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Israeli MANIACS Attack
Palestinian Civilians

By Sameh A. Habeeb and Ramy Abdu
Palestine Telegraph Newspaper
GAZA (Pal Telegraph) -- Part of the ongoing Israeli measures in Jerusalem, hundreds of Israeli settlers attacked Al-Sadya neighborhood in east Jerusalem. The attackers tried to storm houses of Al Jabir family.
Bloody clashes erupted in the area as the settlers backed by Israeli army on Sunday evening surprisingly came into the area. Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in challenge of settlers who tried to advance into the area.
Israel escalated its repressive bloody actions as a new fundamental mayor, Nir Barka, reached the office lately.
The attacks of the unleashed settlers resulted in 10 Palestinians wounded and 4 Palestinians captured by Israeli army.
The mayor has requested the demolition of tens of Palestinian houses in Kafir Silwad to minimize the Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem.
More than 150 Israeli settlers armed by guns and heavy military means attacked Hebron city. Many houses were stormed in towns of Jabir, Wadi Nasara and Wadi Ehsan near the holly mosque of Abarahm.
Lately, 4 Palestinian shops were occupied by the MANIAC settlers in the old market of Hebron City. Dogs, animals and other means are being used by Israeli settlers to force Palestinians to leave their houses.
Thousands of Hicaters were confiscated as successive Israeli government implemented plans of Judaization Jerusalem. Thousands of houses were occupied and tens of Israeli settlers forcibly dwelled in the occupied houses.
Haaretz said that new rightist Israeli government is to encourage the settlement expansion across the West Bank and Jerusalem. It's expected that a new big plan to be set into practice to tie Malli Admim settlement and occupied Jerusalem. The plan which included more than 3600 housing utilities was frozen upon harsh pressure from U.S. administration.

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