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Horst Mahler's Last
Public Statement

Horst Mahlers Vermächtnis
Horst Mahler's Legacy
Letzte Stellungnahme vor der Verhaftung vom 25.02.2009
His Last Statement Before Verdict and Imprisonment on 25 Feb. 2009
Translated from the German by J M Damon

I am sending this at the last moment.
After this I shall no longer have opportunity to address the public, so I am using this opportunity to briefly explain once more what is really at stake here.
I am now being sentenced and I shall be imprisoned immediately.
Many of my supporters disapprove of what I have done. They ask me: "Why are you doing this?"
{As part of the growing civil disobedience movement in Germany, Mahler had filed charges against himself for "Holocaust Denial."} Some of my supporters point out that I would be more effective on the outside than the inside of prison.
They say the government will now put me away and no benefit will come from it.
I explain to them that they are considering the matter from the wrong point of view.
The most important issue is no longer the fact that the present regime has taken away our right of free speech! This state has always had the power to do that, in any number of ways, regardless of whether one is expressing an opinion.. Something greater than the right to utter dissident remarks is at stake here.
If one realizes, as I do, that the "Holocaust" Religion is the principal weapon for the moral and cultural destruction of the German nation, then it is clear that what is at stake here is nothing less than the collective right of self-defense, that is, Germany's right to survive.
Survival affects everyone!
Does the world really believe that we Germans will unresistingly allow ourselves to be destroyed as a Volk, that we will passively allow our national spirit to be extinguished without a struggle?
What kind of jurists argue that self-defense is a criminal act?
As a Volk and a living collective entity we have a national and a spiritual nature.
The surest way to extinguish Germany as a spiritual entity is to destroy our national soul and identity, so that we no longer know who or what we are.
Destroying our national spirit is precisely the intent of our enemy in demanding that we unquestioningly accept his alien "Holocaust" dogma and desist from pointing out that his fantastic "Holocaust" never happened. There is no evidence of it!
Once we realize that we are faced with the threat of annihilation, we no longer have doubts about who our enemy is: it is the ancient murderer of nations.
Once we realize this, we no longer passively listen to the enemy's lies and misrepresentations. We look for a weapon and a way protect our Germany, to deprive the enemy of the power he has over us. Lo and behold, we have the only weapon we need to protect ourselves from annihilation. We have he truth.
"The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!"
A rather unusual aspect of my life history is that I entered politics from the left of the political spectrum, by way of the Red Army Faction (RAF).
{Mahler's critics never tire of stressing this political transition, although the definitions of "left" and "right" have changed drastically in the last twenty-five years.
These critics would do well to consider Ralph Waldo Emerson's aphorism "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." A wise man learns new things as he goes through life and changes his ideas accordingly.} Briefly stated, the RAF took the path of armed struggle against "the System" as it was called in those days.
The idea that motivated us to take the path of armed struggle was our belief in "Holocaust." We actually believed what "the System" had taught us in school and what was constantly proclaimed in the enemy-controlled media. Like others in the RAF, I believed this anti German propaganda. As the American culture bringers say, "I bought it." I truly believed it as I sought a way to break out of the unbearable guilt complex associated with the "murder of six million Jews." I cannot go into the details of this period of my life here -- the point to be made is that I was a "true believer" in "Holocaust" when I was young.
In 2001, in the course of my career as attorney, I was asked to defend a musical patriot. This was the singer Frank Rennicke, who had been convicted and sentenced in the lower courts for "Holocaust Denial." My response to his request was: "Of course I will defend you!"
The task of defending Frank made it necessary for me to investigate all the facts, evidence and allegations connected with "Holocaust." This is what my investigations revealed: There is no supporting evidence for the fantastic allegations of "Holocaust!" There are only proclamations released by the victors' tribunal at Nuremberg to the effect that such an event occurred and was sufficiently "investigated." With his proverbial chutzpah our enemy tells us: "No other event in all history has been as thoroughly investigated as 'Holocaust.'" [The same chutzpah leads the enemy to claim that the huge amounts of insecticide Germany used to protect the health of internees during World War II were used to murder Jews!] If we examine the actual facts, we discover that it is all a lie.
It is atrocity propaganda that is still being disseminated, 65 years after Germany's defeat. When the servile Bundesgericht (German High Court) declares that a thousand "eyewitnesses" support the "proven event," it is another bald-faced lie!
Our so-called Bundesgericht (High Court) understands perfectly well that our so-called Bundesrepublik (Federal Republic) is not a sovereign state and therefore not a legitimate government. Prof. Carlo Schmid, the internationally recognized expert on international law and author of our Grundgesetz (Basic Law), stated clearly that the Federal Republic is not a valid state. In a speech he gave on the occasion of its creation in 1949, he specifically describes it as an "Organisationsform einer Modalität der Fremdherrschaft" (Organizational Form of a Modality of Foreign Rule), that is to say, a vehicle for domination by our enemies. Prof. Schmid invented composed this diplomatic expression to avoid using the term "puppet government." Our Basic Law was not written by a convention of elected representatives and it was not approved by plebiscite. Enemy occupiers imposed it on us and it does not meet the prerequisites for a legitimate state. Since the Federal Republic is not a legitimate state, the institutions and stipulations that our enemiues forced upon us are likewise not legitimate under international law.
It is clear that the victors or victor of World War II (the only real victor was world Jewry) took great pains to assure that the basis for Jewish domination, namely the religious cult of "Holocaust," would be legalistically unassailable. This was their intent when they created the Federal Republic, and it is clear that the High Court long ago adopted a judicature designed to perpetuate "Holocaust." The mission to protect "Holocaust" lies at the heart of both the Federal Republic and the Basic Law. This is the basis of Germany's domination by its enemies.
Germany's foreign minister Joschka Fischer explained this very clearly when he referred to "Holocaust" and sponsorship of Israel as the raison d'etre of the Federal Republic.
What is happening now is nothing other than the destruction of the moral foundation of our Volk through genocidal assault on our national soul. There is nothing surprising about this.
We would have to consider our enemies really stupid, especially our most powerful and dangerous enemy, if he did not take decisive measures to maintain domination over us. Our enemies did not launch World War II against us in order to abandon their war aims after the inevitable victory of their overpowering resources of numbers and materiel. They went to great lengths to avoid giving us the possibility of exonerating ourselves ourselves from the Great Lie through authentic trials conducted by a professional and independent judiciary. Our greatest enemy is not stupid!
He took painstaking precautions, and he is all too familiar with elaborate methods to assure compliance with his peculiar brand of "justice."
No one who perceives that our enemy is still perpetrating genocide against us as part of his war aims can expect a German to obey the proscription against questioning "Holocaust." No one can expect that a German who wants to be German will not object to this assault against our nation. This assault is nothing less than cultural genocide, and it threatens us all.
If possible, I ask you to dare to imagine what necessarily follows from this, if it is really the case. What a wretched excuse for a human being I would be if I, knowing of this threat to our nation in all its implications, would keep quiet and sink back in my easy chair and just wait for the day when the truth would come to light of its own accord! Every German has an obligation to do his duty to the Fatherland!
We have a right and sacred to defend ourselves, to preserve our nation and our Volk! In every civilized country, there is a legal obligation to come to the aid of those who are in danger. In fact, the law prescribes punishments for those who fail to render aid.
Failure to assist and render aid is a serious violation of law; it constitutes a corpus delicti in itself. I would be guilty of a serious crime if I failed to render aid to my Volk - if I kept quiet and failed to come to its aid, knowing that the monstrous fraud called "Holocaust" did not really occur. In that case, I would be a truly depraved criminal!.
In the present situation, it would be pointless for me to plod along and attempt to gain a majority in this or that political party, or to found a new and independent party that would somehow make its way through our corrupt and labyrinthine parliament to repeal genocidal anti-German laws. Working alone, my only course of action is to continue doing what I have done. Relying on myself alone, I can do nothing except repeat the truth over and over again. I have sworn a sacred oath that can be read on the Internet, our only source of uncensored information, that I will never desist from repeating this truth: "Holocaust" is a lie, and so is the claim that it has been "proven." There is no supporting evidence.
In his undaunted defense of the Christian faith, the traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson recently stated the same truth that I discovered long ago.
In the Rennicke case I was professionally obligated to investigate the evidence of "Holocaust" and it turned out that no such evidence exists. After reviewing several similar trials, we were able to produce a letter written by a professor of contemporary history, Prof. Gerhard Jagschitz of Vienna, whose research had also led to the conclusion that there is no evidence to support "Holocaust." When I contacted him he said: "Yes, of course, we already know that." Prof. Jagschitz had been commissioned by the court as an expert witness to determine whether "Holocaust" is "manifestly obvious" as an actual event of contemporary history. He spent three years researching all the available literature concerning "Holocaust" in order to determine the actual truth. After these three years he informed the court that he could no longer defend his original assumption in support of the validity of "Holocaust." He arrived at the emphatic conclusion that, within the guidelines of a society of laws, it is not permissible to use the "manifest self-evidence" of "Holocaust" as a basis for sentencing those found guilty of questioning it. In those days it was Prof. Jagschitz and now it is Bishop Williamson, and soon there will be many other prominent persons who arrive at this same conclusion.
Self-defense is an inalienable right. As a German who wants to be German I am personally affected by this assault against my Volk. The German nation is not only entitled to defend itself, it is in fact obligated to defend itself. Because of our cultural substance, we as a nation in central Europe have the duty and obligation to resist attempts to destroy us culturally, to annihilate us as a Volk and a spiritual entity. This is what is at stake! I do not choose to wait for others to defend the German nation - I choose to do it myself! I am telling the truth as I perceive it, and the truth is that the so-called "Holocaust" never happened. That is the obvious reason why there is no evidence of it! There is nothing to support "Holocaust" except the verdicts of Moscow type show trials. These verdicts are constantly hammered into our heads by the Jewish media as "proof" that "Holocaust" was real and that there is an abundance of evidence to support it.
Those who enforces and perpetuate this blood libel is guilty of treason against the German nation. Most notorious among these traitors are the judges of the High Court, who sanctify and reinforce the decisions of the lower courts concerning the absurd "manifest obviousness" of "Holocaust." This is worse than merely perverting justice -- it is carrying out deliberate genocide against the German people. I have proven the guilt of the robed traitors in Karlsruhe numerous times and I shall continue to stress this even while in prison.
I am facing twelve years' imprisonment. How willl it all end? I am 73 years old, and so this is a life sentence for me. My sentence proves that in Germany today, life imprisonment can be imposed for anyone who refuses do obeisance to the Great Lie. The Jews, of course, are always willing to "bargain." First the dissident is lightly punished, perhaps with just a fine. Or there can be a prison sentence of just a few months, which can be probated. One always has a chance of getting off easily by kowtowing to the Great Lie and giving assurances that there will be no more difficulties in future. This is precisely what the enemy wants.
Anyone who is convinced that life under the Great Lie is not worth living must be kept behind bars forever. Since I have openly expressed this sentiment countless times, knowing full well that the cudgel would fall, the enemy will most assuredly keep me in prison for the rest of my life. The enemy must demonstrate to the cowed public what is really at stake here! Obviously we Germans are now in a situation in which we must rot away our entire lives if we do not submit to the Great Lie. Whatever happens to me ­ I can only say, as our Savior says in the Evangel of St. Matthew: "Whoever is not willing to take up his cross is not worthy of me!"
We are not worthy to call ourselves Germans if we do not stand up for the truth, but unresistingly submit to the Great Lie!
However, I am confident that Germany's historic plight is about to change.
The struggle over the authenticity of "Holocaust" and dominance of "Holocaust" dogma is now raging within the Catholic Church. The Church is still a great power, even though its leadership has been corrupted and undermined by the Jews. With its great wealth and hundreds of millions of faithful followers, the Church is the rock on which the ship of the Great Lie will crash and perish.
The Jews are about to experience their Waterloo.
Once "Holocaust" is openly discussed, knowledge of its true nature can no longer be suppressed. When the Bishop Williamson affair reaches the point at which a sitting pope is forced to again excommunicate him, as the head of ADL (Anti Defamation League: the fighting organization of world Jewry) demands; or if, under pressure of the Jewish media and corrupt politicians, Pope Benedict XVI abdicates the Throne of Peter, this will be an excruciating shock for the Catholic world, and the truth will break through on this account! Christian faith is based on the Truth, the Rock of Ages.
The Truth will make us free and the will to be free will grow stronger until it is irresistible, and then we will prevail. As for me, I have done everything I could do. I have set an example.
I have often said that ours is the easiest revolution that was ever carried out. We need only for a few thousand persons to rise up and speak the truth as clearly and openly as Bishop Williamson has done and I have attempted to do, along with the others who have filed legal complaints against themselves for telling the truth and distributing Germar Rudolf's "Lectures on the Holocaust."
The ultimate victory of the truth is inevitable, as is the defeat of the global Zionist Empire. However, we have no way of knowing how much more time must pass, or the exact circumstances that will usher in the victory of the truth. We have to wait and see.
At present we are witnessing another collapse of the global Jewish financial system. The Jewish power base, the temple of their god Jahweh­Mammon, has been struck in the heart by the collapse of their predatory banking system. Jewish power is based on money power, which buys them control of the politicians and media. At present they are losing this money power.
Once they lose it, they also lose control of government and public opinion. Their control of public opinion has already been weakened by the rise of the uncensored Internet, which they are unable suppress. When they lose control of the media, they will be in a pitiable condition indeed!
When that happens, the Jews will be grateful that we understand and accept their historic role in world redemption. We recognize their destructive tyranny as a revelation of the path of God through the world to Himself, as the philosopher Hegel explained. We respect the Jews as the followers of Satan and we accept them in the certainty that we can redeem them as well as ourselves, by bringing the Truth into the world through our deeds. The Jews are in dire need of redemption, and they will one day be grateful to us!
Here's freedom to him who would speak, Here's freedom to him who would write; For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard, Save him whom the truth would indict! ROBERT BURNS (1759­96)
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