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Magnetosphere MayDay?
Randa Jazairi

Something serious is happening in the cosmos. Have a look at the magnetosphere. It appears the fields are reversed or non-existent. No magnetosphere is something we have been warned about (there has been a huge hole in it for a few years now) and it really does appear to be so:
link to www2.nict.go.jp
Looks like Earth's charge is running down. No new current is flowing in. Blue lines should be on top and red lines on bottom, such as the magnetic field should dictate.
But they are not in such a way. The polarity is going the opposite way.
Should also be noted that there were many Gamma Ray Bursts today (10 in the past 7 days):
And now this:
COSMOS IS FALLING: The first fragments of shattered satellite Cosmos 2251 are about to reenter Earth's atmosphere. According to US Strategic Command, fragment 1993-036PX will reenter on March 12th, followed by 1993-036KW on March 28th and 1993-036MC on March 30th. These are probably centimeter-sized pieces that will disintegrate in the atmosphere, posing no threat to people on the ground. 
Cosmos 2251 was shattered on Feb. 10th when it collided with another satellite, Iridium 33. Cosmos 2251 possessed about one and a half times more mass than Iridium 33 and to date appears to have produced more than twice the number of fragments.
link to spaceweather.com
AND IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH, CNN has reported that there has been an evacuation of the International Space Station. Of course, within minutes they said evacuation is cancelled but I don't think so. Hopi Prophecy says something about when the ISS falls, that is the last sign.
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