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By Peter Rogers
Hi Gang,
If ye be Jewish, you may want to pass this up. However, if you're a good and decent Jew, as are most of the Jews worldwide, no problem for you to look and see what your wayward clansmen are up to...
Be sure to open final link at the page bottom to browse through David Dee's brilliant political art work.
To think that we would be so foolish as to support the psychopaths both here at home, and in particular, the state of Israel - who are pushing to have our military annihilate the entire population of Iran.
Look at these video clips... these fair-skinned Iranian people- including women and children could be your next door neighbors. And we are willing to obliterate this entire population because Israel demands it???
The nuclear proliferation projects that Iran may or may not have in the works are used as an excuse to attack this peaceful nation. What about Jihadist nation Pakistan which has nuclear capabilities...or North Korea, China, Russia and the even more dangerous separatist territory of Ukraine? And of course, the least stable and psychopathically dangerous and unpredictable people who have the nukes and the means to deliver them: ISRAEL...or as I prefer to call that ghastly place...ISRAHELL.
A POX on all who would advocate such a crime, let alone send their forces and bombs, including the terrible white Phosphorus bombs to kill women and children. The Zionist-Jewish state plans to eradicate these productive and beautiful Iranian people.. They are in the process of blackmailing or conning our own military into doing their dirty work for them..
Betray us, General Petraeus. Since you are Jewish, one can only guess where your real loyalties lie. What's next, then? Now that Iraq has been torn asunder are you going to trek over to Afghanistan, and oversee the killing of thousands of our American troops (not to mention the deaths of thousands of civilians) in a no-win war against the fierce warriors of the Taliban and tribes of note? Those Afghans will kick our butts all the way back to NYC.
David Dees artwork depicting war crimes committed
by Israeli thugs against defenseless Palestinians.
I would hazard an educated guess that our real mission in Afghanistan, in addition to stealing petrol for Israel, is the need to put our CIA-sponsored/created Al Qaeda to work re-planting the poppy fields that the Taliban once wisely destroyed. We, and I mean our government here, do intend to re-sow and harvest all the poppy fields for the purpose of re-opening our major supply source of opium and heroin, so to help create more addicted youth and adults here at home. Besides, there are big profits in these drugs to be made for our politicians here in the good old USA.
I have it on good sources that we already have begun harvesting and shipping large quantities of Opium for the uses I described above.
Our own government is actually, and for all intents and purposes, a subsidiary and whipping boy for the madmen in Tel Aviv. Just look at how we have - at our own taxpayer expense - managed to supply them (Israel) with all the modern warplanes, missiles and bombs they need to control the entire middle east. Then onward to owning the entire world, enslaving whoever is left alive, after they finish with their mass genocide world de-population program. All this with lots of help from the traitors implanted in our government.
Just look at what these murdering cretins have done to the Palestinians in Gaza while completely destroying anything left of the land that has been theirs for centuries - before the Zionist Jews invaded and seized it beginning in 1948.
It goes on and on today, with the Palestinian people now backed into the corner in an untenable situation, having no place else to go except to die.... Meanwhile, the Jews attack food and medical supply ships, to keep them out of reach of the Gaza residents.. The idea is to starve them to death, while Israel continues to bomb schools and hospitals in Gaza.
Take a look at these YouTube videos..Includes footage of US soldiers firing on civilians just for fun...
http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=5z0NMKcVHHM&feature=PlayList&p=6EA7AA04D3B56C0C&index=4
U.S. Soldier admitting that he tortured and raped in Iraq. Is this just the tip of the iceberg? Just what the hell kind of mental conditioning (Prozac?) is taking place that makes psychopathic killing machines out of our once relatively compassionate and innocent youth?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFOF- jv32dA&feature=PlayList&p=6EA7AA04D3B56C0C&index=7
Israeli Children Send Gifts To Lebanese Children
Lebanese Children receive them
YouTube video set of David Dees' Artwork, using his pen and brilliant imagination to put together some mind-blowing images...political artwork at its best...a must view here:
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