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Jim Kirwan
IF only we had done Bla, Bla, Bla, then all would be well inside fortress America. If only we had a leader that did anything besides infuriate the public with his endless speeches that promise, promise, promise: Speech's that as yet have delivered absolutely nothing at all!
This can all be traced back to Poppy Bush and his 1991 war upon Iraq that was extended until the Decider could bring Shock & Awe into play in 2003. What this combined war bought for us was over 173,000 US causalities and three times that many seriously wounded people, many of which will sill need to be cared for-for the rest of their lives. This was only a $3 Trillion part of three wars that are not currently reflected in the current USbudget.
The War on Afghanistan and the War upon America are also tracked only by the Black-Budget of the secret world of security & terror that we created: as opposed to those "Wars" in which the terrorists in Washington, in London and in Tel Aviv claim to be defending 'freedom' for US taxpayer's.
We can easily see now what the solution to this problem of unending wars was: according to Cheney-Bush. It was simple: between the destruction of liberty on the left, and ENRON on the right: "America should just go shopping!" Apparently 'we' did! Now that disastrous and impossible to pay bill is coming due in every household in the land; because we did more than just "Go Shopping," we "invested" (to use Obama's words), in stocks of the war machine, and in the death & destruction machines, as well as in the business of the human slaughter of innocent men women and children on an unheard of scale in the modern world. Hell it's no wonder we don't want to see the pictures or hear the plight of the millions that were slaughtered to increase our privately held stock portfolios.
'WE' have been that illegal force which has assaulted and attempted to occupy the Middle East, and we are failing further with each day that passes. What is astounding is that "IF" this had been a real war, instead of just another American, British & Zionist power grab: then people would never have tolerated what Cheney termed "unending war." The truth is we not only tolerated this, we welcomed it: because it meant unlimited profits for those investors that made it all worthwhile: And nobody seemed to notice that those stocks and dollar-bills were dripping with the blood and gore of millions of civilian men, women and children-that were simply trying to live their civilian lives in their own countries.
Now the same kind of barbarically-cynical warfare has been turned on the entire global financial system; which continues to have a devastating effect worldwide. Every election that Bush was in was stolen, but the shrewd and obscenely greedy said nothing because they anticipated the mega-millions, maybe even billions that could be made, once these international Outlaws had taken full charge of everything that might have otherwise blocked this soon to be fountain of unimaginable wealth. Privatization and internal control over all the security arms, not just of the state, but of the markets as well, virtually insured an uninterrupted flow of salaciously huge and virtually untraceable profits-no wonder no one seems to care how many lives this cost-or how many laws are broken in life or global commerce.
Now the same people that designed these schemes to steal the world are back "in charge of Change" so that when what they have done to this point is concluded, exactly as they intended, then this designed nightmare will become the only reality that matters.
"IF" those of us at the core had been able to rise above the temptation to simply partake in all that bloodstained booty; then we might have had some chance of turning this around; but the criminal-complicity all round was nearly total-so now all that's left is to either swallow hard and wait for the storm troopers to kick down 'your own front-door,' or Out-them with insider knowledge and the necessary proofs to force the issue into the glare of national and international scrutiny?
Bush may be 'gone' but that puppet will be found and tried for what he did, one way or the other; along with all his closest criminal conspirators. The public must now deal with the new dictator and his obvious lack of any real clue about anything that will no doubt end up with his name on whatever scandalous garbage that this turns out to be. This imbecile is incapable of giving anyone a straight answer, about anything. Every answer he gives comes in three parts. First "the promise" as in I will bring the troops home from Iraq:" Followed by "the qualifier": "The troops will be out of Iraq in 16 months." Then the tiniest bit of truth: "I shall increase the number of troops in Afghanistan (by the same number of troops that are now in Iraq) ­ so I guess there won't be too many home-coming parties being planned ­ ever! It is the same with every single "problem" that our newly selected moron looks at; be that financial, medical or infrastructure related.
Obamanation in reality understands all too well, what is good for this nation and its people: that is why he is studiously avoiding doing anything like trickle-up economics, or saving the solvent parts of the banking-world and throwing the traitors that run the banks to the wolves. People are also beginning to finally notice his outright aversion to details: which is where the truth always hides within the complexities designed by con-men and outright criminals alike; that always come together in the end. (1)
Here's the New World Order, that was fashioned for us all and is so clearly shown in the novel by George Orwell called 1984. "IF" we do not soon begin to get up off our knees, then this place and all its failures will simply melt away into the dust of the history that will not survive what's about to be done to America and the world. Speak now, with one voice in Outrage and Opposition, to everything that is being attempted now: Before they have the chance to ratify even more war-crimes against the public and the world.
1) What Cooked the World's Economy? It wasn't your overdue Mortgage
http://www.villagevoice.com/2009-01-28/news/what-cooked-the-world-s- economy/
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