighting an uphill battle for acceptance against a determined and entrenched medical power structure. Despite these obstacles, there is some progress being made but it continues to be a slow process. As an aside, there has been some excellent observational ground level research done over the last few years by a number of Morgellons victims and/or volunteers. (Again, see the Morgellons page at www.rense.com or www.thenmo.org)
It can only be hoped that this widely posted body of work will provide a reference starting point for established scientists.
Q) If there is no "cure" what can I do to help myself lessen the effects of Morgellons.
A) It is important to remember that Morgellons often appears to be a "personally tailored" affliction. External protocols that work to provide relief for one person do not necessarily work for another.
However one of the best protocols for all Morgellons sufferers is to engage in a serious daily regimen of cleaning and maintenance. This activity must be coupled with a long term program to assist the body in rebuilding and fortifying its most powerful weapon....The immune system. If you smoke...Quit. If you drink or do any kind of recreational drugs...Quit. If you are taking immune suppressing prescriptions....Find a way to get off them. Get lots of rest. Eat well. Then, there is the mental aspect..... Make a concerted effort to fight your own Morgellons induced negativity and actively pursue the power of positive thinking. Avoid the temptations of the pity pot and try to find a reason to laugh at least once a day! These are not cures but they will slowly build a foundation upon which you will begin your own personal recovery and catharsis from the trauma that is Morgellons.
Q) Is Morgellons a dermatological affliction or is it systemic?
A) Morgellons is both.
Q) Do black lights always show fibers in the skin? Do they cause them to fluoresce?
A) Yes... fibers and associated materials will often fluoresce under a black light.
However, keep in mind that there are more than one type of Morgellons "fiber." Not all of them "fluoresce. Therefore One must know what to look for. Furthermore, there are also a number of common unrelated environmental contaminants that will also fluoresce and can be found on the skin or in the immediate area. This co-existence can often cause confusion as well as the rush to erroneous conclusions among those who are new to the affliction.
Q) What causes Morgellons?
A) To date, the cause of Morgellons is not known. As a result there are a number of competing theories ranging from the bizarre to the sublime. We would do well to remember that good research is usually a process of elimination. Therefore the number of causational theories out there, must by that very definition, retain a certain degree of validity until they are systematically and scientifically proven or disproved. By the way... Empirical logic can be used to prioritize a number of these theories as to their order of reasonable potentiality.
Q) If someone doesn't scratch open the itchy spots,
will the lesions just burst open by themselves?
A) Yes, they will. Lesions often can and will do that. One of the better ways to deal with an open lesion is to keep it continually covered with a salve-like dressing and a bandage.. The more air tight the better! As a result, In many cases, the lesion will subside or appear to "migrate" to a nearby location.. Sometimes topical lesions being treated in this manner will clear up all together after expelling a sudden and unexpected surfeit of thread-like material.
Only remove the dressing and bandage every few days for cleaning of the affected area. During "cleaning" time run it under the hottest water possible and vigilantly tweeze anything that may come to the surface. Remove any and all hair or pseudo-hair found in the lesion or in the immediate vicinity of the lesion. (This is important for a couple of reasons) During the hot water "cleaning," allow the lesion to bleed freely if it is so inclined. It can often take a number of weeks to suppress the lesion in this manner but it will eventually cause it to reduce and then disappear.
A one time application of calcium polysulfate will also often have very positive results in topical lesions. Calcium Polysulfate is an industrial agricultural compound used by orchardists to combat powdery mildew, leaf curl and other orchard afflictions of a fungal nature. (In other words it is toxic and I am not recommending its use)
NOTE....Again, I want to emphasize that there is no cure for Morgellons. No known protocol will "cure" the systemic root of the Morgellons affliction. They will only address it's more noxious manifestations and provide temporary dermatological relief.
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